Back in May, code strings discovered in a beta of the iOS 8 software development kit (SDK) suggested that one of the upcoming iPhone 6 models has a screen resolution of 1,704-by-960 pixels, indicating a pixel density of 416 pixels per inch (ppi).

This, in turn, would be more than comfortably above Apple’s self-imposed Retina requirement of 300ppi.

A reference to a larger 1,472-by-828 resolution has now been spotted in a file added in Xcode 6 beta 5.

This assumed resolution on a 4.7-inch device would yield Retina-class 360ppi, or 307ppi on a larger 5.5-inch panel…

The discovery was made by Mark Gurman of 9to5Mac.

As a little backgrounder, iOS since the iPhone 5/5s/5c has derived all device resolutions as multiples of the base 568-by-320 resolution, so-called “point values”.

Scale 568-by-320 horizontally and vertically by a factor of two and you get the current four-inch Retina screen topping out at 1,136-by-640 pixels.

Likewise, tripling the 568-by-320 resolution brings us up to the aforementioned 1,704-by-960 pixels — you get the picture. And as Gurman explained in his write-up, the iOS 8 SDK has added a resolution of 736-by-414 as a new starting point.

Multiply this base resolution by a factor of two and you get a new 1,472-by-828 pixel resolution canvas for your apps, media and other content.

Gurman explains:

Back to the new 414 x 736 file, this iPhone resolution would be slightly sharper (on the 4.7-inch model) than the current iPhone resolution and this new pixel density would actually bring more screen space to the iPhone, allowing Apple to unlock more software-based functionality for its flagship smartphone lineup.

Unlike with previous iPhone resolution changes, moving to 414 on the width and 736 on the length would add pixels to both the height and the width of the iPhone.

Moving from 3.5 to four inches, the iPhone 5’s screen was taller, but not wider.

Adding more color to the report, earlier today Russian luxury modified iPhone vendor Feld & Volk on its Instagram page shared a photo of a rumored 4.7-inch iPhone 6 panel, pictured under a microscope and shown below.

iPhone 6 display (microscope,  Feld and Volk 001)

MacRumors took it upon themselves to analyze the image and what they’ve discovered is interesting, to say the least.

Although  Feld & Volk itself told MacRumors that the panel does indeed carry a resolution of 1,704-by-960, the publication believes that the actual resolution is closer to the 1,472-by-828 resolution Gurman talked about.

The photograph posted by Feld & Volk does not, however, necessarily appear to agree with that claim, as it seems to show roughly 13 pixels per mm in the horizontal and vertical directions, while a 4.7-inch display at 1704 x 960 should be closer to 16 pixels per mm. The current iPhone 5s display is roughly 10.5 pixels per mm.

The two resolutions indicate Apple might launch a 4.7-inch iPhone 6 at 1,472-by-828 and a 5.5-incher at 1,704-by-960. If so, then both handsets would have pixel densities of 355-360 pixels per inch, as MacRumors points out, with the bigger iPhone packing in more pixels.


There’s also a third possibility: Apple could use a single resolution across both iPhones, either 1,704-by-960 or the 1,472-by-828 one. The company did just that with the iPad mini’s release.

Despite packing in a smaller 7.9-inch panel, the Retina iPad mini still rocks the same 2,048-by-1,536 pixel resolution of its bigger 9.7-inch counterpart.

Calculations via IsThisRetina.

In turn, the iPad mini has gained instant per-pixel compatibility with literally every app that has been previously released for 9.7-inch Retina iPads.

As Apple adds more devices and form factors to its family, introducing new screen resolutions is inevitable.

Luckily, Apple now provides, and has been pushing developers to use, the tools which allow for the creation of iOS user interfaces which dynamically and intelligently auto-adapt to whatever target resolution is available.

What do you think of all this?

  • Donstil

    What’s wrong with using 1920×1080 so all the native 1080p content in the world will fit perfectly?

    There are a couple of really nice 4,7″ panels out there to use. Like the panel from a Htc m7

    • ClaudieX X

      Because that screen resolution was created for 42″ Screen Sizes. I have two lcd 32″… one with resolution of 1080 and the other with resolution of 720 Honestly I do not notice the difference (little more contrast on 1080). One day I’ll make a video with 2 TVs playing the same movie and you will see that the difference is minuscule … Not to mention the utility of that resolucion on a display of 4.7 inches. I know that 4k TVs are here now… but with this kind of thinking… soon, you gonna want 4k resolution on a 5″ screen… an that my friend… is utter madness…

      • Donstil

        Haha 1920×1080 only on a 40″ television, you made my day.

        Welkom to 2014 my friend.

      • ClaudieX X

        you know nothing about tech… you want to learn? call sony or panasonic or the brand you want and ask it yourself… adding more… you must learn about pentile 1080p screens… do not get frustated after learning that.

      • gary

        Ask them what? The opinion of ClaudieX X on iDownloadblog’s comments section? You’re so full of shit man, please stop embarrassing yourself. Just because 1080p was so-called “created for 42″ screen sizes” does not mean in any way whatsoever that it should remain that way. Why would you not want a high-resolution screen on your smart phone if the technology is available?

      • ClaudieX X

        Nobody is talking to you… I saw your comments…you enter another conversations and talk shitty things. Use you age for good… You double or triple our age… So stop talking like a rebel child… If you want a 4k screen phone go and buy it… Nobody cares…

      • Matt

        Every major Android phone out there has at least a 1080P display. I mean pretty much in one year all of them will be 2K or whatever for Gods sake. Seriously Apple tries to be “different” by doing things differently and trying to stand out , but sometimes you have to do what everyone else is doing.
        I get the feeling 2015 (when my 5S’ contract ends) will be the year when I switch.

      • jake kneller

        if apple didn’t do things different in the first place we prolly wouldn’t have all those things you think apple should just copy then it wouldn’t be apple remember apple is here because Steve and Steve thought different you really should appreciate there differences

      • DroidGuy360

        Steve’s gone bro. Apple hasnt done anything new, original, or revolutionary since.

        Wake up.

      • jake kneller

        actually they have how about that thing called touch ID I do belice three androids came out with a similar future after the 5s came out and you really shouldn’t hate on Steve he really is a god in the world of technology so many groundbreaking things came from apple and the Steve era now its cooks turn yeh he is new but he was dropped in charge of a billion dollar company and had a really great man to honnor with his work

      • DroidGuy360

        first, learn how to spell.

        second, touch id is not new, original, and has yet to be seen as “revolutionary”.

      • n0ahcruz3

        Remember the Motorola Atrix. I think they were the first to implement finger print scanner. But its a gimmick ofcorse cause its not apple. If its apple the reaction will be “magical” “revolutionary”.

      • DroidGuy360


      • gary

        Damn, son. Learn how to punctuate, please. You’re giving me and everyone who reads your comments a migraine.

      • José Gabriel Rivera Velázquez

        You are only thinking about it in numbers not in meaning. Adding more pixels to the display only means that you can get closer without being able to tell the difference in pixels. Every other company out there just throws numbers around to make you feel better about yourself. Apple talks about “Retina” display. What that means is that at a normal operating range (10 inches away from your face) you won’t be able to tell pixels apart. That’s why the ppi is different on all of Apple’s products. If you hold a 336ppi screen or a 100000ppi screen 10 inches away from your face it would look exactly the same. Why would Apple waste their time putting all those pixels on a smartphone? Doesn’t it feel better that your device would look just like any other but also it’s amazingly engineered and it’s better optimized? If all you want is to be like everyone else then why even bother on an Apple news blog? I don’t get it.

      • udovoodoo

        Two reasons:
        -The phones would have less FPS at 1080p assuming 100% performance increase (as they did with 5s) because it would have to push a 185% increase in pixels (725k at 1135×640 to 2.07mil at 1920×1080). If a manufacturer offers a phone with lower FPS at it’s native resolution than it’s predecessor, the consumer would see it as a bad business proposition after they read reviews.
        -Developers have a hard time scaling 1134×640 to 1920×1080. Not sure of the technical details so please take this with a grain of salt. I’ve heard developers say this before and I imagine some of them knew what they were talking about.

    • José Gabriel Rivera Velázquez

      1920×1080 resolution just makes the display have a ratio of 16:9. The 1472×828 resolution is also 16:9. It will work just fine.

    • BreakingAwesome

      Why waste battery and cpu using a high resolution display. The iPhone 5s has amazing display and there is no need to put 1920×1080 on a 5 inch display. 1920 was meant for t.v. not phones. First of all, if you ever seen a 1080 screen and 4k screen you will not notice much difference to barely any actually. So by putting a 1920×1080 on a small device means nothing except battery and cpu waste. Also, 1920×1080 is meant for far viewing angles. You are not going to be using your phone 10 feet away from you where you need 1080. Retina display is truly great on a phone and it allows less battery and cpu usage with great bright display. I totally agree with @claudiexx:disqus .

  • Zack Simpson

    Okay, serious question: if Apple’s 300ppi theory is true, then why do other brands like Samsung and HTC bother making screens at > 430ppi? Of course, some of it has to be to beat specs of the competition, but after a certain point, it must be indiscernible to the human eye regardless of distance from the screen.

    • Simple its an attempt to out-do Apple. But Apple doesn’t care about having the highest ppi…

      • whatsa2

        They didn’t care about 4″+ phones either…

        Funny how the tune changes and the flurry of excuses.

      • DroidGuy360

        Exactly. God himself Steve Jobs even said 3.5″ is the sweet spot. Perfect size, no need for a bigger screen. And as soon as he dies, here they come with the bigger size. And what happened? All the iZombies camped out for days cuz they couldn’t wait to get that bigger screened phone.

        They even talked about how there was no need for a smaller ipad. And then poof, theres the ipad mini with a crappy screen while the past 2 generations of ipads had retina displays. And the iSheep camped out for another couple days to get that way overpriced smaller ipad with a crappy screen and 3 year old tech in it.

        Sad thing is, I was just like yall. I didnt camp out cuz im not a moron, but i couldnt wait to get that bigger screened iPhone 5, thought it was the greatest thing ever. And i even bought an ipad mini. And loved it even though it had the crappiest screen ever.

        And then i woke up.

      • Droidguy360 you love Apple get over it. It doesn’t matter how old the tech inside is or how under specced their devices are compared to the droids. Fact is you know they are better products, worth the higher price, and will outlast any device android is on.

      • n0ahcruz3

        Amen to that. Same here i was an avid apple fan. Like u i tried android. Sold my 4s for a moto G and got extra cash back. Bigger screen, better battery life than 4s. Satisfied with my purchase. Not impressed with iPhone 5 and 5s imo theyre overrated. But i will try iPhone 6 because its got bigger screen. If battery life is not good. I’ll skip and get the 6s.

      • José Gabriel Rivera Velázquez

        You woke up from a delusion and then chose to hang around an Apple News Blog in order to tell people of your news. Good for you. If you really don’t care just get on with your life and leave us alone. You sound like an atheist hanging around church just to tell people that their religion sucks. Get a life man. (I’m an atheist btw)

      • DroidGuy360

        i don’t hate apple, I still have an apple TV and a mac mini both of which i love.

        I just now know better than to say apple makes the greatest phones ever, that’s all.

      • José Gabriel Rivera Velázquez

        I understand what you are saying. It’s just that the things you say don’t actually state your point clearly or make people event want to hear what you have to say. I don’t think that posts should be negative like the way that you sometimes comment. Anyways, I’ve never personally owned an Android device. I would like to but I personally like iPhone’s specially because of Apple’s ecosystem in which I am heavily invested in. If I ever feel like Apple is disappointing in any way I would obviously go Android but in the meantime I’ll just stick with Apple 🙂

      • Ashton wilson

        I don’t know about you, but Ive never seen ANY atheist hanging around a church telling people that their religion sucks.

        In fact, your statement is completely wrong! Atheist don’t even believe in any god, so why would we say that one sucks??

        Also, iPhone don’t have good hardware and that’s why they become slow, laggy, and unusable In three years.

      • Dan

      • Isn’t that what android does after 3 weeks/months? This question is rehtorical because I see new android phones all the time needing a reset/restore. Heck I even saw one with the FBI Ransonware the other day..

      • Ashton wilson

        No, in fact, I have a nexus one that has the same level of hardware and smoothness as an iPhone 5s. Its just facts.

      • Juschan

        oh ja jesus is alive again go praise him. really i am clear on many opinions but you are f***ing getting on my nerves. if you are working for google and you have to find new customers go to the next mall but giving a lot of crappie comments against imperfectly english spelling people with a few small mistakes and hating apple in an apple forum is quiet … you know what i mean…go hate apple on Facebook or anywhere else … in case you don’t have friends just go to an android forum!

      • Yunsar

        It’s not that Apple doesn’t care about the pixel density, it’s just that after attaining that specific pixel density (above 300 ppi) they find it useless or inefficient to increase it since there will be no difference when viewed at an average distance (about 10 inches). And that is true. Increasing the pixel density after that point (above 300 ppi) the performance of the device or the display’s frame rate will be reduced. This will affect the great benchmarks that we usually get from the iPhones.

    • Manuel Molina

      The highest PPI doesn’t mean the best in my opinion. I feel that a lot of these phones that have higher PPI still don’t look as good as the iPhone. Colors don’t look bright or as nice as the iPhone does.

      iPhones use 8MP cameras and get the best quality from a camera phone, and I feel that it’s the same on the screen too.

      • whatsa2

        Camera no… there are better ones out there….
        Best quality? right!

      • jake kneller

        the iPhone had always had an amazing rep for the pictures taken on it rember the iPhone has beat out cameras twice its price apple is clearly doing things right since the iPhone still remains the phone of choice by many many people all over

      • Manuel Molina

        What he said.

      • DroidGuy360

        you said it. “had always had the rep”.

        They used to be the best camera phones. They are not anymore. but then again, how good can photos look on a tiny low resolution screen?

      • whatsa2

        so its not the best… ok just say that its a good camera and dont lie about it

        not being 100% right does not mean your 100% wrong…why are apple people like this?

    • BozzyB

      It’s not just only a theory, it’s marketing. The is a visible difference in sharpness on other devices with higher ppi.

    • AppleFanboy

      It’s an attempt to take advantage of some consumers that think highest = best since not everyone is a tech geek. Sometimes people get the cameras with highest mega pixels thinking it is the best option

      • eXoguti093

        I think I’m seeing apple’s point of view. The iPhone is not meant to be one of the weakest phones which for the 5S’s time and even a bit now it’s definitely not, but it’s also not meant to be overkill, for example with 1080p or 2k on such small screen. I’m not saying android phones with those res are bad but they’re mean for different kinds of people, and those people mistake it as being better only ’cause they have a different taste, but I think the iPhone is supposed to just work. Slowly being average yet in a way staying high with the bar. I guess I can’t explain it too well but I hope people kinda get what I’m trying to say. Either way it’ll always be able to handle the highest quality games at the time they come out, which is really good, and other things like that but not overkilling everything else like screen resolution or ram. If this is false and they do end up going 1080p or much closer or maybe a bit higher then good for them, but I don’t think they feel the need to do that.

      • h4nd0fg0d

        Very well put. +1

    • Sean Cua

      ever heard of a gimmick? It’s just like LG G3’s 4k screen.

  • DroidGuy360

    its 2014, and still no full HD screen. Pathetic apple. Took 7 generations to finally get an HD screen. Everyone else is moving onto qHD screens while apple just now makes an HD screen. But of course apple zombies think its fantastic and say theres no difference in iphones screens and the 1080p or qHD screens. Does a 720p tv look different than a 4K tv? YES. Pathetic.

    • AppleFanboy

      Does your TV have a 5 inch screen?

      • DroidGuy360

        I have a Galaxy Note 3, so I have a 5.7″ 1080p TV. It’s called a phone. I can watch movies, TV shows, the news, play games. Put a 720p or less(current iphones) next to it and tell me the iphone screen is better.

      • SkyFall

        The iphone screen IS better. You can have a 1080p screen but if the screen is over saturated it doesn’t make the screen good. The Amoled displays that Samsung uses do exactly that. Apples, HTCs displays were praised for their accurate display colors while Samsung has been criticized for the over saturation. I can too watch movies at 1080p, play games, read the news on my iPhone and I’m okay with it. Now you criticize others for being iSheep/iZombies when YOU are the blinded Samsung fanboy. At least when you compare your Note 3 to a what you think infirior phone keep the fanboism away.


      • DroidGuy360

        Screen resolution does matter. You say it doesn’t matter now, but in 3-4 years when apple finally puts full HD screens in their iphones, all you iZombies will think its the greatest thing in the world.

      • AppleFanboy

        You convinced me by calling me an iZombie. Very mature.

      • DroidGuy360

        Uhh… your username is applefanboy. There will be no convincing someone who’s an iSheep.

      • jake kneller

        I’m gonna stand for both sides here and make one very good point for you its something many android fan boys don’t understand before iPhone blackberry and Nokia where the smart phone then google jumps in and take a look all the androids look like the Nokia’s and blackberry’s then apple comes out there and does something no one has ever seen work and be so smooth and look so great but after that iPhone came out people loved how nice and easy yet powerful it was so google followed apple

      • Dan

        I’m not saying I don’t agree with you… I can’t even bring myself to finish reading your comments. Your lack of punctuation and grammar is akin to a diarrhea of words. Makes my head hurt, one long phrase that never ends 0.o

      • jake kneller

        look into the past before you start thinking android is the king here oh another thing when a company’s build hard ware an another builds software you run into problems no I don’t hate andiod I’m typeing this on my galaxy s5 with my iPhone in my lap so no I’m not an android fanboy or an apple fanboy (Izombie) as you would out it I just love tech but I learn a few things before I go around telling everyone who is truely better yes my s5 does cool stuff my 5s doesn’t but it works the same for my 5s

      • jake kneller

        I take it the only tech news you read is the weekly shit post where they feature all there specs and android fanboy reviews of the newest android out today well look around android have great rateings but when you throw both of them in front of someone who doesn’t really have a side and just chooses the best phone for them the iPhone wins in most cases because its not made of cheap plastic and have screens made of 32% glass and 40%plastic and 28%bullshit apple is expensive because its good quality something anyone would be happy to hold would you rather your engine block in your car be plastic or would you rather it be metal

      • DroidGuy360

        there have been 8 different iphones.

        Iphone 2g, 3g, 3gs, 4, 4s, 5, 5c, 5s.

        FOUR of the 8 were plastic Mr. Genius. HALF OF THE IPHONES WERE PLASTIC. and they were the most amazing phones ever according to isheep. and then they made 2 of the out of glass. cuz ya know, thats super smart. and those were the most amazing phones ever.

        only the last 2 iphones have been metal. but of course, they are the best phones ever made also according to izombies.

        And now appleheads talk crap about plastic phones. And phones and car engine blocks are totally the same thing.

        check out youtube and search “iphone 5s vs. galaxy note 3 drop test” and see how many times the metal iphone is destroyed vs. the plastic note 3. every time the iphone is destroyed. most times the “cheap crappy” note 3 is chipped and scratched, but the screen is uncracked.

        i’ll take a “Cheap crappy” made plastic phone over a metal phone any day.

        By the way, who gives a crap what a phone is made out of. pretty much everyone puts their phone in a case. if its in a case, whats it matter what its made out of.

      • jake kneller

        only 3 were plastic and one if which apple says is a lowed handset due to it being plastic the iPhone 3g/3gs were the only plastic iPhone but still had more metal and real glass that my s5 which is now all scratched and loseing paint while my iPhone has one little scrath on the corner

      • ImLouis

        Do most android users drop there phones? I’ve never dropped my iphone or laptop because iv paid a lot of money for it. I don’t use a case but i never put it in the same pocket as change or keys, its not got a mark on it and i’ve had it for 2 years. I’m not an iZombie, i just prefer iOS to android.

    • Royce Otero

      Android sucks u know that.. Don’t act like you didn’t know that.

    • jake kneller

      you don’t understand TVs and phones are very different terrible choice to compare with

      • DroidGuy360

        WAIT…WHAT??? TVS and phones arent the same thing? No way.

        You use your eyeballs to look at them. They have screens with different resolutions. You just dont touch your tv. Unless your a perv. Phones aren’t just phones anymore.

      • jake kneller

        your Infering that they can just shrink up a 42″ 4k TV down to 5″ keep the exact same resolution and add a heat sensitive touch screen like its nothing

    • ImLouis

      hahah you’ve misunderstood screen resolution. A 32 inch TV can have 1080p resolution, this is spread over 32inches… a phone with a much smaller screen can have less pixels and still look brilliant to the human eye. Apples “Retina” screen is 300ppi because its enough for a 4 inch device! Why have a HD screen when the battery only lasts a day??? Leave the screen alone and work on the OS and battery first.

  • Yujin

    at one point or another the ppi will mean nothing to the average human eye…the screen shots of the screen under a microscope are usually done by reviews that highlight how sharp and how nice a screen is, but after seeing some screens up close, they all look the same and some will eat battery like crazy. Not to mention that 4k and 2k video is in its infancy and currently it will be hard to meet content for these resolutions.

  • n0ahcruz3

    In other words, no Full HD yet for apple lol

  • udovoodoo

    Doesn’t the 4s, 5, 5c and 5s carry the same PPI? It could be that they will simply adjust the resolution to achieve the same PPI at 16:9 aspect ratio. Look: iPhone 5s was a large performance increase over the iphone 5 in terms of GPU performance. Apple was praised for 100% performance increase in GPU fill rate benchmarks but that’s because both phones used the exact same resolution. HOWEVER: the iPhone 5s has 725k pixels where as a 1704×960 resolution iPhone 6 has more than double that, at 1.63 million. ASSUMING another 100% performance increase this would result in the phone actually performing slower than the 5s because the 100% performance increase has to now push 125% more pixels (than 5s). From a business standpoint, it makes more sense to go with 1472×828 so that the (ideal) 100% performance increase will only have to push 80% more pixels (1.3 million), providing some actual FPS inprovements over the 5s. I could see the 5.5 inch iPhone pushing 1704×960 but not the 4.7″. We have had the GPU horsepower to push these resolutions for years, the only issue was power usage. The 5.5″ phone will have a bigger battery which could allow for higher CPU and GPU base clock frequency, same as the iPad.

  • MacGuru17

    Ugh, is 1080p too much to ask for?

    I am probably kidding myself by saying this, but I am seriously considering the HTC One just so I don’t have to put up with any more black bars when I’m watching something. I just want to see the entire screen filled with content, without zooming in. Then again, I rarely ever watch anything except for YouTube videos on my iPhone; I have my iPad mini for films and whatnot, and I don’t mind the black bars there.

  • ClaudieX X

    So you never stop talking… now we are having a conversation off topic here… Too much free time for you… man