Facebook 13.1 for iOS (iPhone screenshot 001)Facebook 13.1 for iOS (iPhone screenshot 002)

Facebook late today issued a maintenance update to its primary iPhone and iPad client.

Listing only “bug fixes”, Facebook 13.1 would have probably slipped by unnoticed if it weren’t for a post over at the official Facebook Engineering blog which has detailed significant under-the-hood changes to fix a longstanding bug that caused unexpected crashes.

Long story short, code changes the team’s implemented have helped reduce the software’s crash rates on the iPhone and iPad by more than fifty percent…

The vast majority of the reported crashes can be attributed to a file corruption error in the iOS Core Data system, according to the blog post.

It took months to figure out the right angle to approach the problem from, the post notes, and recently, “we solved a long-term mobile debugging problem and reduced the crash rate for people using the Facebook for iOS app by more than 50 percent.”

More importantly, the fix has put a longstanding problem to rest.

Dealing with a large, rapidly evolving codebase can seem overwhelming at times. Everyday tasks like analyzing crashes and understanding code can turn into their own programming challenges. At these moments, it’s important to work together, brainstorm, and rely on computer programming fundamentals.

Here’s hoping they fix other issues and optimize Facebook for iOS because, frankly — it’s become such a resource hog that I use it only when a feature is missing in the Paper app.

Download Facebook 13.1 free in the App Store.

The 63.2MB download requires an iPhone, iPod touch or iPad running iOS 7.0 or later.

[via AllFacebok]

  • Hmm, lets see. Been hesitant to even touch the app lately because of crashes and have been using FB in Safari, but I might give this a try.

    • Elvis Tawiah

      Dont bother it stil crashes even worse now. It goes dark then crashes on open. Useless another update i regret ipdating last time.

      • andy

        Hahah. Wow this update is another worse update -.-
        I quit using this Facebook app, any other better alternative facebook app please, thanks :).

      • Yes. Download Paper.

    • Everyone seems to be talking about these incessant Facebook crashes, yet I’ve not had a single crash in months

      • Kevin Osborne

        Same here… 😛

  • The app is complete rubbish. Trying to “improve it” only worsens it.

    • andy

      Hahah im laughing so hard, it’s crazy to see they are trying their best for 4 weeks each to “improve, bug fix what so ever” i’m completely over using Facebook app.
      I just would love to thank Facebook for IOS since it’s whole time for being one best out there, until today it’s gotten worse.
      I will come back once the app is more stable, performance, battery life and lag.

  • David Gitman

    Bring back messenger support and then I will think about using facebook app

    • andy

      Yeah bro!!!

      • David Gitman


  • leart

    I’m using a old version 6.5 i was able get the IPA from my old iPad 1, it’s the latest version for ios 5.1.1 and i am using it for all my devices even on ios 7 and im not updating it anymore, i have the basic functions and im fine, and considering that the most of facebook updates are crap

    • regkilla

      Facebook v6.5 crashes instantly on my iPhone 5s. How do you get it to work on it?

      • andy

        I got facebook 11.0 :D!! on my old laptop, itunes, if you want this version, email me ur email and i will send the 11.0 version of facebook. This version i think was when ios 6 on iphone 5 was running, the app is so responsive, more fluid and all!

      • leart

        Haha your version 11 is just 2 month old, 6.4 was the latest version pushed out when ios 6 was the latest apple ios 🙂

        AND you can’t give your app to someone else, that will work only with your apple id

      • Jonathan

        In order for that to work, I’d need your Apple ID and password.

        *cough cough* care to share? 😀

      • andy

        Hmm Imessage me please, i’m keen to share 🙂 but please dont hack my account.

      • Jonathan

        I was actually kidding. xD If I actually did get your password and decided to be a bad boy, I’d ruin your entire life lol.
        buy the world’s most expensive app ($999. It exists!)
        Lock you out of all your devices for good,
        get a ransom,
        MAYBE unlock your devices,

        Wipe my device,
        log into your account and restore from your iCloud backup (if you have one)
        Go through all your stuff, and reset passwords that are associated with that email above

        This could get ugly…

      • andy

        ahhaa lel 😛
        i dont use icloud,:P
        all good hahhaa i was kidding too xD

      • andy

        I don’t think there had be an app that would cost around $999 if it exists lol 😛

      • Jonathan

        *cough cough*

        itunes.apple . com/us/app/barmax-ca/id345722008

      • andy

        Well that’s bloody unbelievable, wouldn’t think anyone would spend that much….

      • Jonathan

        Just rich people trying to show off the fact their rich.

        If Gatsby was here today, he’d buy ’em all.

      • leart

        Probably because you are using a cracked one? Im using it on a 4/4s/ipod4 without any glitch
        How you get it:
        You must have a older device that ios is limited to ios 5 like a ipad1 or ipod3, than open itunes, delete the facebook app ipa from apps menu, after connect your older device and transfer purchases, and thats it, you have a older version of fb signed for your apple id 🙂

      • regkilla

        I got v6.6 working but no recent comments show first in posts.

      • leart

        Meh, mine is working fine even messages , just tried now for a test, since I hate facebook

  • Mike M. Powell

    Still loads like a snail… 🙁

  • Eikast

    Well Facebook has improved a lot since late 2010 (when I got my iPhone 4). I was thrilled two years ago when they actually rebuilt Facebook app with native objective c. There are still improvements to be done but still better than the android version. I’m thankful

    • onesimpleclik

      Nothing wrong with the Android version at all. Works perfectly for me.

      • Lurker22

        Except for the HUGE privacy issues that exist with the android app using privileges that it clearly doesn’t need (like reading all your text messages).

  • RuddyN

    I will not be updating, thank you very much! I still like using the messenger feature.

  • Tommmy


  • InfinitePlusOne

    Off topic question. My jailbroken iPhone 5 drained to 82% battery life after just 1 hour…. Here are the tweaks I have, also Flex. I dunno which one draining it fast. Any help?

    • David Hvilivitzki

      I would try removing one by one in this order (and checking battery quality for a few hours after each removal):
      1. Appellancy – might be constantly trying to identify you even while in
      2. TetherMe – don’t know what it does but failed tethering attempts could cause battery to drain.
      3. BatterySafe – it has battery in it’s name so it must affect the battery.
      your pocket or on the table
      4. the rest…. I don’t think that they should cause the problem.

    • 53kyle

      Seems normal to me, since iOS 7 ruined iPhone batteries (not as power efficient), in fact that is about the same as a lot of people’s batteries in iPhone 5Ss.

    • Jonathan

      I would suggest trying Appellancy first. I’ve always noticed a battery difference, but not major.

  • WolfgangHoltz

    Wow what a load of bullshit Facebook try to excuse themselves with, just admit you can’t write for other platforms than the web.

  • I’m still rocking v11, I’ll update when they bring back proper “most recent” news feed sorting

    • Jonathan

      It’s actually there in the latest version.
      More > Most recent

      • Oh yeah, I found that. But I prefer it like this

      • :::

      • Jonathan

        Yeah, me too. 🙁
        I don’t like the standard feed, because it tries to show stuff that it thinks will interest you, leaving out all kinds of other stuff that I may actually want to see. I want to see everything that my friends and family post.

        I’ve thought of making my own social site, where it’s like Facebook, but a billion times better. Made the way people actually want it. No game invitations (which I hate everytime I get a notification with that), better built (faster app launch), a good messaging system INSIDE the app, no auto-playing videos.

        I think I’m going to stop my life responsibilities and start this app right now..