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Episode 41: With the iPhone 6 less than a month away, the crew talks about expectations, rumors, form-factors, and more related to Apple’s flagship device. We also talk about security, including find my iPhone, 2-step verification, and 1Password.

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  • Sébastien just an FYI regarding 1Password they have a feature called 1Password Anywhere which solves the problem of ‘What if I need my password and don’t have my iPhone or Mac in front of me’. 1Password Anywhere lets you access your 1Password vault via a web browser…

    • But that means my passwords have to be stored somewhere in the cloud, right? I don’t like that idea

      • You could store it on a USB or some other storage device but yes it’s designed to be stored in the cloud. If you did decide to store your 1Password data in the cloud there’s honestly not an awful lot anyone could do with it unless they knew your master password.