iPhone 6 concept (Apple Store, Martin Hajek 002)

When Apple finally announces the iPhone 6 next month, I myself will be most certainly watching Tim Cook’s pricing slide with great intent. There have been plenty of rumors indicating that Apple could actually hike iPhone 6 prices across the board.

Assuming the rumors are true, like most people I won’t be happy about this change, though it won’t discourage me from buying the handset.

The more suspicious watchers postulated that only higher-end models would command a premium. For instance, The Wall Street Journal just recently said that only the “more-expensive models” would get sapphire displays due to high production costs.

In the United States, T-Mobile is the only major carrier that fully separates device cost (fully paid upfront or via twelve zero-interest monthly installments) from wireless service plans. With other operators such as Verizon, the subsidy cost is not cut out of your wireless bill after your service agreement is over and your device has been fully paid off.

Which brings me to my question of the day: will you be getting your very own iPhone 6 unsubsidized, paying the full price of the handset upfront? Or, perhaps you’d be willing to commit your soul to a carrier for another 12/24 months, all over again, just to be able to pay the lowest possible hardware price at the time of your purchase?…

As a point of reference, subsidized iPhone prices have historically stood at $199 for a new-generation entry-level model on a two-year contract.

Here’s a telling excerpt from the aforementioned WSJ write-up:

Apple is considering using sapphire screens in more expensive models of the two new, larger iPhones it plans to debut this fall, if it can get enough of the material, people familiar with the matter say. Some analysts expect Apple to charge more for the phones than previous new models, because of increased component costs.

I should also mention that people who are on family plans may find it difficult to cancel their expensive contract. Should you belong to that camp, you’re probably going to be getting the device subsidized, as part of your wireless agreement.

Here, cast your vote now.

As for myself, I went the prepaid route two years ago and never looked back. Though the full, unsubsidized cost of the hardware is hard to swallow upfront, I love paying ridiculously low monthly rates for my wireless service.

Put simply, I only pay for the minutes, texts and data I need, month-to-month, with no ridiculous overage fees. I’m no longer bound with a long-term contract. This feels great! I can cancel my service on a whim, without facing breach of contract charges.

I’m wondering about your reasoning…

Would you, or would you not, consider going prepaid, and why? And does the notion of paying north of $500 for an unsubsidized iPhone strike you as insane?

And finally, can Apple get away with charging more for the iPhone 6, do you think?

iPhone 6 renderings by 3D artist Martin Hajek.

  • Tim Farris

    i will use the verizon edge price aka just tax

    • Antzboogie

      I will stay with T-Mobile they have been treating me right!!

  • Difficult to say when I’m not sure what either of the prices will be. I definitely want a Black/Space Gray 64/128GB 5.5(6L) though..

    • Lagax

      So you gotta be paying at least 499 (substidised) or 999€ (unsubstidised).

    • Jack Wong

      The contract price has been the same since the 2nd generation.

      As for the full price, it gets $50 cheaper since last year.

      I will go for the full price, sick with the locked phone.

      • It may be a tad different this time around we have a few options on the table this year. Not sure which 4in device they plan on dropping if any. Now we have a 4in 4.7 and 5.5 prices to choose.

      • Jack Wong

        Right, but there will be no cheap version of iPhone 6.

        People just have to stop dreaming about the iPhone mini or cheap iPhone.

      • Not worried about cheap or inexpensive just not sure where starting price would be if they choose to keep the 5S or 5C same price. Its to early to take this poll.

  • Sokrates

    In Switzerland we currently pay 1100$ for an unsubsidized iPhone 5s 64GB, and 900$ for the 16GB version. Silly, isn’t it?

    • AndroidDogHeatandSteelersFan

      You guys have high currency and do get money from government though don’t you?

      • Sokrates

        our currency is pretty strong yes, but we don’t receive money from the government.

      • Manuel Molina

        If I get money from the us, I’ll be buying iPhones and selling them left and right.

    • abhi0n0nakul

      Yeah same here in india 900$ for 16gb 5s
      And after 1yr now its available through online retailers at reduced costs about 700$

  • AndroidDogHeatandSteelersFan

    If it is sapphire then yes. But one thing that puts me on pause is that the Sprint devices made before february 2015 will not be able to be unlockable for other carriers…?

  • Yujin

    I’ll buy it full price, but gotta see if they have the size I want. A minimum of 32 GB is fine since I know use the cloud to store my pictures, videos, documents and music

    • AndroidDogHeatandSteelersFan

      Yes they should remove 16GB and make 32GB a standard.

      • Lagax

        Actually not, I use my Phone much more than average, but have like 4 GB left on 16, it’s totally fine.

      • AndroidDogHeatandSteelersFan

        Have you had 1GB left? It lags the phone. Poor thing. You are almost there. Anyway I like to keep high quality music files on there for line out. And some videos or movies would be nice on a 16hr flight. And this isn’t about you, it’s about everyone else. just because you don’t think so because of your 2010 usage, doesn’t mean we have to suffer because of your set back opinion lol.

  • James Gunaca

    AT&T won’t lower my bill if I pay full price since I’m on a grandfathered unlimited plan so the only benefit I’d get to paying full price is not signing another 2 year agreement.

    Since getting unlimited data with another carrier is nye impossible in the US, I’ll go ahead and enjoy the subsidized price since it’ll save me money and I can still sell the phone for whatever price I want when I upgrade again in the future.

    • Tony

      Same for me, can’t give up my unlimited so I’ll sign just sign a 2 year deal again. But I plan on getting the 5.5 so that is rumored to be a 100.00 more right out of the gate, plus I want at least 32gb so that’s probably another 100.00 or more. All in all I’ll end up spending 400+ this time instead of my usual 200.00 but at least I’ll get the phone I want and keep my unlimited.

      • hhckbxx

        T-Mobile has TRUE unlimited data

      • Tony

        Doesn’t have as good of coverage where I live, so that’s a no go.

      • Tim Farris

        same here plus the only unlimited part about it is its unlimited LTE not 4G you also can’t get 3G not even 2x nor 1x you don’t even get unlimited GPRS thus goes to say its pointless to get it because the only way to get unlimited data on T-mobile is if you have LTE and you don’t get hotspot unlimited so whats the point

      • Paul Edmund

        They don’t throttle after a certain amount of data is used?

    • hhckbxx

      T-Mobile has TRUE unlimited data.

      • James Gunaca

        Pretty sure they throttle after certain usage, right? Or switch you to 3G from LTE?

      • Omar Ruiz

        I work at tmobile. The throttle is at like 9,999 GB which even without wifi, you’ll only hit about 100 maybe. (My own experience lol). What I’m trying say is that it is unlimited. Might want to check it out

      • James Gunaca

        do they offer speed tests? Is their LTE coverage as good and powerful as att? I would get over 40mbps downstream on att LTE.

        But an unthrottled unlimited data plan seems tempting!

      • Omar Ruiz

        Ps: if you’re still on the fence, do a test drive. All the info is on tmobile the website. Its basiclly a 7 day trial

    • igorsky

      Same here. Initially I was thinking of buying unlocked for international travel. But with this new unlocking bill being passed, i’ll just use one of these online services to unlock the phone and pay the cheaper subsidized price.

      • James Gunaca

        Trying to find a good unlocking service for my 5S which is on contract. Found one but they were asking over $100. Is that normal price?

      • William Melendez

        No, there’s some for $30 out there .

  • Decio Arruda

    I’ve never bought a subsidized phone in my life so if I were to buy and iPhone 6 I’d pay full price.

  • Fardeen Beharry

    in my country(mauritius) a fully subsidized iphone cost the same price as a full priced iphone in the US. this makes the barrier of entry so high, a fully unsubsidized iphone cost more than 1000$ in my country

  • TJ

    I always pay full price direct from Apple. I was done with contracts a few years ago and yes there is the high price to think about initially. But if you already own an iPhone or other high end smartphone then you can always sell it to part fund the new iPhone. That’s what I always do, sell my previous gen iPhone for several hundred pounds and then only have to add a small amount to it to get the latest model. Costs as much as I’d pay up front on a contract and I’m free to choose a low monthly cost for a sim from any network without any strings attached.

  • Diego Milano

    This poll is mainly for US people. Apple devices around the world are majorly not subsidized and thus individuals interested in owning one of them always need to pay the full price.
    If I were in the US, I would probably go for a contract, who changes carries more than once a year anyway?

  • Zone Pomme

    Here in Monaco, I bought my 32 Go iPhone 5 for more than 800 EUR but with a 19 EUR/month contract from a French provider. Never looked back !

  • GuyBey0ndC00L

    Just go play the wait and see game

  • Dani Hayes

    Is there a tweak that will block all iPhone 6 rumors??

    • Wood1030

      haha…that’s funny!

  • Eikast

    I have Verizon with unlimited data and Verizon is closing their upgrade loophole in a few days so I will be forced to pay the full price =(
    My contract ends on October 2015, meaning no throttling until then.

    • Tim Farris

      that sucks what do you think of the post i just made

  • Tim Farris

    i just want to get of and say that i want to see a possible thunderbolt cable option not a replacement for the usb but as a option if apple dose do the 128GB it would be nice to see the thunderbolt come in to play because it would be a whole lot easier to transfer files i know because I’m on the latest MacBook Air 11″ and well its a wonder why its not an option already for the iPad that has 128GB storage even if it is USB 3.0 or 3.1 its still not near as fast as thunderbolt meaning it could take longer to sync that tom-tom app you bought ( the app totals over 1GB ) i usually download it over my friends wifi cuz my internet sucks who here thinks the thunderbolt is a good option one last thing and get this i just say a iBook G4 on TV its came a long way sense then wow i can’t believe how far apple came sense the first one lol just let me know what you think

    • pegger1

      USB is more universally used. You having sucky internet is far from a good enough reason for a switch.

    • James Gunaca

      I think Thunderbolt is unlikely. I’m not sure they could use the same port for both Lightning which is based on the USB standard and Thunderbolt. They are different port types and this require different circuitry on both ends.

      I don’t think its a software thing where they just make a new cable that works with the Lightning end of the adapter to a thunderbolt end. It requires hardware in the phone which already has limited space.

      Just a guess on my part. USB 3 would be nice though. No new cables needed to be manufactured. Just upgrade the circuit board on the device itself.

      However I think 802.11ac is most likely which would have a strong transfer rate to your iPhone from a newer Mac that supports that protocol and a direct device connection (like AirDrop does)

    • Jack Wong

      I am just curious, how often you have to load 128GB data with your iPhone?

  • Greg Warren

    Full price, but just because I’m not eligible for subsidized until next year. I re-sell my 32GB iPhone every year and buy a brand new one either subsidized (during the “S” model years) or unsubsidized during the number model years (4, 5, 6, etc).

  • Sound_Mind24

    I don’t have to worry because I have a 4S for free with the company I work for. But I might buy my wife the i6 full price since I don’t want my bill to go a additional $25 if I make a new 2 years agreement. Do your research first guys and girls, if any. Good luck to all.

  • jack

    only poor people buy subsidized phones.. just like cars

    • James Gunaca

      How do you define poor?

      • jack

        People who buy subsidized phones

    • h4nd0fg0d

      Lmfao. Ya, someone buying a subsidized phone is a truly accurate measure of one’s wealth, u fck’n idiot.

      • jack

        I didnt say anything about the wealthy you cheap idiot

    • igorsky


  • felixtaf

    Full price. We dont have the luxury of contracts from carriers.

  • DopamineAddicted

    i can’t wait to walk into an apple store and walk out with my studio wireless and my 128gb iphone 6. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Onyxus_Music

    Here’s something that I can’t understand… If I buy my iPhone at full price, didn’t get the iPhone through the subsidized pricing, what are the payments that I would be making to AT&T for a phone that I bought at retail price and unlocked? I’ve been able to upgrade since last year, but decided to skip the 5s and stick with my 5. Since I probably plan on staying with AT&T, do any of you know whether it would be best to get the iPhone with the subsidized pricing or renew my contract and get the “discount”? I don’t mine paying full price for the iPhone if it keeps me out of a two year agreement. Thanks.

  • chris125

    Full price. I am on verizon with unlimited data.

  • Paul Edmund

    I will pay full price. Have to keep that unlimited data.

    • Chem1

      I too would like to keep my unlimited data when I upgrade to the iphone6, could you tell me how I should go about it?

      • Paul Edmund

        I will just buy my device full price. That’s how I keep my unlimited data.

  • Brzfld

    I would love to join T-Mobile and get the new iPhone, but coverage in Missouri is lacking.

    • Omar Ruiz

      Hot pink is LTE my friend

      • Brzfld

        The town is roughly 8×8 miles square. Drive out of that, which i do regularly, and its all 2G or no coverage.

      • Omar Ruiz

        Ouch. Houston is big so to me it’s the whole city if that was my map lol

  • MacGuru17

    Switching to T-Mobile this time, so full price it is (albeit paid off month-by-month), but still a hell of a lot cheaper (and better, at least for my needs) than AT&T.

  • Antzboogie

    I will go the T-Mobile route way easier to work with.

  • Hyr3m

    “I Will NOT buy one” should be an option 😀

  • Dan

    I’d consider paying full price, but here in Canada, even if you bring your own phone, service providers don’t reduce the monthly fee. So I would be flushing money down the toilet not buying subsidized.

  • momerathe

    Full price is cheaper in the long run. I have a nice SIM-only contract that I’m quite content with.

  • HiGhGuY

    If it has a protruding camera, those thick ugly antenna bands, and especially the rounded edges, as pretty much all the leak photos are showing, I might not get one at all.

  • I’ll patiently wait out the overpriced hype and keep using my 4s on iOS 6

  • Robert Durham

    If it were somebody else up there showing the same jokes you’d probably state it absolutely was hilarious. Do not play around. Just admit you don’t like HIM and be finished with it.