Lightning to USB cable (fully reversible, retail box, uSwitch 001)

Along with the many enhancements and improvements expected in the iPhone 6 this fall, the handset is also expected to ship with a new, reversible Lightning to USB cable. We’ve seen multiple photos of the alleged cable, and Apple even holds a patent for such a design.

Tonight comes more evidence of the theory, with frequent part-leaker Sonny Dickson posting a video showing the new cable in action. It appears to work similar to the Lightning side of the current cable, allowing the user to plug in the USB side, regardless of orientation…

While the video does seem to show a reversible USB cable, we don’t actually see a connected iPhone. It’s also worth pointing out that there’s no USB logo on the reverse side of the plug, and the box in the clip matches those seen in previous leaks (above), with no Apple logo.

Last week, the USB 3.0 Promoter Group announced the completion of its USB Type-C specification that “defines the next generation USB connector.” The Type C connector features a new design, faster transfer speeds, reversible plug orientation, and will start shipping next year.

  • White Michael Jackson

    possibly fake?

    • Tim Farris

      i doubt it i think myself its real but you never know you can always make one if its fake

    • R4

      All his other videos turned out to be real.

  • Merman123

    Looks sketchy. The USB is taken away from the screen before it comes back. It might be true, but this particular video seems fake?

    • archer14

      “It might be true” & “this particular video seems fake”, do you have trouble taking a stand, buddy?

      • Eyal Rotem

        The reversible USB might be true,
        But this video seems fake.

        I think his stand on it is pretty clear,buddy.

      • therealjjohnson

        Well he said “it might be true” and you said “the reversible USB might be true” . It was unclear as of what he was saying was true. I can understand why someone would feel he wasn’t taking a stance. Not that it matters in real life…lol

  • Bob

    How could a USB be reversible lol. Would be impressive though.

    • archer14

      Im sure your head is reversible, so why cant a USB be the same?

      • Bob

        It’s not. You can’t turn your head fully around without moving your body too.

      • archer14

        Same analogy with the cable. The cable moves too, its not a ball & socket joint

      • Straw hat


  • Eli Montoya

    I pee on the side of the toilet to make less noise.

    • Tim Farris


  • Warmachine69

    I’m going to go get a new a lightning cable tomorow because mine broke they fix that first

  • DogeCoin

    For fucks sake, i really don’t see the point of Apple creating their own type of USB. USB 3.1 Type C has just been finished. It is small, fast, and reversible. It is also the new standard, meaning you can actually use it in your products with out some ridiculous licensing (unlike thunderbolt, lighting cable, and most likely this if its real). Also, the video was pretty short, it wouldn’t be hard to fake. (either hack off some plastic in the plug or the port and print a picture on some cardboard)

    • Konrad Paul Mertner

      As far as I know, the new USB 3.1 Type C standard is only for the mobile-devices-side of the cable. It’s like the “Lightning-plug” of a normal Lightningcable. Im sure Apple is not going to make any changes on that for at least 5 years.

    • Tim Farris

      ok first off why print a picture when there is a perfectly good box setting at a apple store just buy a cable and you got your box not that i say its fake and second its possible that this cable is reversible but if it is then it would be an innovation in tech because of how the usb is made usb is not currently like that and it looks impossible but you never know people thought that a iPod was impossible until it was made and look at it now its come a long way you just never know

  • Tim Farris

    you know what would be funny is if the new iPhone pics we allegedly saw was really a new iPod or iPad size lol and no new iPhone was out lol that would be really funny because everyone wants this

  • Dan

    how exciting

  • Tronjheim79

    If only they’d make syncing faster.

  • JayDee917

    Because it’s reversible, Apple should have printed the USB symbol on both sides of the connector. With it printed on just one side, it’ll ‘feel’ like it’s on the wrong way when its facing down.

  • Brian 

    Seriously guys, this could not be more fake. These “boxes” you are seeing are all after market boxes used to sell 3rd party lightning cables. Go on eBay and you’ll find plenty of them. This is how Apple actually packages their cables.

    • Warmachine69

      It’s supposed to say the length on the front

  • misosoup7

    The person plugs the usb into a separate port. It’s unlikely that the computer has the two ports different, but it could be modified by the owner. I am skeptical of the video. I would be much more convinced if he had plugged it into the same port on his laptop or if his video showed us the ports.

    Additionally, if the reversible connector were possible with the current Type A design, then there is really no need to make the Type C plug look different in the new specification.