1Password 4.5 for iOS (iPhone screenshot 002)

If you’re an avid user of 1Password, an excellent password-management application for the iPhone, iPad and Mac, a forthcoming iOS 8 edition will be supplied to you free of charge, developer AgileBits has confirmed.

And those who’ve been sitting on the sidelines waiting for a not-to-be-missed opportunity to get in on the action, now’s the time to get a move on as AgileBits has 1Password for Mac on sale for 30 percent off.

As a bonus, the iPhone and iPad edition down by a cool 40 percent! So there you have it: now you can download the app in the Mac App Store for just $34.99 (regularly $49.99) and get 1Password for the iPhone and iPad for $9.99 (regularly $17.99)…

The upcoming iOS 8 update will be provided free of charge to existing users, developers said in a blog post.

We are announcing that, for Mac and iOS users, our updates coming this fall for Apple’s OS X Yosemite and iOS 8—yes, including our awesome new Safari and in-app extension — will be free for current owners.

1Password is arguably the best iOS/OS X password manager and it’s refreshing to see a premium Apple developer refrain from charging users for an iOS 8 update.

Many developers took opportunity to charge for their iOS 7-focused updates, which isn’t that surprising given iOS 7 introduced a major facelift requiring a lot of work to bring apps in line with its new aesthetics.

1Password (Touch ID integration 001)

1Password for iOS 8 will take full advantage of Touch ID integration and employ other extensibility features Apple has made available to developers.

A recently released video preview (see below) shows off how other apps can implement support for Touch ID-enabled 1Password, making it easy for apps like Pinterest to authenticate people using their 1Password data.

Apple already provides Touch ID APIs so how’s this different?

In a nutshell, if you manage all your usernames and passwords in 1Password, your favorite app will be able to authenticate you via 1Password — and with a touch of the Home button — provided its developer has elected to implement AgileBits’ 1Password extension. Currently, you have to manually copy and paste passwords from 1Password into other apps and websites.

As AgileBits explained in another blog post, apps can’t really suck any of your 1Password data so. no — Pinterest won’t be able to ask for your PayPal password, for example. And speaking of PayPal, their iOS 8 update will integrate with Touch ID, too.


More importantly, no app can trick users into entering their 1Password Master Password into something that isn’t 1Password so rest assured that all your private data stored inside your 1Password vault will remain secure.

Download 1Password in the Mac App Store for $34.99.

The universal App Store edition will run you $9.99.

This is a limited-time discount so better act now before the prices go up again.

  • Will 1Password support iCloud Drive?

    • Ian Leon

      ^^^ I want to know this

      • The iOS 8 app will be a free update so I’d assume the Yosemite app would be free too (although they could probably charge money if they wanted to)…

      • Emily Richard

        Doesn’t even work on Chrome. And it doesn’t work on apps

      • Ian Leon

        You’re repeating me?

      • WilliamNearToronto

        Don’t know where you got that idea. Works just fine in Chrome.

    • solai


  • mrmaster198

    seems kind of a large waste of money with iCloud keychain now becoming more integrated and used by many more developers.

    • Matt Taylor

      Completely agree

    • Kind of agree, but 1Password does much more than that. For example, I use it to store my credit card numbers, driver license info, passport, social security card, etc. Keychain can’t do that.

      • Ian Leon

        and Keychain can’t even integrate into apps like 1 Password right?

      • Jack Wong

        Moreover, I have been using 1Password for… at least… 6 years I believe.

        I did the upgrade/purchase this time, because of the finger print unlock/access.

    • WilliamNearToronto

      iCloud Keychain is great if it does what you need but 1Password does a whole lot more. It’s like comparing a Honda Civic to a BMW M5. Both good vehicles bud definitely not the same.

  • Mitch W.

    If I understand what is happening correctly, Apple is about to release with iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite a Built-in Password Management Solution that will basically make 1Password obsolete. I believe this might explain the generosity of this developer. That said, 1Password is a fine password management solution.

    • Jason Baroni

      You got the point. My point of view of this app now is the same as before: it is still a great password management interface. Now, with iOS8, the devs will show us the real use we should ever had, like Safari integration and stuff. It’s really worth it.

    • andyr354

      Unless you are cross platform like many of us.

      • Mitch W.

        Correct. But I purchased my first iPhone in 2007, my first Mac in 2009, and got rid of my last physical Windows machine three months ago…


      • andyr354

        Gotta use windows at work. Windows 8 is really solid though, coming from a network admin here, just install classic shell and kill the start screen!

      • Decio Arruda

        From a music producer stand point it’s doesn’t have logic and Ableton which is the current most used DAW is better on the MAC because it can use both types of plugins (VST and AU)

      • Bianca Irisa

        But it’s way more expensive to have top machine with Apple. I had many Macs before and a simple MacBook costs much more than a windows machine that you can build your self and that will be much better the MacBook. And if you are a producer I don’t see the problem of using an in DAW solution like the VST, standalone are more towards life performers… I know it’s good to have many options but money is money and depending on how much you can invest building with windows is always a good alternative.

      • Decio Arruda

        AU plugins are better than VST ones. And the only DAW that works like logic is Ableton and with the price difference if both DAWs I can get a Mac which helps. Specially when performing live with laptops because they’re really reliable and stable. I’ve had really bad experiences eith windows laptops and I use MacBooks for a reason. Plus, I’ve got a thunderbolt SSD which is so fast and really helps keep all my stuff.

      • Bianca Irisa

        I understand what you are saying, but in that case it’s not only production like you made it look the first time, I have to agree that for live performace MacBooks are more reliable, but they don’t beat the performace of a computer you can build to stay in studio. I bought Abelton Live Suite two years ago and I can download and install in Mac or a Windows, I don’t need two licenses. Also I don’t see the need for thunderbolt since you won’t use even 40% of it’s pipe, normally that technology is better for people that handle a lot of data, using an usb3 or FireWire 800 will do you good the same with an SSD, actually if you had an older MacBook you could even add an second SSD in the optical drive place and that would be even more beneficial in a portable setup for live preformances.

      • Decio Arruda

        Sorry but I once again have to disagree. I don’t always like to be at home to do music. Sometimes I like to go to a coffee shop or McDonald’s just to freshen up and a dedicated studio machine would suck because I would have to install plugins in various destinations and have to have a copy of everything on a separate hard drive. Plus, I find everybody’s different in their “creative process” and I just can’t make music not on logic

      • Bianca Irisa

        I get it, I was just trying to say that for a lot of people that still needs a lot of more power than just a MacBook Pro, windows is a good alternative, a cheaper one, Apple makes good products but the prices are stupid in almost every product. In the other hand in terms of laptops the high end laps when windows aren’t far in price to the MacBooks that’s why in my opinion in that area is still a better option to get a Mac, if you manly work at home/office a desktop machine will always be cheaper with windows. In your case is different of course. By the way did you produce anything I may know about ? Anything released and a big labels or with too artists? Or you’re just starting ?

      • Decio Arruda

        Been doing it for 2 years and I’m invested in it. And somethings, Windows just can’t do.I’m used to logic so much there’s no going anywhere else, FL Studio is good but it’s not as capable and Ableton is amazing but I just can’t use it.

    • thomas

      Apple’s solution isn’t as good as 1password from my knowledge.

    • Ian Leon

      But 1Password has better integration inside apps than iCloud Keychain

    • WilliamNearToronto

      Apple provide a solution for logging into web sites. That’s it. And one that is much less featured and flexible compared to 1Password. 1Password also does a whole lot more and will do even more with iOS 8.

  • Linton Findlay

    i use a combination of chrome and icloud for my passwords, if i need to generate random passwords id probably use that though

  • Samir

    Ok. Can anyone tell me how the hell I’m supposed to view my photos on my phone through my Mac running Yosemite with this iCloud Photo Library??

    • Short answer: You don’t! Photos for Yosemite is in development and slated for some point next year. Until then you can’t.

      Long answer: You may be able to view them through iPhoto (although this may be buggy on Yosemite since it is no longer being developed – I couldn’t get it to enable iCloud). You also may be able to view photo streams that are shared via iCloud if you have a photostream published to iCloud in which case you can just put the URL into Safari and view the photos this way.

  • john diaz

    This is a great product, but its too overpriced, about time they start doing something generous.

    • BooBee

      Agreed, 1Password is WAY over priced. They tried to sell me on the idea that I can use 1Password on multiple devices for one fee which is correct if all the devices use my Apple ID I can install my own purchases. Unfortunately I have my wife, teenage son & myself using a PW manager along with 3 computers so that would mean a purchase for each mobile device plus the volume license for the computers. I’d be out easily $150 just on initial installs, never mind the idea that I may get charged for iOS 9 or 10 upgrades. LastPass is still cheaper at $12/year and for $150 I could pre-pay for almost 12 years!

      • You can activate the license on multiple computers. Although it’s only supposed to be for one system I don’t think they strictly enforce their license and have no problem with you installing 1Password on multiple computers in your own home. Hopefully they’ll also enable Family Sharing for iOS…

  • GoMAD4

    Password box is free for up to 25 passwords. So underrated

  • Captain Canada

    This is redundant, Apple finally releases TouchID APIs and these guys want to build proprietary APIs on top while not differentiating from Apple’s own solution whatsoever. Not to mention other password managers just using Apple’s APIs alone, what they’ll offer is cool but won’t be unique. They just happen to be the first to demo it.

    • Quick question: Do you trust Apple with your passwords? I have no idea if it’s possible for Apple to decrypt the passwords but the Government might be able to with enough computing power and a court order to obtain the data.

      1Password to my knowledge is more secure than the iOS keychain.

      • Decio Arruda

        Most people don’t care if the government is looking or not… Unless there’s some guy in the NSA that really just wants to screw up a relationship I’ve got, I’m cool.

      • It’s a sad, sad, reality that many people hold this view regarding mass surveillance. According to Snowden the NSA passes around nude photographs like there’s no tomorrow, doing so with a lack of respect for the person photographed and this is just a photograph. Imagine what they’d do with passwords and documents and data…

      • Decio Arruda

        Yeah… But the most messed up thing of all is them spying on other countries and governments.

  • parviz

    its very expensive still.
    we cant buy it.

    • thomas

      I know, I wish apple would just integrate their own password management. with touch id that is

  • Ian Leon

    Why doesn’t iCloud Keychain already have this kind of integration in iOS 8

  • Decio Arruda

    $34.99 for this? WTF, I really don’t know how it’s worth the price

    • IcyStorm

      Personally, I value 1Password very highly. Cross-platform and its feature set is fantastic. Plus, I control where the data is stored, as opposed to having to trust a third party (Apple or LastPass or whoever) with it.

    • WilliamNearToronto

      You might if you had used it. If you’re concerned about security and convenience, you might want to go take a look at their web site to see all that it does.

  • Siddharth Desai

    I’ll remember my passwords, no thanks. Still over priced.

    • WilliamNearToronto

      I wish I had your memory. Since i started using 1Password, I only need t remember 2 passwords and that’s hard enough: 1Password and iCloud. Okay 3 if you count the one for my Mac, but you get the point. For every other online account, and I have dozens, I have unique 20 character random strings created by 1Password. And if any of those sites get compromised, 1Password tells me and I know to change my password for that site. And it stores my software serial numbers, all my ID and credit cards, and anything else that needs to be securely stored.

      As to cost, I suppose it depends on your situation. If you’ve got a family, you can buy through the Mac App Store share it either by using the new family sharing feature or by entering the same AppleID for the App Store on all the devices.

      So, I think I get good value for my money with 1Password. It may not be right for you, but that doesn’t mean it’s over priced.

      FYI – I’m not connected with the makers of 1Password in any way except as a very satisfied customer.