iOS 8 (Health, teaser 001)

Yesterday’s release of OS X Yosemite Developer Preview 6 with an additional five gorgeous wallpapers and a bunch of refinements has left many eagle-eyed watchers scratching their head over the fact that the assumed iOS 8 Beta 6 wouldn’t materialize.

Indeed, fast-forward nearly twenty-four hours later and Beta 6 is still nowhere to be seen. Such an anticlimactic turn of events probably means that iOS 8 Beta 5, which was released a fortnight ago, is the final beta build seeded to developers ahead of the so-called Gold Mater release…

BGR editor Jonathan Geller writes:

We previously reported that Apple was scheduled to release a new version of iOS 8 to developers and testing partners, the sixth in the release schedule, and we have learned that Apple has in fact done so.

With the September 9 iPhone 6 announcement approaching fast, Apple has decided against seeding Beta 6 to developers, Geller explains.

Apple is requiring all carriers to finish testing iOS 8 by September 5, but already nagging issues arose.

“One of our sources separately tells us that this build was in fact rejected earlier today because of an issue where YouTube did not work in Safari,” wrote the author.

BGR is not the most credible of sources and Geller has been wrong on multiple occasions lately, but he remains very accurate when it comes to covering carrier-related news and rumors.

He also provided the following release notes detailing the changes in iOS 8 Beta 6 distributed to carriers:

OTA Software Update Paths
Carrier Builds
Not Available
User Builds
Not Available

Issues fixed since Seed 5

Baseband & Telephony

  • Fixed an issue where incorrect pop up message was displayed when SIM was removed
  • Fixed an issue where clicking on cancel button turned LTE on
  • Fixed an issue where excessive registration was tried with dual IMSI SIM


  • Fixed an occasional mail continuity failure from OS X to iOS
  • Fixed an issue causing continuity to fail after opening control center


  • Fixed an occasional problem where MT call connection quality would be incorrectly treated as “poor”


  • Fixed an issue where the active photo cannot be deleted


  • Fixed a problem where document sync would sometimes consume excessive cellular data

iTunes Store

  • URLs for the store app are no longer broken in received mail
  • Fixed a problem with excessive prompts to sign in to the iTunes Store


  • Fixed an intermittent issue keyword shifting when rotating the screen
  • Fixed an issue where the emoji keyboard was unusable on Safari


  • Notes are no longer duplicated when opened through Gmail
  • Fixed an issue where after withdrawing a draft with attachments, browsing to another message resulted in the attachments getting lost
  • Fixed an issue where forwarding an email without a photo attachment still sends a photo
  • Fixed an issue when forwarding an email with an attached photo just brought up the original message without a photo
  • Fixed an issue where email could be deleted from the lock screen without prompting for a passcode


  • Fixed a problem where maps would sometimes consume excessive cellular data


  • Added support for SMS relay opt-in prompt
  • Fixed issue that caused devices to receive SMS via relay for unselected aliases
  • Fixed failures sending current location via MMS
  • Fixed an issue where messages partially overlap Chinese keyboards
  • Fixed an issue where changing a group name didn’t propagate to other devices until a message is sent


  • Fixed an issue where an incoming call was being relayed back to originating phone
  • Fixed an issue where options on declining a call didn’t work with call relay


  • Fixed an issue where edited photos did not display properly after restoring from backup
  • Improved full screen photo sharing
  • Set default to keep all photos on device for users with 5GB iCloud space
  • Fixed an issue where a user could not select multiple photos and upload to Facebook via Safari

Push Notifications

  • Improved push connection management upon account logout with multiple associated devices
  • Fixed a problem where Exchange push notifications would stop after responding to an invitation from the lock screen
  • Fixed an issue where a user does not receive a notification for incoming messages when the banner for the previous one is pulled down


  • Fixed an issue unlocking an iPhone while on an active call
  • Fixed an issue where the keyboard would sometimes become unresponsive when the screen is locked

Visual Voicemail

  • Fixed an issue where Voicemail could not be played under certain error conditions
  • Fixed an issue where Phone App hanged when tried to check Voicemail

Interestingly enough, the article mentioned as a side-note that Apple will launch two new iPhones in September, one called ‘iPhone 6’ and the other ostensibly named ‘iPhone 6L’.

In case you’ve been wondering, a Gold Master release should sport basically the same code — barring any unforseen circumstances — like the final version set to be released for public consumption in September.

  • A’s Network

    Apple loves letters. First, they make S phones starting way back from the iPhone 3GS. Then they want to make C phones. So we have the 5c. Now an L phone? I thought apple was about simplicity.

    • Jason Baroni

      But they didn’t even show it yet… Do you think they will call their phone the same name as Google’s software? Just asking

      • A’s Network

        I know they didnt show it yet, but it is a possibility…
        I really think that it would be stupid for apple to call it an L phone with Android L being there. But we really don’t know yet and all of this is just speculation. But if it does happen, I think it would be kinda stupid.

      • Jason Baroni

        It would be for sure. I still bet on the iPhone Air and the Pro, or whatever they call the second one. This is getting more interesting each day, actually.

      • A’s Network

        The rumors get out of control a lot. I doubt the authenticity of “L” being part of the iPhone’s name but at the same time the only way to find out what actually will happen is to wait :

      • Jason Baroni

        Yes! I can’t even wait. The rumours just started to be fired out one day after the release of the 5s. It is insane. With all the leaked housings, backs, dumbs and clones I got crazy to see the final design. hahahaha It’s about time

      • SoylentGreen


    • Well, to be fair, it really can’t get much simpler than 3 singular letters

      • SoylentGreen

        I swear if you held up an empty
        Photo here & called it the “iphone invisible” half you would beleive it, and id go further and say youd try & purchase one also. smh

    • Tim Farris

      i did read a post made by this blog that the iPhone 6 may not even be called iPhone 6 check there old blog post to see what i mean

      • SoylentGreen

        Its the ip6, period.

    • Chindavon

      What’s so complicated about this?

  • Tony

    Interesting for sure. Guess we shall see soon enough how things play out. Really hoping the I6L is released the same day as the I6.

    • SoylentGreen

      Inventing names now ?

  • Tony Trenkle Jr.

    Interesting title to the article considering then beta 6 is mentioned. And theres a changelog. Kinda confusing. I am def having crashes still but only on certain apps. And some UI glitches as well. Considering theres all this continuity between iOS and OSX this time around, I would think they would want to get everything perfect before release of both.

    • James Gunaca

      My guess is there will be an iOS 8.0.1 or 8.0.2 by the time OS X Yosemite is out. We won’t get Yosemite until at least October so all that continuity stuff won’t be available on Mac until then. We’ll at least get SMS relay across iOS devices (iPads/iPods), the ability to accept phone calls on non-iPhone iOS devices and all the other iOS 8 features. But Handoff on the Mac, and other Yosemite features will probably be smoothed out with .0.1 and .0.2 releases of iOS.

      Just a hunch!

  • dpacemaker

    I hope this isn’t true. With Yosemite Beta 6 handoff is sporadic and the hotspot feature doesn’t “just work” anymore but takes numerous tries and restarts to work.

    • Chris Gilmore

      Will there be anyway to add something to my Macbook Pro (early 2011) so I can use handoff or am I just left with a $2,500 “old, outdated” machine?

      • Vince Reedy

        I’m thinking devs will be all over that

    • It always did with my iOS 6+7

  • William Melendez

    Interesting , I was hoping to see beta 6 for the devs. Maybe someone will leak it to a torrent site ? Lmao, we shall see!

    • Even if they did, I’d imagine it wouldn’t work since the devs “license” wouldn’t support it?

  • Chris Gilmore

    Does anyone else’s Shazam not work on Siri? It seems like it’s completely taken out of Siri. I’ve had this problem since beta 4 I think. Did I miss something or is this a real problem?

    • Jeremy

      It used to be that you just invoke Siri and she would start listening and identifying the track right away if music was heard but you have to manually ask Siri to identify the song so when you invoke Siri just say “what song is this?” or “what song is playing?” And she’ll start listening in. The feature is still there but Apple just made it a little mode complex to get to the feature.

      • John

        More complex by invoking the feature the way it was originally meant to be invoked.

        Wow.. Some developers are hard to please, aren’t they?

      • Chris Gilmore

        Yep you’re right! Damn, that is annoying to have to say “what song is this” first instead of just pressing the home button. Thanks y’all!

    • James Gunaca

      In beta 5 I have to ask Siri what song is playing to get it to work. In beta 4, it just started recorded/recognizing music was playing.

  • leart

    There’s more to fix, I use assistive touch to save home button life, and if your writing something the assistive button normally will move upstairs of the keyboard, but if you go to homescreen and go back to continue writing the assistive button will stay in the middle of keyboard, very annoying. The other bug is when you set a wallpaper from photos and press the assistive fast without waiting for ios to finish setting the wallpaper, the photo app will freeze. And those bugs are still on beta 5, I tested….

  • What is it that the carriers actually need to test? They only provide the network, there’s no phone software involved. Is that right? Feel free to correct me, I’m only guessing.

    • James Gunaca

      There is a whole software stack for cellular connections that carriers need to do extensive testing on. They even help identify software that uses excessive data (see the change log for instances where this was discovered).

    • Eddie Hines

      They have to put their software into the visual voicemail and other web links

  • Matt

    “Fixed an issue where excessive registration was tried with dual IMSI SIM” ?

  • Kenneth

    Beta 6 was released xD

  • Bibek Ghimire

    End of second paragraph should read Gold MASTER release.