pangu 1-2

The Pangu team has released an update to their jailbreak tool today. Pangu 1.2 is out now for both Windows and Mac, and it includes a handful of bug fixes and improvements that make the jailbreaking process a little easier.

Among the fixes are a resolution for an ongoing boot loop bug that some iPhone 4/4s users are experiencing, and patches for sandbox log and task_for_pid issues. The new Pangu also brings support for afc2…

Here is the 1.2 change log:

– Fix boot loop bug for some iPhone4/4s.

– Fix sandbox log issue.

– afc2 is included now.

– Add patch for task_for_pid.

– Add notification if jailbreak fail.

If you have already successfully jailbroken your device using Pangu, then there is no reason for you to do anything at this time. If you’ve been having issues, though, you might want to try restoring and jailbreaking again with Pangu 1.2.

Pangu 1.2 is compatible with any device running iOS 7.1.x, and you can grab it from our Downloads page. For those of you who aren’t sure how to use the tool, we have tutorials for both Mac and Windows available to walk you through it.

If you decide to use Pangu 1.2, let us know how it goes below!

  • Can we remove AFC2?

    However, please understand that AFC2 is considered by many to be a security hole: you might not want to provide full USB filesystem access.


    • I considered that also but usually its secured with the trust this computer prompt which needs the user to enter a password first. If they can incorporate a password for this USB access it would be way better.

      • ARX8

        afc2 will be installed as a package. You can remove it from cydia
        Or from usrlibexec manually

  • Noe padilla

    What is afc2?

    • Ethan Humphrey


    • Linton Findlay

      It’s what iFunbox uses to connect to your phone

    • I suggest you read the link I posted with my previous comment. It will explain exactly what it is. In short though it allows full filesystem access to your device from a computer…

    • Mhmd Bassam Nasyr
    • ARX8

      Origina afc doesn’t allow access to root. afc2 is used to mount the device on root via USB. With original afc, it’d only mount on Media partition

  • Platy

    The new Pangu also brings support for Saurik’s afc2 package…

    We don’t know that its Sauriks. So far afc2 is not ‘installed’ under Cydia, but it is working. This means that we don’t know what version it is and also cannot remove it (easily).

    • leart

      Are you sure that it was not showed ??
      Make sure to use cydia as developer so you can access all installed packages

      • CA

        From what I’ve been reading no one can seem to find it…

      • leart

        I can’t check it since my ios 7 is not jailbroken, but sometime users forgot to use cydia like developer and can’t see all packages

      • SkyFall

        From what i understood you guys saying you can’t find -Apple File Conduit “2”-. You need to use Cydia as a Developer to be able to install it.

      • Burge

        No “USER” will do. Just look in Cydia/Telesphoreo in sources.

        Afc2 has issues please read what jay freeman says about it and why it’s better to install Apple File Conduit 2

      • ARX8

        afc2 won’t work. It didn’t seem to work on latest iOS with pangu 1.1. However it may work in this version though

      • Palani

        What? I always use afc2 and it works on my 3, air, 5s?? With All versions 7.0.6. 7.1.1 7.1.2? 🙂

      • ARX8

        No. afc2 doesn’t work with a pangu jailbreak. That’s why saurik made ‘apple file conduit “2” ‘

      • SkyFall

        Isn’t afc2 an abbreviation for “Apple File Conduit 2”?

      • leart

        Hem strange, even on my ios 6 jb device is impossible to see afc 2 and I’m sure that is installed on evasion 6 since I’m able to browse my device from pc

      • SkyFall

        Evasion automatically installed “afc2”. Saurik released “afc2” for the 7.1 pang jailbreak because pang pre 1.2 didn’t install “afc2”.

      • leart

        I know that is written in Cydia, everyone can read, my point was that even on evasion6 you can’t see or modify acf2

      • SkyFall

        I didn’t say anything about afc2 being written in Cydia… I said that “Apple File Conduit” was included in Evasion6 and did not exist as a standalone package (afc from Saurik I think) for this reason. Saurik released afc “2” for the Pangu jailbroken devices because before Pangu 1.2 afc2 wasn’t installed with the jailbreak.

      • ARX8

        afc2 was part of evasi0n 6 but not evasi0n 7

      • ARX8

        Anyway, the original afc is the service that allows file transfer over USB. But the mount point is ‘media’. not root. And it’s very limited.
        “Apple file conduit” is included even in a jailed iOS platform. That’s what allows iTunes to transfer media to iDevices.
        There was never an afc package included in evasi0n or available to download from cydia. It was afc2 (us.scw.afctwoadd)

      • leart

        Thank you

      • ARX8

        I actually meant us.scw.afctwoadd, not the one saurik made

      • ARX8

        afc2add >> Cydia://package/us.scw.afctwoadd
        Apple file conduit “2” >> Cydia://package/com.saurik.afc2d

        You may not be able to open these packages by tapping them. So copy them and open in Safari

      • leart

        I’m fine with my ios 6 jb, I like that I’m able to access my files through pc

      • ARX8

        I thought you wanted to see the package. This is a method to see them even if they’re not listed

      • leart

        No, it was the conversation, it went in that way.

      • SkyFall

        From what i’ve read some need to use Cydia as “USER”, some as “HACKER” and some as “DEVELOPER”. I had to use “DEVELOPER” to see the package on my iPhone. On my iPad “USER” found it.

      • ARX8

        There are no different modes now. There’s only a single mode. Those tabs you see there only changes the list of tweaks displayed. Tapping ‘user’ would hide library packages and core stuff.
        This will not alter the packages view on cydia.

  • Freddie Webster

    See I wanna know if this will require the internet to jailbreak because I just want to download on my phone then transfer it to my computer then just jailbreak from there. Without it having to retrieve any type of additional packages.

    • Chocolope Jailbreakush

      It doesn’t.

    • Or you could turn off the internet connection via Wi-fi switch or ethernet connection.

      • Freddie Webster

        Ugh see This is what I was talking about

  • InfinitePlusOne

    Will a tethering tweak allow me to use network restricted tether? My network allows me to connect a device using that, but when accessing internet it sends a message saying I need to buy pack. I have unlimited data pack. Some more expensive unlimited data pack allows tethering for free.

    • Get either TetherMe or PDANet. Bother offer tethering and both have methods to try to prevent carriers from knowing you’re tethering.

    • Niclas


      • InfinitePlusOne

        Thanks. I got tetherme. Does the job.

  • Freddy Born

    does anyone knoe if pangu is already working on ios 8 jailreak?

    • Probably aren’t. I’d imagine there’s people dabbling in it but since it’s still in beta we likely won’t see or hear much until its public release…

  • Lhu

    does it have appsync?

    • leart

      It was not on previous version.

      • Lhu

        do you have any alternative to appsync?

      • leart

        I can’t really tell since I don’t use it, In the past I used always app synch from vshare repo

      • Lhu

        so no point of jailbreaking, right?

      • arvindb02

        I’m not supporting piracy but you can still manually add app-sync.

      • ARX8

        Appsyc is not only used for loading cracked apps. I use it to load modified IPAs to my iDevices. Appsync is used to bypass the checksum

      • leart

        I told you add vshare repo on Cydia and install both vshare and appsync, ad:
        repo . appvv . com/

      • Dan

        the point of jailbreaking is not piracy

      • Lhu

        I know! but it is not for me 🙂

  • InfinitePlusOne

    Download Link is not there. It only says 1.1.0 and 1.0

  • mario

    didnt work with ipod 3

  • al7oot

    How secure to jailbreak using Pangu tool. I mean I used to jailbreak my iPhone and my iPad with the known jailbreak developers in the past, but since Pangu released their jailbreak tool and with all the stories on the internet from transferring the data from the iPhone to Chinese servers I didn’t jailbreak any of my ios devices. What do you think guys? Am I wrong?

    • ARX8

      Many famous jailbreakers have tested it. A famous jailbreaker, an apple employee now, in response to i0nic’s misleading tweet, said it’s completely safe to use the jailbreak. Many other in the evasi0n have also confirmed it. Else they wouldn’t put the link on their official website.
      It’s been a long time. If it was shady, some negative responses would have surfaced by now

    • leart

      Meh it depends on you how much faith you have on those unknown devs.
      Personally I quit jailbreaking since the security and privacy is way more important than some tweak.
      In the past or even now I use a second device on ios 6 and the tweak i like the most, is zephyr and since there’s nothing even close to that on ios 7…….

      • Dan

        there is, Auxo 2, beats zephyr imo

      • leart

        I wasted my money in both Auxos, both are useless, and the 2 crashes a lot and push the device in safe mode everytime is used fast. Garbage, just the design is nice but useless .
        Zephyr code is so well written that looks like is made by apple, there’s no comparison at all

      • leart

        I tested both and with zephyr you can really feel the dock movement, auxo it has a mechanical movement and crashes a lot. The comparison don’t exits.
        The most close thing to zephyr on iOS 7 is multitasking gestures but it has the same problems of Auxo, don’t work well.

      • Dan

        Well the simple fact that you say it crashes a lot tells me that you have tweak comparability issues, probably why you think it’s garbage (it isn’t). I’ve been using it for months and have had no problems. I prefer Auxo by far, but to each his own 🙂

      • leart

        No I don’t have any tweak compatibility since I prefer to use just the esencial zephyr and ncsettings, I told you is nice to see but somehow the movement feels mechanic, instead with zephyr you can really feel how your moving the dock

      • Niclas

        Auxo 2 is rock solid on 7.1.2 and iPad air + iPhone 5s + iPhone 5, and probably all other devices.

        You probably used it on 7.0.x witch had a memory bug in IOS causing respring crashes. It had nothing to do with Auxo 2.

      • Niclas

        Since the most respected hackers in the scene is more trustworthy than Apple and Goolge alone. I would not worry about that.

        Also, there is a superior solution on IOS7…

    • Niclas

      It is perfectly safe.

  • GambitGamer

    I liked the old intro…

  • Johnny V

    So Should Previous Users Of Pangu 1.1 Re-Jailbreak Their iDevices?


      Not necessary until you have problem on the current jailbreaked idevice by some tweak corruption, if you don’t have any problems then no use to restore and rejailbreak

      • Hugh Jassol

        From my experience, EVERY device jailbroken with any of the prevoius versions of pangu have a video playback bug!

        I’ve checked with at least 8 devices & they all have the problem. None of my devices still jailbroken with evasion have this problem.

        You can test for yourself by trying to play a youtube video within Cydia. Search for any tweak that has a youtube review or description, i.e. AUXO2.

        You’ll first get an error, then try again & the device will freeze up and/or crash into a boot loop which will require a hard reboot or disabling of substrate to ultimately resolve the problem.

        I see that the change log mentions a sandbox fix so my question is…

        Does Pangu 1.2 fix this video playback bug?


        Yep I have faced the exact issue BUT ONLY on cydia when trying to play review video for all embedded video tweaks(I didn’t checked this with many devices like you but checked more than 3 times on the same device as I already restored my phone more than 3 times on pangu and every time it crashed so I understood what you mean, btw a tip: I also found a hassle free way to get out of that freeze crash that is just get the mutitasker and quit cydia as quick as possible upon noticing the freeze and just turn off iDevice then it won’t be a miserable crash you are safe this way) so from my knowledge it’s not video playback bug as you think, since it’s not universally seen on all apps so what I thought is its cydia comparability bug so I think it’s cydia bug in 7.1.2 and not pangu bug as the video playback is making phone crash only on cydia

      • Hugh Jassol

        Yeah, but I’m not positive it’s isolated to Cydia though…

        I’ve read of similar issues with iFile video playback too. This info & the Cydia/YT issues is what made me wonder if it was a jailbreak/sandbox problem. I haven’t tried to replicate the ifile things so I can’t comment on those.


        Hmm iFile has similar problem? hmm I doubt it as I only noticed the video freeze bug only within cydia may be only for me so not sure. Well I only noticed this video freeze bug on cydia after cydia gone on little UI changes recently on cydia update so I am more kinda 70% bug is from cydia not sure still just probably it’s cydia bug hmm until some developer notices the bug hard to find the root cause of bug….

      • Hugh Jassol

        Yes, it sure DOES have a problem. I just checked and can confirm iFile indeed has a similar video playback bug. Its slightly different but the same principle as the Cydia/YT bug.

        I tested by adding a .mov & .mp4 to the GeneralStorage directory. The playback results were the same for both files.

        The first attempt causes ifile to hang/crash to springboard. I attempt to open IFile again but it gets stuck on the splash screen & the device becomes unresponsive requiring a hard reboot.

        So after a reboot I open iFile and attempt to play the same video file again, this time it actually plays…so you think oh it works BUT wait, if you try to play it again a second time, the same results as I explain in the first attempt happen all over again.

        You can’t play a video twice in a row.

        For the reasons I already mentioned, & since I haven’t heard of this playback bug affecting any sandboxed apps… this all leads me to believe the cause is pangu jailbreak related rather than a Cydia or ifile problem.

        Test for yourself with iFile and see if you can play the same video twice in a row without any issues.

      • TheEye

        I faced similar problem in iphone 4S when playing mp4 video in iFile. had to hard reboot.


        Hmm iFile video play back is not affected for me checked it now only the video crashing is on cydia for me hmm weird may be some tweak is causing iFile problem for you I think

        did you tried in other devices you have about the iFile playback?

      • Hugh Jassol

        No, I hadn’t before posting but I just tried on another device with the same exact result. The video plays the first time but freezes up ifile on the second attempt. This device has only (3) tweaks installed.

        Here’s the simple test I just tried…

        I took a short 5-10 sec video with the camera. Then copied & pasted the .mov from var/mobile/Media/DCIM/100APPLE to the var/mobile/Media/general_storage directory. Selected & let the video play all the way through, then tried to watch it again…

        Nope, iFile locks up like I described earlier. So, then tried it in safemode & with substrate disabled…ALL with the same result, the video either played once or still just locked up iFile on the second attempt.

        Give it a try and see if you have the same issue.


        Yep I get that problem of iFile getting stuck finally when tried up with mobile saved videos as you told me, hmm weird can’t figure out things in it hmm seems you are right more probability of pangu jailbreak file system error for only videos indeed, may be I think I will re jailbreak with pangu 1.2 to check it out coz afc2 is included now may be it may fixed file system errors for videos

      • Hugh Jassol

        To be honest, I never noticed this Cydia/YT issue until the other day so I’m not really that bothered by it. I’m not planning on re-jailbreaking just yet or if at all.

        I have no idea what the cause is but I plan on waiting it out and if need be, hopefully an easy update to fix it will be released in Cydia. If not, no big deal.

        If you do decide to re-jailbreak, please post your findings. Good luck. 🙂


        Re Jailbreaked now, no use the same video problems exits still


        Hmm after restoring i kinda feel more stable now with pangu 1.2 coz random crashes which bugged me sometimes have been kinda reduced in my usability now… so its good to restore now i think

      • Ismail ‘marco’ Azeem

        It causes iFile and Cydia to freeze and the only way i can open by phone is by holding the home button few seconds after switching on the device if not the device goes into a bootloop but I did some digging and for those who use iFile to watch movies or videos use Filzila it works perfectly fine I checked and double checked.

        Let me know what happens to you guys!


        Hmm interesting….
        Checked Filzila change log as I didn’t bought it… voila there the video bug faced here was fixed noted on its change log…. (Filzila v1.3.1 change log)

        Hmm so this is a bug on cydia and iFile itself as it can be fixed on another cydia app(Filzila) so it’s not pangu bug from the looks of things….

      • Ismail ‘marco’ Azeem

        Also I noticed that a network service fails as soon as I open Boxer mail app, I have sent them the crash log to Boxer tech team so I’m thinking it’s slightly something to do with Pangu Jailbreak and the app updates. Lets hope a Dev would come up with a fix soon 🙂

    • h4nd0fg0d

      Guess u didn’t read the article?

  • Claude Smith

    The question I have if I jailbreak with pangu 1.2 should I be concerned with this AFC2? I have a iphone 4s that’s been jailbroken with pangu 1.1 and I have been having booting issues which made me have to restore once already. Thanks!

    • Soylent Green

      If you want full access to the phone over vanilla USB using finder/explorer just like with a thumb drive, then install it, else forget about it, think of it like an umbrella, minus security concerns lol, you don’t have it with you all the time in-case it rains but its neat if you have one at that time, I’ve been jb’ing for years & never knowingly needed afc2add or this newer incarnation for ANY reason, strangely eneough ive got afc2 installed atm as i read the saurik speil and decided i needed it lol turns out i need/have needed it not. If I was still running around d/loading movies and OS’s etc then I could mibbe see myself needing this, dunno tho’ – 2cents worth

  • jack

    Worked flawlessly on iPad3/iOS7.1.2. My kid is so happy with all the free IAP.. $50 for some virtual gold in some game… child abuse

    • Niclas

      Don’t play the games with that biz model. Easy as that.

      • jack

        you dont have kids, do you. or even a gf… ever…

      • Niclas

        There are plenty of good games without freemium.
        Definently no kids, but plenty of gf’s, thank you 🙂
        Like it’s a merit to have a gf lol ^^
        Where I come from, you have to fend them off 😉

  • Thành Đức Nguyễn

    today. i’m jailbroken my device with pangu 1.2 newest version, everything seem to be ok untill i opened cydia and found that Bigboss and cydia/telesphoreo’s sources have no tweaks inside. i’m tried to refresh and it said something cant be fetch…(i’m forgot to take a screenshot). So what happened to me? and what should i do? thanks!


      Simple just remove bigboss repo from your sources and “re add it by MORE SOURCES from cydia app home page” thats all then all your packages will load well

      • Thành Đức Nguyễn

        thanks! it’s worked 🙂

  • Dinei



      Same as the problem for “Thành Đức Nguyễn” just re add your big boss source after removing it….

  • zarun ghori

    Afc2 is available on cydia so no need to rejailbreak

  • Jamie

    I tried this jailbreak and I didn’t notice any difference. It still took my phone several jailbreaks for Pangu to recognize the phone had rebooted but it works fine now. PKGBackup is well worth the money when you rejailbreak. Doesn’t take no time at all and it restored it right back to how it was. One of my must have apps.

  • Gon

    What I hate about jail breaking is it takes too long for a version… On my android tablet each update and the root from previous version carries over lol

  • Domodo

    This application is SUCH an incredible piece of junk. I’ve been trying to jailbreak LITERALLY 23 TIMES now, on two different platforms, 6 different USB ports and 4 cables. This absolute piece of shti just refuses to work. I am so fcuking sick of cheap useless Asian crap!


      May be memory constrain problem for your PC(like in evasion tool before for jailbreak needs more power to pass configuration page of the evasion tool) sometimes jailbreak tool need more than low end PC power so change your PC(i mean here as better powerful PC, not platform or not changing to another same power PC), PANGU WORKS! so your PC power is not sufficient is what i can see from your little problem description

  • Joel Gordon

    For some reason I am trying to use the jailbreak tool on my friends Iphone 5c (Pangu1.2). It won’t work because its not receiving a response after a second time or third time of using, What is a problem? (It failed the first time, so then this happen). Pangu 1.1.1 worked fine on every other iphone and ipod. Fix this please. PLease help

  • Joel Gordon


  • Sergio Vejar

    tried couple times with my macbook pro on my ipad mini and keeps crashing after the last reboot, any ideas?

  • ricky_nguyen

    Why does pangu 1.2 now tell me to download the 1.2.1 update that is only available for windows when i’m running on a mac?