T-Mobile (Simple Starter 001)

Beginning September 3, T-Mobile customers in the United States will be able to boost their Simple Starter plan via an additional $5 per month option giving them a total of two gigabytes of high-speed 4G LTE data.

That’s in addition to unlimited talk and text included in the Simple Starter plan, the nation’s fourth largest wireless carrier said Monday morning.

In other words, in exchange for five bucks on top of your $40 per month Simple Starter charge (for a total of $45 per month), the wireless carrier will quadruple LTE data.

The new option goes into effect on Wednesday, September 3.

As a reminder, T-Mobile currently offers the $40 per month contract-free Simple Starter plan with 500MB of LTE data and unlimited talk and text.

According to a media release, the $5 per month option comes with the usual perks such as no annual service contract and no domestic overages.

Again, the time-limited promotion kicks off on September 3.

John Legere, president and CEO of T-Mobile, took a jab at rivals who “punish people” for using more data on their networks with overage charges and fees.

“Get Verizon’s $50 plan and use just one gig more data, and the price jumps to $65,” he said. “It’s crazy. At T-Mobile, we designed our network data-strong so our customers could use the hell out of it. And that’s just what they’re doing.”

By the way, the company claims to have a whopping 70 percent more network spectrum per customer than even Verizon.

Customers who need unlimited data should check out Simple Choice Plans instead.

Starting at $50 per month, Simple Choice Plans feature unlimited talk, text and data while on T-Mobile’s network for up to five lines, with no data overages.

For more information, check out T-Mobile’s Simple Starter webpage.

Last but not least, T-Mobile said its LTE now blankets 233 million Americans.

They’re also in the process of rolling out Wideband LTE with speeds of up to 110Mpbs (faster than your home broadband) and earlier this year beat rivals to market with the first commercial U.S. deployment of Voice over LTE technology.

In the meantime, customers of “the old-guard carriers,” as T-Mobile is calling them, will “continue to wait” for VoLTE in their area.


  • Lordrootman

    I love Tmobile
    They put presure on AT&T and Verizon
    Good for consumers
    I’m still on AT&T mobileshare though

    • m3nphls

      There is no pressure as long as the coverage is not there.

      • nazcorp

        I agree for traveling around the US ATT is better than TMobile – but it’s all about your coverage area and taking advantage of the unlimited talk and data. That’s where you’ll really see the benefits. Personally, I’d never use TMobile for tethering – but it suits me fine having no limits.

      • Carol James

        You always want to click on the FROM and TO fields and look for inconsistencies there.

      • Jack Wong

        Without Tmobile, I don’t think I can jump on the off contract mobileshare plan.

        I just added another line for 15bucks per month, and now I can shop for a tablet with cellular, or a new Android phone.

        As for the coverage, I have been saying that as long as it is good for home and office then it is fine, because we spend most of the time in these 2 places.

        If you have to travel a lot then you need 2 cellular phones with 2 different carrier.

  • Tobias9413

    T-Mobile should start a Internet providing service here in the US. I feel like they would be like Google fiber.

    • Rowan09


  • Heath

    Does this option allow free tethering like some of the other T-mo plans?

  • Jeremy

    Off topic but just giving a friendly heads up/reminder to tell you to never give your information out online if it’s not an authentic website and looks sketchy. Just got an email on my old Apple ID account trying to get phished by who knows who.

    • nazcorp

      Also keep in mind anyone can change the name provided with most email clients. Instead of your first name and last, for example someone could just as easily put in Barack Obama. You always want to click on the FROM and TO fields and look for inconsistencies there.

  • You know that in France we pay $21 for 10GB of 4G LTE data and unlimited phone communications :

    • Oups it is 20GB actually.

    • JayDee917

      So lucky

  • Manuel Molina

    And again, T-Mobile just tempts me each and every time to make the jump, yet every time I think of the traveling I do and how service is on Edge or none existent on their carrier.

    • Rowan09

      Where outside the US or in the US? I travel outside the US and have no issues at all.

      • Manuel Molina

        In the US. I can’t tell you how painful T-Mobile’s edge service is (2G). It’s beyond usable, and that’s if you get any service at that.

  • kimberlyrmaddox

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  • TwinSon

    This a hot plan.

  • JayDee917

    T-mobile is making me give serious consideration into leaving AT&T with these deals. I pay $80 a month for what T-Mobile would charge $45 for, and I hear in SoCal that T-Mobile has improved coverage greatly over the last couple of years.

    Seems like a good idea to switch since I’m stuck in a contract for another year. I can switch to T-Mo, trade in the iPhone 5s to pay off AT&T’s ETF, and still have a little money left over to go towards the iPhone 6, and then save $35 a month.

    Why wouldn’t everyone do this?

    • Steve R.

      T-Mobile has very good SoCal coverage. If you don’t travel into rural areas too often it’s an especially good option.

  • Tom

    Metro pcs has 60 dollar unlimited text 4g lte web no caps

  • Falk M.

    Want me to tell you guys what 5€ gets you with Deutsche Telekom in Germany? *sigh*