iPad Air 2 dummy (NowhereElse 002)

A new report is out this afternoon from Asian site TechNews.tw, claiming that it has received intel from Apple’s supply chain suggesting that the second generation iPad Air could feature 2GB of RAM—double that of the current model.

According to the site, which doesn’t have much of a track record when it comes to Apple rumors, the increase in RAM will be limited to the new iPad Air. The second-generation Retina iPad mini is expected to once again feature 1 GB of RAM…

Here’s an excerpt from a translation of the report (via iPhone in Canada):

However, sources pointed out that Apple will introduce in the fall will be the first generation of iPad Air 2 use up to 2GB of memory, will be the largest ever for all iOS devices, but also introduced the iPad mini 3 still will remain at 1GB, and not with the increase memory.

Apple first introduced 1GB of RAM into its iPad line with the third-gen model in 2012, and it has remained the same ever since. This has been a major source of criticism from users, who feel that the low spec hampers the tablet’s capabilities.

But with larger iPhones expected this fall, and a newly-inked IBM enterprise deal, many feel that Apple will start upping the functionality of iPads to be more productive. We’ve already seen evidence of this in iOS 8, with a new multitasking feature.

It seems like running two apps side-by-side would require more RAM than just one, so beefing up the iPad Air’s RAM this year would make sense. And since the multitasking feature is said to be limited to the Air, the mini wouldn’t need the upgrade.

In addition to its iPad report, TechNews shares some information regarding Apple’s so-called iWatch. The site says the device will offer 512MB of internal memory and 8GB of storage, but again, this is obviously impossible for us to confirm.

The iWatch could be unveiled as early as October, possibly alongside the two new iPads. Not much is known about the tablet updates yet, except that most folks expect both models to get the Touch ID treatment, as well as new [A8] processors.

  • Star Lord

    iPad with 2GB Ram and iPhone with 1GB?? What is apple trying to do here .. hmm.
    PS – Good thing no reloading of tabs. 😀

    • 1Gb is not confirmed for the iPhone yet. Neither is the 2Gb for the iPad. Rumors… Lets hope they have 2Gb for both because the reloading on both is pretty bad..

    • nazcorp

      It could be the 4.7 inch has only 1 GB and the larger one has the 2 GB and features the same multi-tasking feature as the iPads. But if they put it on any iPhones (the 2 GB or multi-tasking) then it would be on all iPads I think. But we shall see.

    • Gary LE

      For reals reloading tabs from back space is a pain and it looses the position too!

  • Someshwar

    Yes, please!

    Browsing has become a pain in the ass on an iPad with 1GB RAM. I should always keep in mind not to open too many tabs.

    • Matt Taylor

      Yes, but the extra gb will more than likely be consumed by the new side by side multitasking so it wouldn’t surprise me if the browsing experience is still wack! Buy a state of the art iPad sir, it has lots of apps, it’s the market leader and you can’t even browse the web hassle free because our extra five dollars per device profit margin is more important…

      • Someshwar

        Don’t be so pessimistic Matt.

        It’s high time Apple did something about browsing and I am sure they will do their best to improve the experience.

  • Rares


  • TJ

    I don’t see what the problem is with multiple apps or Safari tabs open. I have numerous apps open all the time, never had any issues switching between them. I also have loads of Safari tabs open and never have any problems either. I’m just puzzled why so many people see to find the 1GB RAM in the current devices such a problem, never been an issue for me.

    • leart

      Meh, I’m fine even with 512 mb 4s ios 7 and with all the apps in background, they aren’t really active, only few like music, phone, email, ok, i have background app refresher disabled

    • Rowan09

      I agree, but people like bigger numbers. I remember when people including myself wanted landscape typing for texting on the iPhone and since they did it, I hate using it in landscape. I type a lot faster portrait than I could ever do in landscape.

      • Matt Taylor

        And what has that got to do with the pitiful amount of ram in the current iPads!?

      • Rowan09

        It’s that people ask for things sometimes even when it’s fine the way it is. I don’t have a problem with Apple adding an extra amount of RAM but I don’t have any issue with my current 3rd gen with its current RAM. My Note 2 sometimes kick me out and it has more RAM.

      • Dan

        Different people, different needs. It’s not a question of numbers. I find it annoying that my pages reload, simple as that.

      • Rowan09

        That’s true but I have no issue and I have 6+ pages up all the time. Even if the pages weren’t reloading people would still want more RAM. It’s just how we are built and we would want a bigger number even if it’s not needed (I’m not saying it isn’t needed in this case).

    • Valinor

      Yeah the safari crashing has been fixed mostly, but the reason me and many other want more RAM is because we are tired of the tab refreshing.
      Happened to me way to often that when i needed to fill out a form or reply on a forum or website, and i needed to switch tabs because there was important information on the 2nd tab, that the moment I switched back to tab1 all my text was gone because safari decided to reload the tab.
      That even happens when you only have 2 tabs open.
      Fact is that when you really need to get productive on the ipad and need to use multiple tabs, the tab reloading is getting really counterproductive.
      The reloading is no problem when you’re just browsing multiple pages on the coach, reading up on stuff, but for work….. Forces me way too often at using my laptop just because of the tabs issue.
      If I pay 500 euros for a device that promotes itself as a device on which you can get things done, then I expect it to work properly and not be such a pain. Fact is that the browser is the most used app on the Ipad so it needs to be the best working app on it.

      • Matt Taylor

        Well said sir… Completely agree.

    • Dan

      depends of the pages you are visiting, if they are rich in content (try going on The Chive and having more than one tab open), you will see they are always reloading

  • n0ahcruz3

    They better be if they really want to implement split-screen multitasking

  • Matt Taylor

    Are apple secretly ram jews? Because it’s pretty ridiculous really…

  • Benjamin Owuye Jagun

    I’ve never had any issue with ram either on my iPad.

  • Dan

    The original iPad air should of had 2 GB or RAM, reloading pages are incredibly annoying

  • As most of the comments have come to realize, true multitasking requires RAM, and there’s no changing that…