With today’s release of OS X Yosemite Developer Preview 6, Apple has included several new wallpapers in the latest beta version of its desktop operating system. Focusing on the beauty of Yosemite National Park – OS X 10.10’s namesake – these wallpapers are truly stunning, and owners of Retina displays and 4k monitors are sure to particularly love them.

For those running OS X Mavericks or an older version of Yosemite, we’ve uploaded these full resolution wallpapers, along with Yosemite’s original wallpaper, for your downloading pleasure, compliments of Matthew Miller. There are also links to iPhone and iPad versions of the four new wallpapers, which have been optimized by Jason Zigrino and published on his DeviantArt page

Yosemite wallpapers for desktop











Yosemite wallpapers for iPhone


Download full zip file

Yosemite wallpapers for iPad


Download full zip file

More wallpapers

  • Merman123

    Very nice !

  • CA

    Some of the links are the wrong wallpapers, and they definitely don’t look good on my rMBP I don’t think they’re full resolution..

    • Felix Sch.

      they don’t even look good on my non-retina macbook..

    • Sorry about that. I have updated the links. They’re not correct and full size 🙂

      • Chris Gilmore


  • Framboogle

    Me when I’m trying to get my Mac to work after installing Yosemite:

    • Jonathan

      Take AE for example.

      Keeping getting this:

      after effects error: ram preview needs 2 or more frames to playback

      So, memory leak somewhere. Been on the internet for hours. sudo purge is where I’m at now. Let’s see if this works…

  • Andrew Roth

    I like it. Now hopefully they add some new dynamic wallpapers to iOS 8 in the GM. Maybe even a new space wallpaper or something too.

    • GuyWithTheThings

      Or maybe possibly allow you to add your own..? Probably a long shot but eh whatever.

  • raulortiz318

    Thank you for posting! These are gorgeous.

  • Nel Neldz

    Nice one!!! ^^

  • Noah

    The third one isn’t as high-def as the others. Hopefully this was some sort of weird mistake by Apple and a much clearer one will be in the next build (or even in GM) because that third one is by far my favourite!

  • Muhammed

    Is it legal to use any of OS X wallpaper? I mean the wallpapers above and like the blue fish wallpaper on the apple’s website?