Last week, we presented you a list of best jailbreak tweaks to enhance the stock Messages app on your jailbroken iOS 7 device. Today, we’ve decided to list the best jailbreak tweaks that will improve your web browsing experience on Safari.

Safari has been greatly improved on since it was first released along iPhoneOS 1. With iOS 7, it saw the addition of various new features such as iCloud Keychain, unified address and search bar, Private browsing mode and more. However, it still has some restrictions and lacks various features that prevent it from being an all-in-one web browser for iOS.

To enjoy more features and get rid of some of its limitations, read our complete list of best jailbreak tweaks for Safari on  iOS 7

Canopy for iOS 7


Canopy is a powerful tweak for Safari that brings a bunch of new features and functionality to the stock Safari app. It adds the following features:

  • Quick shortcuts for copying the URL address and adding pages to the Reading List or Bookmark
  • New sharing options such as Facebook, Twitter, Email and iMessage/SMS
  • List of recently closed pages which can be accessed by long pressing the ‘+’ icon in the tab switcher page
  • Paste and Paste & Go buttons in the address bar
  • Prevents the navigation bar from hiding when scrolling through a page
  • Allows translation of pages from the action or share menu
  • Open a new page by long holding on the ‘tab switching’ icon
  • And many more features

Canopy for ios 7 can be purchased from Cydia’s BigBoss repo for $1.99.

User Agent Faker


Some sites do not have a proper mobile version or lack various tools that are present on the desktop version. Much worst is that most of them disallow readers from switching to the desktop version. User Agent Faker is a tweak that tricks sites into thinking that the visitor has accessed the site from a desktop and therefore displays a desktop version of the site to the visitor rather than its mobile version.

User Agent Faker works with iOS 4 and above devices and is available for free in Cydia


One of the most important functionality that Safari lacks is the inability to close all the open tabs in a snap. With CloseAll, you will be able hold on one of your open tab’s close button (‘X’) from the tab switcher page and release to close all the open tabs immediately.

If you’ve been longing for a tweak like this, head to Cydia now and download CloseAll for free.


Resized SafariTabCount

If you ever wanted to take a quick glance at many how tabs are currently open in Safari, you may want to check out SafariTabCount. A tiny but useful tweak, SafariTabCount displays the total number of open tabs on the tab switcher icon.

Other than this, you can also hold on the tab switcher icon to either close all the opened tabs or add a new page. You’ll have to select either action from the tweak’s preferences pane.

SafariTabCount is available for free in Cydia.



With BrowserBlur, you can protect your privacy by blurring the Safari app card in the App Switcher. This makes it impossible to view what page is currently open in Safari from the App Switcher.

BrowserBlur is available for free in Cydia.

Browser Changer

If you prefer another iOS web browser over Safari, you might want to check out Browser Changer. With this tweak, you can change the default web browser in iOS 7. This means that you can open links in third-party web browsers rather than Safari. In addition to this, Browser Changer also allows users to make Google Maps the default map app in iOS.

Browser Changer is available for iOS 3 and above devices and can be downloaded from Cydia for free.



Apple ported the Nitro Javascript engine to mobile Safari in iOS 4.3, which loaded Javascript several times faster. However, the Nitro Javascript engine is only available to stock iOS apps and not third-party apps (although this will change with iOS 8).

With Nitrous, third-party apps can also make use of Apple’s Nitro Javascript engine to load Javascripts 3 to 4 times faster. For instance, Google Chrome can use it to load Javascript faster just like the stock Safari app.

Safari Upload Enabler

Apple prevents users from uploading files to the web from the stock Safari app in iOS. With Safari Upload Enabler, users can upload almost any type of file such as photos, videos, PDF etc. to the web from Safari. You can also select photos and videos directly from the Camera Roll without browsing the file system. Safari Upload Enabler is $2.99 in the Big Boss repo.

These are the best jailbreak tweaks that will improve your web browsing experience both on Safari and iOS. If you think we have missed a tweak that deserves to make it to the list, let us know in the comments section below.

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      Yes only items from the camera roll. Safari Upload enabler with iFile makes it able to upload any file on the phone.

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      The tweak is call “Fancy” and the fifth keyboard row is “ikeywi 2”

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    Oh and Safari Download Enbaler can work together with Safari Downloader+

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    there’s a way to get iOS6 safari on iPad without downgrade. I hate the iPad verdion of safari, first, design, second, the big-static-white-bar. I think the iOS6 safari design for iPad was much better than this.

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    Is there any JB which allows to view either opened Safari or Chrome web pages as tiles like gridswitcher does with apps?

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    It must be just me, as I can never get safari download enabler to work properly on my iPad3. It’s suppose to download files to the reading list right? But how comes whenever I try to do it, it doesn’t work! Am I doing something wrong??

  • Gah Canopy was the tweak I was after! Had it before I rejailbroke and forgot about it… been using Safari Enhancer and it’s nowhere near as good as Canopy.

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    Sleipnizer for Safari is my favorite.