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Boston-based Gazelle, which lets you sell used electronic devices, is ramping up its iPhone trade-in offering ahead of the expected iPhone 6 announcement on September 9.

If you send them your used device, Gazelle may treat you to up to a cool $350 in cold hard cash, dependent on its condition. Under the terms of the program, users have up until September 9 to get a price quote for their device.

Even better, you don’t need to send Gazelle your device until October 10…

To get a locked-in quote for your used device, visit Gazelle.com now.

For those wondering, the $350 in trade-in value is for a “Flawless” 64GB iPhone 5s. If your device has a smashed screen like mine, you’re out of luck.

As revealed by AppleInsider, customers can get a quote for their device during the extended price-lock window between now and September 9.

And this year the company is upping its price-lock window from the historical 30 days to over 50 days in order to make sure consumers can purchase and set up their new iPhone 6 long before having to drop their old iPhone into the mail. Gazelle says anyone who locks in a quote before the September 9 will have until October 10 to send theirs in.

By comparison, Gazelle is currently offering up to $120 for a used iPhone 4s, up to $205 for an iPhone 5 trade-in and about $195 for a used iPhone 5c in good condition.

According to the below chart showing historical price changes in device value around new iPhone announcements, Gazelle’s trade-in values typically drop 20 percent in the 60 days around the introduction of a new model.

Gazelle (iPhone trade-in chart 001)

Those in the market for a brand new iPhone 6 are strongly suggested to maximize their device value by getting a lock-in quote from Gazelle.com now, especially considering the firm does not actually need your device before October 10.

Of course, eBay or Craigslist might be a better choice.

Here’s a handy list of trade-in quotes for used iPhones in “Good” condition that TUAW put together:

Current models

  • iPhone 5s 64GB/32GB/16GB (Verizon) – $325/$310/$300
  • iPhone 5s 64GB/32GB/16GB (T-Mobile) – $225/$220/$215
  • iPhone 5s 64GB/32GB/16GB (Sprint) – $190/$185/$180
  • iPhone 5s 64GB/32GB/16GB (AT&T) – $285/$275/$265
  • iPhone 5c 32GB/16GB (Verizon) – $185/$180
  • iPhone 5c 32GB/16GB (T-Mobile) – $155/$150
  • iPhone 5c 32GB/16GB (Sprint) – $70/$65
  • iPhone 5c 32GB/16GB (AT&T) – $155/$150

Older models

  • iPhone 5 64GB/32GB/16GB (Verizon) – $195/$190/$185
  • iPhone 5 64GB/32GB/16GB (T-Mobile) – $160/$155/$150
  • iPhone 5 64GB/32GB/16GB (Sprint) – $115/$110/$105
  • iPhone 5 64GB/32GB/16GB (AT&T) – $170/$165/$160
  • iPhone 4s 64GB/32GB/16GB/8GB (Verizon) – $75/$70/$65/$55
  • iPhone 4s 16GB/8GB (T-Mobile) – $65/$60
  • iPhone 4s 64GB/32GB/16GB/8GB (Sprint) – $65/$60/$55/$50
  • iPhone 4s 64GB/32GB/16GB/8GB (AT&T) – $80/$75/$70/$65

It was my original intention to trade in my iPhone 5s ahead of the iPhone 6.

Unfortunately, a few months ago the device slipped out of my hand and fell on the concrete face down. Now I’ll need to pay about €150 (circa $200) for an on-site iPhone 5s screen replacement in one of Apple’s retail stores in Europe before putting it on sale.

Visit Gazelle.com to get a quote for your iPhone.

  • A’s Network

    Are we going to have Let’s talk iOS today?

  • Virus

    Could probably get more on Gumtree, eBay, Amazon

  • Tony

    Just fix your screen yourself and save a ton of cash. Then resell it. It’s extremely easy to do.

  • mike

    Anyone know if Gazelle takes used phones that have a battery problem? The device appears to have a dead cell, so once it gets down to anywhere below 30% it can shut off whenever it sees fit. I’m prepared to buy a replacement if need be, but I’d rather not.

    • Rowan09

      Sell it on eBay, Gazelle will rip you off.

      • mike

        For me, eBay means higher risk higher reward, as in I’d definitely need to replace the battery beforehand. Might give it a shot. Have you had any luck with eBay listings of iPhones?

      • Rowan09

        Yes I’ve been selling since 03 and as long as you list it correctly with the proper description, you’ll be fine. Amazon is if you’re not in a rush to sell an item while eBay is for quicker sales.

    • nazcorp

      It’s under warranty… Just take it to your local Apple Retail Store or call Apple for a mail-in repair. You’ll get a likely refurb in 5 days and then can list your Amazon listing as like new with 90 days refurb warranty.

      • mike

        The only issue is, it’s not under warranty. I got it January of last year.

      • nazcorp

        Ah. I assumed it was 5s. I’d still take to apple store with a genius appt made online and see what they say. And in response to eBay – I’ve had nothing but problems and they take forever to resolve issues and don’t to refund fees for things that were sold to bots even though you weren’t paid yet. I never shipped before payment but you still get charged a fee. Amazon is so much easier to sell on. I sold my 5s in 3 days including the shipping to Amazon which is like express shipped. In 30 days I got paid.

      • mike

        Much thanks to the both of you. Wish me luck!

  • bigkev943

    also swappa you can get more gazelle is fine but you loose a ton i have a mint barely used iPhone 5s 32 gb unlocked just two weeks ago they wanted to give me only 250.00 that is nuts i sold my other iPhone 5s 16 unlocked for 400. why give me 250 for a 32gb if you don’t know how to sell it then its good but if you know how to use ebay, swappa, amazon, or gumtree i would go that route first.

  • Rowan09

    Gazelle is funny, only $350 for a 64GB flawless 5s? Man I’m pissed I didn’t come up with this idea.

    • felixtaf

      And see their selling prices in Gazelle ebay store! $350 is ripoff!

      They do have some good deals in their eBay store (sale deals).

      • Rowan09

        I’ll check to see their prices.

  • Dan

    I could sell it for more by myself…

  • Matt

    Thanks for this. I would recommend that everyone does this. I did, because my price is now locked in. If I decide to sell my device on eBay, I can back out of gazelle for no charge.

  • ImBakedAf

    If you’re looking to resale your phone and in the la area there’s this place called Recycle My Machine and beat gazelles prices anytime. You don’t need to wait in the mail either. Look them up on yelp they have 5 stars.

    • Rowan09

      If you’re looking to sell your phone anywhere in the US, there is a guy called Rowan09 who will beat Gazelle’s price by $50 for a flawless device. Just letting you know I’m here too.

  • workin

    Hehe unlocked iphone 4: $50 32 gig

  • highNiggaPie

    Hell no Ide rather sell it on eBay unlocked for 800+

  • n0ahcruz3

    64gb mint condition iphone 5s for 350$? Are they f**king crazy? I hope people dont trade their phone to gazelle. What a load of BS

  • Manuel Molina

    Want real cash? Said your stuff on Craigslist. Enough said.

  • nazcorp

    Personally I recommend Amazon and use FBA (Prime shipping is awesome) to sell your anything. Don’t waste your time with bids or Gazelle. I sold a 5s 16GB used for $550 and still made $500 after all fees etc. and it was painless. Don’t recommend eBay due to the nature of the beast (they get spammers and bots because you can negotiate the trade etc. before purchase. And it’s a ripoff to sell a 64GB for $400. I bet iDB gets tons of perks for this article but hopefully people aren’t that naive.

  • felixtaf

    #ripoff #nothanks

  • Glenn DolFan Baptista

    What you guys think I should ask for my iPhone 5 when the 6 comes out. I have 2 a 32 and 16 both unlocked and both in like new condition. The 16 just got all the guts replaced by Apple due to the sleep button recall. The 32 was completly replaced by Apple and is brand new. Both otter box kept as well.