Pangu WindowsJust three days after the release of Pangu 1.2.0, PanguTeam just released yet another update, this time for Windows users only. Pangu 1.2.1 fixes an issue where the Windows version of the utility would sometimes crash.

If you’re a Windows user and were having problems, then Pangu 1.2.1 should fix it.If you haven’t had any problems, then there is obviously no reason for you to do anything at this time…

  • al7oot

    “Just three days after the release of Pangu 1.2.1” I think you meant Pangu 1.2

    • Fixed. Thanks

      • Vanish

        Still not working fully for iphon 4 … tried on 3 different iphone 4

      • Vanish

        Somebody please inform them about iphone 4 failing to jaibreak.. .Depp’s comment below is same problem me and my friends facing here…


    Does it work on ipad 2 I’ve tried before and I ended up with a boot loop.

    • Do a backup first and then try it. The worst that could happen is you end up in a boot loop again and have to restore your backup…

  • ricky_nguyen

    I’m not sure why pangu 1.2 for mac is now telling me to download the 1.2.1 update that is only available for windows?

    • Yes. The team behind Pangu screwed up big time so either disable wifi to avoid the update checks or patch the Pangu app with a hex editor so it thinks it’s version 1.2.1…

      • jawssonwason

        Thanks >:D

    • jawssonwason

      Yeah thats what is happining to me too

  • Asis Haas

    Cool bro.

  • PainZappa

    I had the windows crash issue with Pangu 1.2, and in trying to use 1.1 instead it would only work with internet and insist on downloading and using 1.2 which was crashing as mentioned. After several failed attempts, 1.2 finally worked for me, and i had not done anything differently. Go Figure.

    Hopefully 1.2.1 truly fixes these crashes for you guys. Good Luck!

  • Decio Arruda

    Pangu 1.2.1 jailbreak fixes Windows issues?
    Awesome, now I can switch back to a PC since it bugg-less!
    (*sarcasm of course, just another bad joke*)

  • Soylent Green

    Just got forced to restore 2 days ago & used 1.2, painfree, actually i restored, re jailbroke in one connection, rather fine 🙂

    • Rahimo

      Sorry, but you work too hard ! , be simple 😉

  • jawssonwason

    i cant download jailbreak with my mac it always says new update where ther isnt on mac its still on 1.2.0 not 1

    • Nomi Techy

      just jailbreaked my i5s worked great for me i guess u r doing sumthing wrong ..

  • Depp

    pangu 1.2.1: i can’t jailbreak 7.1.2 it hangs and says , waiting for response, make sure your device is not password protected… while my iphone 4 was not password protected..

    • Vanish

      same error for me too.. tried three times restore and jailbreak but same error…

  • Daniel

    pangu is not working at all it b kees telling me to make sure i have the proper internet connection and im runnin 60 megs i dont understand

  • Jason Manning

    Im having issues jailbreak i have a Iphone 4 with 7.1.2 but the jailbreak button stays greyed out as if id does not recognize my iphone.