iPhone 6 (retail box, Martin Hajek 004)

If purported iPhone 6 schematics that leaked out of China Thursday are anything to go by, there may be truth to the rumor that the next iPhone(s) will double storage capacity by introducing a new model with 128 gigabytes of NAND flash storage.

The rumor first appeared two months ago, suggesting that Apple would keep the 128GB option exclusive to the 5.5-inch iPhone 6 model along with other premium features (and possibly a premium pricing).

This time around, there’s some hard (dubious?) evidence to back up the claim…

The images below were shared by phone repair firm GeekBar on Weibo [Google Translate] and reposted by GforGames, which claimed Thursday that the flagship iPhone 6 model has 128GB of storage.

iPhone 6 (memory suppliers, GeekBar 001)

Strangely enough, though the 32GB tier seems to be missing in action.

GforGames writes:

According to this new data, the iPhone 6 will be offered in 16, 64 and 128 GB flavors. The 16 GB memory will be provided by Toshiba and Hynix; the 64 GB memory will be supplied by Hynix, Toshiba, and SanDisk; while the beefier 128 GB units will allegedly be delivered by Toshiba alone.

If anything, the rumored 128GB model would bring the iPhone on par with the iPad which in February of 2013 introduced a 128GB tier to the mix.

iPhone 6 (memory suppliers, GeekBar 002)

Earlier this month, a 128GB iPhone SKU which reportedly surfaced in a German retailer’s system seemingly suggested that KGI Securities Ming-Chi Kuo’s belief that the flagship model would include 128 gigabytes of built-in storage could be warranted.

Does an iPhone with 128 gigs of on-board storage sound appealing to you?

And if so, would you buy one or opt for a 16/32/64GB model instead?

  • Rowan09

    I’m fine with a 32 Gb on my iPhone but 128 would be good for my iPad.

    • Dany Quirion

      They already sell 128 gb ipad lol

      • Sure for £100 less than a MacBook Air. At that price I’d rather spend the extra £100 on the Air (MacBook Air that is not the iPad Air)…

      • Kelli Steven

        And yes, tax in my country makes the little difference(in some areas) in price(memory options) a big difference.

      • Rowan09

        I know, but mine is a 16GB.

  • David Gitman

    what the hell? 128GB ? lol

    • archer14

      Gotta keep the pr0n on the move bro

  • Luis Barbosa

    32GB is enough for my iPhone but the iPad needs, at least, 64GB. Mine has 32 and it’s full …

    • archer14

      do you oafs love to hoard things you don’t use? Like 23 apps for photo editing and 37 calculator apps?

  • Virus

    They need the drop the 16GB models

    • Christopher

      Not everybody is rich, in my country, the 16GB is how some people can even afford an iPhone. Some of my friends even left Apple because it was too pricey, don’t get me wrong, they love Apple and iPhones, but they just can’t afford it. And yes, tax in my country makes the little difference(in some areas) in price(memory options) a big difference.

      • Matt Taylor

        I think she means by dropping the 16GB model Apple should start at 32GB for the same price as 16 used to be!?

      • archer14

        Oh yeah, Apple are always charitable in nature. Thats why they never gave you free ear phones with your ipad or a dock for your iphone (which was included with the first iphone). Pull your head out of your a$$, for once.

      • Matt Taylor

        I am under no disillusion, I know how greedy apple are! Grow up…

      • archer14

        “I am under no disillusion” That means you are in an illusion, hence proving my point.

      • chris125

        Drop the 16gb and put the 32gb at the 16gb price. No reason apple can’t do it, memory doesn’t cost that much.

      • archer14

        And why should they bother when people don’t give a shit either way?

      • chris125

        Because it could lead to potentially more sales of apps/games/videos if users have more space on their phones

      • archer14

        Yeah that’s right. When you’ve no space left you aren’t gonna download that megahit album from the store. You’re just gonna wait it out till the next iPhone comes with greater capacity. You aren’t gonna dump something you aren’t using and make way for new stuff. That’s why my idevices are filled with stuff I got when they released, I’m just waiting for the next idevice with upgraded capacity.

      • chris125

        I know quite a few who won’t download anything because they do not want to delete anything. But that’s over your head to see not everyone is like you. And I said potentially, you should look up what that means…

      • archer14

        Don’t you lawyer up on me fella, I see what you did there

      • Matt Taylor

        I agree, it might impact there profit margin slightly though and they wouldn’t want that…

      • bn326160

        You know Apple devices aren’t a necessity..

    • archer14

      Why don’t you just buy the goddamned 128GB model and leave us minimalists alone. You oafs don’t know how to manage your data and keep demanding hard drive capacities on mobiles. What in the world are those ultra huge ‘documents’ you want to tote in that phone of yours? pr0n?

      • Matt Taylor

        How about music? Or movies?

      • archer14

        Surrrrre, 37 albums and 10 movies sure sound great…if you don’t have a life.

  • 32gb should be the new standard, 16gb is way to low. With the IOS size getting bigger, more apps require more space, music downloads, movies…and more. Having said that, if the 5.5 requires 64gb or 128gb I guess I’ll have to snag the 64gb since that’s the size screen I want.

    • Brandon Higgins

      And they keep adding apps that I don’t want and can’t delete!

    • chris125

      Not to mention pictures being larger in size, 16gb fills up quickly

  • Tony Trenkle Jr.

    That is odd to remove the 32 GB model, but that would just mean I could get the 64GB model at the 32GB pricing! 🙂 Which would be good if they introduce 4K recording

  • Juan Genao

    That has me worried? no 32gb model. Well hopefully the 64gb 4.7″ will be around the $600 range?? any thoughts on the pricing ???

    • Dany Quirion

      LOL starting price rumorded to start at 759 us

    • chris125

      Most likely same price as current iPhone. $649,$749,$849 apple almost never raises prices

  • Tommy

    Hopefully this is true. I’m currently using the 5S 64GB and have only 1GB remaining. Pictures alone are 15GB, songs about 15gb, and videos about 10gb. The rest are owing to apps. 128GB would be awesome.

  • 16gb needs to be obsoleted and the base model needs to be 32gb. In place of the 32gb model there should be a 64gb model and in place of the 64gb model a 128gb model…

  • RuddyN

    Although I’m not a fan of the screen size, 128 GB does sound sexy.. I won’t have to delete a thing, ever! I have the 64 GB 5 right now and everything is safe.. Pictures, videos and music. I just would love to be able to put movies on it.

  • Dan

    128 GB would be awesome, but the price will be insane. 5$ more cost to them and the phone will be 100$ more. Smart move.

  • It does sound very appealing but that price of the 6L may keep me with the 64Gb. Just hope we have an option to have the sapphire glass or not.

  • Brian 

    How is this “proof” credible enough to actually make a damn article over it… A chart that someone could have Photoshopped at home in 2 minutes and now its legit?

  • john diaz

    I’m thinking $1,459 for For a 128GB iPhone 6, Maybe

  • William Melendez

    I’ll consider it. I only have 4 GB left on my 32 GB iPhone 5s. 128 GB would be over kill : ) either 64 or 128 for me. Hmmm decisions decisions