Following our post on how to switch between Mavericks and Yosemite, iDownloadBlog reader Jack Stean took the script we featured and turned it into a full-fledged Mac application that sits in OS X’s status bar. RebootToHDD does everything we explained in our tutorial, but without the hassle of copying and pasting script…

The point of the application, besides quickly switching between OSs installed on various partitions, is to remain simple and out of the way. A tiny icon resides in your status bar, only releasing a drop-down menu when you invoke it. There isn’t a dock icon to worry about, and the status bar icon is hardly noticeable next to the default collection.

RebootToHDD adds a set of hotkeys that can be used as an even faster way of rebooting while the program is running. Each partition is assigned its own hotkey, a recipe of Command+Shift+the first letter of each partition’s name. In other words, users quickly can boot into a partition called “Yosemite” by pressing Command+Shift+Y from anywhere in the OS while RebootToHDD is running.


In future updates, the developer plans to add support for booting into Windows using EFI. As it stands, most users will be able to use RebootToHDD with their Windows BootCamp partition now – this will just be an update for a specialized boot method. Stean also intends to add a secure method of allowing the user to store his or her administrative password to prevent the need to re-enter it upon each reboot. The application has been tested on OS X Yosemite.

RebootToHDD is completely free, unobtrusive, and convenient. It’s a great, hassle-free way to boot into the partition of your choice without having to worry about holding down the Option key on boot. You can download it by visiting its page on the developer’s website.

Let us know what you think about RebootToHDD in the comments! As always, if you have a script or application you’d like us to take a look at, send it to, and we might feature it.

  • andyr354

    I have my Mavericks partition encrypted and don’t mount it in Yosemite so the app does not see it. Seems like a good idea otherwise. I can use it on the Mavericks side to boot to Yosemite easier at least.
    Unless the developer has a fix for my usage.

  • Daniel Clayton

    Doesn’t work

  • Osama Muhammed

    I really wanted this, I hoped for something to background boot and quick switch to it, then kill the other running partitions

    • I don’t think that’s possible. As far as I know you can’t just load an operating system like that and need to reboot entirely. The only way to do what you’re asking would be to run the partition in something like Paralells or VirtualBox…

  • Abdl

    Nah i’ll pass on this!!

    …coz i installed Yosemite the day Public Beta was rolled out and arrrgghh!! I couldnt spend another minute than i already did,honestly Yosemite looks so ugly IMO,…i mean that long iOS7-like battery indicator! Wow! Seriously Ive??

    Thanks but Mavericks looks more solid for a computer operating system!

    • samball sam

      I’m actually using it as my main right now. I’m totally blown away by the look. Then again, I migrated from windows. 😉

    • Franck Kamayou

      Mavericks looks better on Retina display than on non retina displays

  • Willieszn

    So this does indeed work with mavericks os and windows os on separate partitions?

    • Jakob Se.

      Yes. The app recognizes Windows BootCamp partitions.

  • Jakob Se.

    Its always asking me for my account password (admin account) before rebooting. Is there someway to stop asking me and give the app ‘life-long’ permission?

  • Elton

    Please add support for Retina Display…

  • DogeCoin

    refind works too….

  • Guest

    Great idea! Please add consider adding to these options to your app:
    1) ability to embed our password in a pref. Some of us don’t care about the security concern and would prefer a confirmation dialog in place of a password prompt
    2) List all Apple_HFS disks even if they are not mounted. I have my other partition set not to mount on login since I don’t use it frequently and it just clutters my sidebar and desktop. FYI you will have to mount the partition before you can bless it.