itunes productivity apps

Apple is highlighting a number of popular productivity apps in its App Store right now, which have recently seen significant discounts. The promo can be found in the iTunes Store, under a special new section entitled “Amazing Productivity Apps Limited-Time Prices.”

Here you’ll find several top tier apps like Fantastical 2,which has made our Top Calendar Apps list multiple times, for bottom tier prices. There’s also Clear To Do List, Notablity, 1Password and many more. We’ve put together a list of the apps and their discounts below…

To view the entire section on your own computer or device, click here. Keep in mind that these prices are here for a limited time only, and there’s no word on when they’ll go back to normal. So if you see an application or two you want, be sure to grab it before it’s too late.

Looking for an even better deal? Autodesk’s SketchBook Mobile and SketchBook Pro are both free right now.

  • Ian Leon

    will we have to pay for 1Password again once the iOS 8 version comes out?

    • Ian Leon

      Im kinda proud I already have most of them lol

    • Melvco

      It sounds like it’s going to be free.

      • Ian Leon

        Good because I want that Touch ID integration

  • Andrew Roth

    Scanner Pro is listed but not actually on sale.

    • Ian Leon

      Still worth it … It’s the best

      • udovoodoo

        Seconded. Worth every penny.

    • Bogdan

      It seems that it is now.

  • Well thats’s sale:
    Scanner Pro by Readdle – $6.99 (normally $6.99)