iOS 8 (Health, teaser 001)

Bloomberg is out with a new report this afternoon on rising medical costs and the growing number of partnerships between insurance providers, corporations, and fitness device makers. And in the report, the outlet notes that Apple has been speaking with insurance companies regarding potential HealthKit partnerships.

Not many specifics on the meetings were provided, but Apple has been very active in promoting its new HealthKit initiative. Earlier this month, it was reported that the company was in talks with healthcare providers at Mount Sinai, Cleveland Clinic, John Hopkins and others about its plans for the healthcare market…

Here’s the Apple blurb from Bloomberg’s report:

Technology companies are taking note. Apple Inc. (AAPL), which has new health-tracking software called HealthKit that will be released this year and is said to be developing its own wearable device, has talked with UnitedHealth, the biggest U.S. insurer, and Humana, about its health initiatives, executives at the insurance providers said. The companies wouldn’t provide specifics about the conversations. Apple declined to comment.

Healthcare providers are already working with major companies and fitness devices to offer insurance perks and discounts to their employees—for example, someone who demonstrates healthy behavior using a Fitbit can earn points to use towards reducing costs. So you can see why Apple would be interested in the space.

In June, the Cupertino company unveiled a new mobile app called Health, which acts as a central database for fitness tracking accessories and software, as well as HealthKit, a platform for developers and device-makers. And in October, it’s expected to push further into the market with a fitness-tracking ‘iWatch‘ smartwatch.

  • R4

    You guys should have thought about free health care before dumping all that tea into the Atlantic Ocean. Apple wouldn’t have to go through all this trouble just sayin.

    • Marcus

      But why would Americans want to consider implementing a Socialist idea into a Democratic government? Wouldn’t that just be a step to making America Socialist in the future?

      • R4

        Lol it was a joke but I might as well answer that.

        1) Two generations of slavery would have been prevented.
        2) American civil war wouldnt have happened.
        3) It gave Colonists the chance to go westward and massacre the natives just to get their land. The only thing they got in return was a pointless holiday which they dont even celebrate.
        4) As much as you like to hate Canada, they didn’t turn out so bad. (Fewer crimes, better healthcare, better education, and the rest of the world doesn’t hate them).
        5) You guys could have played sports which the rest of the world played instead of making up uour own.
        6) The poor were promised land to fight in the war, very few actually kept the promise.

        Seriously, dont they teach those stuff in American schools? Cuz they really should.

      • Tommy Gumbs

        Those are some good points. And no, our schools don’t teach, only babysit.

      • InfiniteMischief

        I seem to recall in history class, that we bailed the world out twice from becoming lands conquered by nazis, fascist and Imperialism

      • R4

        That wasn’t my point but I might as well respond to that.

        Nazis? I’m pretty sure Russia did that.

        USA didn’t keep some promises about Nuke, which kicked off the Cold War. All I recall is that USA love invading countries with Oil, with silly false accusations like possessing nukes.

        As for imperialism, America is an imperialist society. also they believe that only they have the right to possess nuclear technology.

      • R4

        I sound like a hater, sorry if I offend anyone.

      • Marcus

        Where the hell did you hear that Russia stopped the Nazi’s?!?! America was the country that devised the brilliant plan to trick the Nazi’s when they were invading Normandy beach.

      • Marcus

        The first three things you talked about happened over 100 years ago. If you haven’t noticed, America is much different now. And American’s don’t hate Canadians. All of my family that is on my Dad’s side lives in Canada and that’s about 50 people. Sure, there are fewer crimes and better education, but that isn’t true with healthcare. I’ve seen first hand what the healthcare in America is like compared to Canada. America’s is far more superior. Since my immediate family lives in America, we had some of our Canadian family come over the border to America for medical treatment because it was so bad in Canada.

        And America does play the sports that the rest of the world does. Americans almost literally play every sport out there in the world. We made it to the knockout round in the World Cup which is pretty impressive for us.

        Almost everything you were talking about is outdated by 100 years and barely relates to what I said. And sadly, they don’t teach that stuff in American PUBLIC schools. That’s a whole different conversation though.

      • R4

        Healthcare: well that was probably a rare case but I know a lot of people who don’t feel the same way. In Canada they could pay if they want to for better healthcare, so I’m not sure why your family members would choose to come to USA.

        About sport. Football (soccer) Their league isnt even ranked in he top 15. Their national team did make it to the last 16 but that was after easy qualification and group stage matches.

        And the second most popular sport in the world (followed by 2 billion people) is almost unheard of in USA. Cricket.

      • Marcus

        I haven’t heard of that rule in Canada. And my parents convinced my relatives to come to America for medical treatment. They didn’t really want to, but my immediate family and parents convinced them.

        Also, America is very good at sports. Like I said in my previous post, almost every sport is played in America. The reason our Soccer league isn’t very good is because we have Americans that are playing other sports. In countries like Germany, England, and Spain… Soccer is the main sport and all of the good athletes are doing that. It’s not like that in America. And America was in a tough pool for the world cup. Ghana and Portugal shouldn’t be devalued. They’re really good teams. America’s performance during the World Cup was very impressive.

        Again, I don’t know how this relates to what I originally said.

  • David Gitman

    wow, apple added a new tip in ios 8 :O