5s dream ad

Apple tonight posted a new iPhone 5s commercial to its YouTube channel. The ad is entitled ‘Dreams,’ and it depicts the popular handset being used to aid professionals and hobbyists in a variety of different fields.

Set to the tune of “When I Grow Up,” by Jennifer O’Connor, the spot aims to show that the iPhone can be used for a lot more than just texting and playing games. It features firefighters, healthcare workers, and more…


The clip seems in line with Apple’s other recent 5s ads, showcasing various third-party apps and accessories. It even ends with what is apparently the company’s new favorite tagline  “You’re more powerful than you think.”

What do you think of the new advert?

  • محمود الخميسي

    I think apple’s 5s ads are great so far. I liked all apps and accessories used in this ads and the previous ones which show us how apple’s apps are really meant for life. Does anyone know the name of the app that translate from English to Mexico I guess?! The one used in this ad.

    • R4

      They usually put the apps on the AppStore HomePage.

    • Dennis Cimmino

      Mexico is not a language; it’s Spanish. And I thought Asians were intelligent.

      • Matt
      • Omar Al-Bazergan

        *And I thought Asians were intelligent the guy want Asian he was Arabic! haha not everyone is perfect in everything.

      • Dennis Cimmino

        “the guy want Asian?” Want Asian to what? And Arabs are from the continent of Asia correct (most at least) making him Asian.

      • Omar Al-Bazergan

        Not Exactly some are asian and some are from Africa *Egypt

      • Omar Al-Bazergan

        or he could be a emirate

      • Dennis Cimmino

        UAE is on the Arabian Peninsula = the continent of Asia.

      • Dennis Cimmino

        Just give up before you display more if your ignorance. LOOK AT A MAP!!!

      • Dennis Cimmino

        Exactly y I wrote (most at least).

    • andy

      They are, that’s why apple is the best but they can sometimes be a lack at things.

  • Umut Bilgiç

    These adds are very good and professional. I like them a lot. But I think there should be something new. An add campaign more humorous and catchy.

    • Chris


    • Andy

      I always wanted to know what the Apple staff use. You know, like Tim Cook, Philip Schiller, Jony Ive, Craig Federighi, Eddy Cue and Greg Joswick. An ad for each one would be fun.

      • Umut Bilgiç

        Oh yeah! Imagine how awesome and community-friendly that would be!

    • Sachin

      ads? haha

  • Sokrates

    great ad.

  • KingKon_NL

    What I like about Apple’s ads is that they don’t pay any attention to their competitors but instead show you what you can do with your iPhone. Where Samsung and Microsoft for some reason have to poke fun at iPhone users and ridicule them for using an (according to them) inferiour product, Apple just goes it’s own way and makes it seem like they simply don’t exist.

    That’s what we need. Companies that don’t bully people into buying their products, but simply carve their own path and let you decide by inspiring you. That’s probably something that companies like Samsung or Microsoft will never understand, and that’s why they’ll always be in second or third place.

    • Sofakingstepwit

      I’m with you actually, but do you remember the “I’m a Mac, I’m a PC” ad campaign? Apple is not above those types of ads either. I do like the new, mature, focus on their own products campaign they’ve got going now.

      • Rowan09

        That was smart marketing but it was desperation times to educate people about the differences. I didn’t mind Samsung doing it to gain traction either but once you made your name it should stop. Samsung didn’t learn this yet.

      • Guest

        Who are you to decide when it should stop? Apple didn’t stop until Windows 7 landed and they went a different route with the iPad.

      • xSeriouSx

        That was after 60+ of those “I’m a Mac and I’m a PC” commercials, yet Samsung has made just around 30 and got @Rowan09:disqus impotently raging.

      • Rowan09

        Raging dude I don’t really care. It’s idiotic to make commercial moking potential customers, attack the product.

      • Rowan09

        I’m a person with an opinion and obviously it’s not working out well for them. I owned PCs during the Windows and Mac ads which attacked the product and not customers like Samsung is doing. I care less if they continue, but I wouldn’t give anyone’s product free advertising.

      • xSeriouSx

        Right, it’s smart when Apple does it and bullying when others do…typical.

      • daniel rivera

        the i´m a mac ads ran from 2006 to 2009. they stopped 5 years ago and when they ran the mac was not very popular so it was a bold move from apple to show there was an alternative besides windows.
        those ads attacked the product (PC´s) but most of samsung ads attack the user and that´s one of the main problem with those ads.
        I´m not saying samsung or any other company is not allowed to do the same, but having so much diversity in their features, why do they feel the need to keep comparing their cellphones with a (in their minds) a lesser product.
        People don´t want to know how their smartphone beats their friends smartphones, they want to know new ways to use all their amazing features.

      • xSeriouSx

        Guess they stopped ’cause they didn’t find it helping them anymore. Samsung finds that it’s still helping them in some way, otherwise, they’ll proudly stop just like Apple did 5 years ago.

        but most of samsung ads attack the user and that´s one of the main problem with those ads.

        *Most of the ones iDB posts attack Apple users. Look outside iDB and you’ll see that only 1/4 (or even less) of the ads they make are targeting competitor users.

        People don´t want to know how their smartphone beats their friends smartphones,

        *You don’t want to know. Teenagers do it every now and then, especially when they get a new phone, which sadly happens every 1-2 years.

        , they want to know new ways to use all their amazing features.

        They also want to know that, and Samsung makes loads of ads for those, iDB just doesn’t post them ’cause they’re not Apple related. I think iDB should really start stating in every competitor ad article “Don’t forget they have many other non-bashing ads on their YouTube channel“, if they have no intentions of turning iDB readers into mindless haters…I doubt Christian doesn’t have that intention.

      • daniel rivera

        i read a lot of tech sites and most of the ads they show are this type, so this is my bad, but i´ve seen more of this fights over who is better than whom by tech fanatics trying to prove ¨their¨ company is better, but in the general public i haven´t seen it that much. maybe times have changed but when i was a teen i was showing off, but it was about that i some gadget could do, not trying to prove it was better than… and if i could help other friend to make his gadget do the same i would.
        i really liked the new focus feature the galaxy s5 has, and i think their ad should be more focused in things like that, not comparing them to other smartphone but show the uniqueness of their device.

      • Rowan09

        No it’s bullying just stupid in my opinion. Why would the number 1 seller of cellphones pay attention to number 2 so much? It’s bad advertising when you include a competitors product in your ads almost every time.

      • KingKon_NL

        You are correct, but I think there is a difference in making fun of the PC in general and making iPhone users look like idiots that should switch to Samsung phones (like Samsung does in their ads).

        The thing that annoys me is that they keep doing it; specifically targeting Apple products, not Nokia, not Microsoft or any other Android-based phone manufacturers. Why would I want to switch to a manufacturer that thinks I’m an idiot just because I don’t use their products?
        It’s just a very bad marketing tactic imho.

      • xSeriouSx

        I think making fun of the OS running on PCs and their hardware (like in the case of the power charger) is just as harmful as making fun of the OS running on iDevices and their hardware (like Samsung does). Just turns out iDevices come from only one company, whereas PCs come from multiple companies, who’s fault is that?

      • KingKon_NL

        I think you misunderstood my comment. What I’m saying is there is a significant difference between targeting specific products (ie saying iPhones are crap) and targeting users of specific products (ie saying iPhone users are idiots).

        There is nothing wrong with competition in general, but the way Samsung (and of course other companies, but let’s take that company as an example) does it adresses you as a consumer directly.
        Why not make a commercial to highlight the best features of their phones without insulting iPhone users?

      • xSeriouSx

        They already have dozens of those that show various features (check out their Samsung Mobile YouTube channel). iDB authors just don’t bother stating that in their articles about Samsung ads (no need to post the video, just state that it’s there), and they only link to videos of ads that compare to Apple products (that I can understand on an Apple-related news site)….

      • Rowan09

        Make fun of the product not the customers. Why should I buy a Galaxy because it’s better than the iPhone and? Samsung need to stop focusing on Apple and just let customers know what makes them the best (android is Google not Samsung).

      • xSeriouSx

        They’ll stop when they find it doesn’t help them anymore, just like Apple did. For now, they’ve not gotten to that conclusion, and I don’t mind that. Also, they’re already letting customers know what makes them the best via dozens of other ads, iDB just doesn’t post them.

      • Rowan09

        I watch TV I don’t need IDB to post Samsung videos. It makes no sense putting the competitors product in your video while making fun of your potential customers. Samsung can keep doing what ever they want I really don’t care much, it’s just bad advertising in my opinion.

  • Aadish

    Could you list all the apps showcased in the ad?

  • Does anyone have a list… what’s app that used on this Ads?

  • Great adds

  • toortoor

    I don’t like this ad, most of the apps are basic apps found in other brand app stores easily,
    maybe that was the purpose with this ad “let’s do it easy, let’s go back to basics”,
    but that is against everything apple has done so far (to provide/show/pretend uniqueness)
    imagine you don’t have apple or you are hesitating, one look at this ad and there is nothing unique about it, there is nothing to say it’s worth coming over.
    (it’s not even hard to find apps that do the same in other systems)

    • Vincivin

      you can’t be serious, right?

    • I think the point is to show what the 5s can do and show how it is “more powerful than you think”. People like you and me know what the iPhone can and can’t do. These types of ads are to pitch the iPhone to people that don’t know what the iPhone can do. It’s not about showing uniqueness or personality it’s about saying “hey look at all this awesome stuff you can do with the iPhone 5s”

  • James Arthur

    apple is good!!! i can’t wait the iPhone next generation…I think it’ll be the best smarthphone..:)

    • Chetan

      Yes every new iPhone is always best smartphone till date 😀

  • n0ahcruz3

    Apps and more apps zombie apps.. How about showing how long the phone last or how resistant it is from water damage or dust.Oh wait..

    • mlee19841

      I see.

  • Muhammad !

    I had no I idea I could do that with my iPhone !!!