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Since the dawn of the App Store, developers have been creating new ways for us to visually enjoy a music-listening experience. Apple’s stock Music app may sound good, but it lacks the flare and beauty that third-party developers have been able to capitalize on.

Blend Music Player is one of those apps that looks good, sounds good, and offers a number of features that go above and beyond Apple’s Music app…

The music player user interface is easy to access and the background uses the popular blur look that is so popular these days. You can either blur the current album art, or choose from eight background images. You can even customize the app with a photo from your iPhone’s camera roll.

The app includes automatic lyric detection. Double tap on the album art to flip it over and see the lyrics for the current song. If the app can’t find the lyrics, you can add them yourself by tapping the “Edit” button in the upper right corner of the window.

Blend Music Player 3

The customizable equalizer makes it easy for you to switch between 27 different presets or adjust the levels manually by dragging one of the decibel bars up or down. You can even assign a preset to each song. Once you’ve set the EQ once, you’ll never have to go back and adjust it again.

Blend Music Player 2

You can listen to an album in order, play music randomly, or listen to playlists right inside the app. Tap a song to see it, then tap the plus (+) button to add it to the “Up Next” list. You can view the Up Next list to see what songs are on the list and even see how long the playlist will last.

My favorite feature is the visualizer. Not many music player apps come with the screen saver style visualizer feature. I know it’s silly, but I love watching sound move around on the screen in a visual capacity. You can choose from 12 different colors so you have something for every mood.

In the settings section you can customize the music library filters, turn on iCloud so you can stream music from iTunes Match, connect to Myo (a motion sensor accessory), and more.

Blend Music Player is available for $0.99. Download it in the App Store.

The app’s developer was generous enough to give us a handful of download codes for Blend Music Player. If you like it, rate it.

Blend Music Player 4

  • Dan Alexander

    Ahh I love it. Definitely replacing my music app.

  • Andrew

    Turn this into a Cydia tweak and i wont even hesitate to buy it. Not really about completely changing music apps when the stock ios one works fine for me.

  • regkilla

    all codes redeemed.

  • MHCsk

    I tried it and it works good, exept- the equalizer is just messed. It noticably lowers quality of the song playing. I tried playing the same song in Blend and in the stock music app and Blend sounds noticably worse. Hope this gets fixed.

    • There is a huge update rolling out soon with HUGE features, and many bug fixes! But i didn’t say anything, shhh (;

      • Guest

        So i tried restarting the phone and it seems the problem has gone away, although it still persists, when i change equalizers… whatever, I anyway use the predefined one. So with a little help from Winterboard this replaces my stock music app 🙂

      • MHCsk

        Damn you Disqus, why have you uploaded the image 4 times and then not deleted my comment?

      • Gotta love jailbreak(;

    • Mr_Russ1an

      I am sorry this is happening to you. Could you please contact us via email in the app support settings? We have never experienced lower quality audio with this app.

  • Neil Sardesai

    The logo looks almost exactly like the bing logo.

    • Kurtiz

      If Bing was a big yellow rectangle, then yes.

  • Darren

    I use Ecoute, but I may have to give this a shot at some point and see which I like better. I’m just not sure I wanna spend the $1 for it 😛 lol

    • I’m sure you will find that Blend Music Player has many more features, and more are coming in the next update!

    • NaSty

      Im switching between Smart Player and Ecoute at the moment, both use the stock equalizer (which is good imo), both have ‘Up Next’ feature, but Smart Player’s is kinda broken. The only bad thing about Ecoute at the moment is that it plays a different song when clicking a track you want. So clicking Radioactive would play another song that i may have clicked before, like Survival.

      Thats the only bad things about Ecoute at the moment imo, bad enough to make me switch between music player apps

  • Anmol Malhotra

    Can someone tell me from where it gets a lyrics? Will it be able to detect Hindi lyrics? Like MusicXMatch?

    • Most lyrics are powered by azlyrics.

      • Anmol Malhotra

        Ok thanks.. Please consider adding lyricsmasti . c o m
        It has all the hindi movie songs lyrics.. rest is yours choice…
        If you can provide me with that feature I’m in 😉

      • Mohammad Ridwan

        Add support for synchronized lyrics like MiniLyrics.

  • Kerry Payne

    Def hAs some potential. Couple things I’d like to see is the equalizers bring a bit more smoothness to the music, especially the bass setting. I’d also like to see the ability to continue playback while in game apps.

    • Your suggestions have been considered! thank you very much!

  • Scott

    Keeps repeating my artists for me (sent a bug report)

    • Thank you for the bug report! Our team will take a look at it, and it will get fixed in the next update.

  • steewy01

    Lovely app. I was using listen and i might keep blend. All features are cool. The only thing that really annoys me is the fact that it’s not link to the main music app. When i plug my phone into mu car the music plays and starts a random song, if i open the stock app or listen he shows the same song, but when i open blend he doesnt show the same song, so i have to look for my song and hit play and then it plays. So the app isnt link to the stock app shame. Its an other player that runs seperatly.
    Appart from that its great

    • A tip for you: turn on the “Show all music” switch. That will link the players. We may add a separate switch that links the players in an upcoming update.

  • Derik Stroisch

    i like how the developer of this app have been reading the comments people are leaving and resonding to some. shows that they or he (not sure how many people developed this app) are committed to making it the best they can.

    • We are a very transparent and open group of developers. We want to hear what everyone has to say and work with our customers to create the best music experience on the App Store.

      • Derik Stroisch

        well i just downloaded it and will be sure to try it out and leave a review for you in the app store when i get a chance.

      • Enjoy!

  • sepehr

    this app dont have gestr control ? for example swipe up for volume up or swipe right for next song…
    its very important for us.

    • Mr_Russ1an

      The app supports swiping left and right on the artwork to change the songs but not swiping up and down to change the volume.

      • sepehr

        could you please add this function in next update?

      • Mr_Russ1an

        Yes we will add it.

      • sepehr

        many thanks.

    • Gesture control for next and previous songs is there. Our team forgot to mention that. Sorry for the inconvenience.

  • JN

    Beautiful interface but the equalizer is crap. I’m in to sound quality regardless of the interface. Try SonicMax Pro or Audyssey.

    • Mr_Russ1an

      We will work on the equalizer. Thank you for the feedback. We just don’t have enough money to buy expensive headphones so we never noticed the sound quality was poor.

  • Virain

    How should i get the code ?

  • T. Shakur

    Do the songs come from icloud stock ipod player or file sharing?

    • Mr_Russ1an

      iCloud and stock iPod player. In the future we plan to add file sharing.