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Episode 42: More talk about the forthcoming iPhone 6, the possibility of a reversible Lightning cable, and Nintendo’s upcoming iPad experiment.

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  • A’s Network

    N0000 I missed this when it was live! NOOOO

    • Merman123

      I don’t believe they broadcast Let’s Talk iOS live? I could be wrong though.

      • A’s Network

        To be honest I don’t know if they broadcast it life, I never saw the post for that. I was hearing the live show on Wednesday last week and I assumed that they did the same for Let’s talk iOS.

  • Steven Honey

    i listened today and i agree with ben on the samsung galaxy s5. it sucks.

  • bigkev943

    great podcast as always guys

  • andyr354

    Post a clip of Sebastien imitating a typewriter. That would make a good ringtone LOL. I was listening in 1.5x speed since I was in a hurry and it had me rolling 🙂