Walking Dead Season 2 teaser

IGN has named Telltale Game’s ‘The Walking Dead: Season 2′ it’s Free Game of the Month for August. We named the game one of our ‘Apps of the Week’ for the iPhone and iPad back in March, and it normally retails for $4.99.

For those unfamiliar with the title, this is season 2 of Telltale’s smash hit The Walking Dead, which is based on the dark comic book series. And it follows the story of Clementine, a young girl orphaned by the undead apocalypse…

The Walking Dead 2

Here’s a brief overview of the storyline:

The sequel to 2012’s Game of the Year continues the story of Clementine, a young girl orphaned by the undead apocalypse. Left to fend for herself, she has been forced to learn how to survive in an unforgiving world. But what can an ordinary child do to stay alive when the living can be just as bad – and sometimes worse – than the dead?

Experience what it’s like to play as Clementine, meet new survivors, explore new locations and make gruesome decisions in this five-part game series of choice and consequence.

Just like its predecessor, The Walking Dead: Season 2 is told across multiple episodes. Episode 1 is included in this month’s deal, but after that you’ll pay $4.99 per episode (unless you opt for the 2-5 multipack, which runs $14.99).

And here is your cinematic teaser trailer:

Telltale describes The Walking Dead as an ‘interactive adventure,’ prioritizing cinematic storytelling over gameplay. With its sharp graphics and award-winning script, the game has been a hit across consoles, PCs and mobile devices.

Even if games like this aren’t normally your cup of tea, I recommend grabbing it. Plus, it’s really hard to argue with free. If you’re interested, head on over to IGN’s website and grab a promotion code. The offer is available in 44 countries.

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  • Sachin

    Not available in my country. *sigh*

    • Genie


    • Thiago Vaccaro

      For those having problem with the region issue. Download TunnelBear, create a account, download the license, enable VPN for USA, and try to download the IGN App of the month. It is 100% trustable. Cheers!

  • Cyber Mode

    Sorry, this promotion is not available in your country.
    Please send me a code plz

    • Gekikara


  • Okhoo

    Was actually about to buy it…just have to buy the rest of the episodes then

    • Why do they make you do this? I don’t get it! I bought the game on Steam and can play it on OS X or Winblows and don’t have to pay for any of the episodes…

      • Okhoo

        Maybe cus they put the full price on steam??? And I think it’s because each episode takes “a lot” of space and maybe Apple doesn’t want a 5GB app on the AppStore.

      • Andy

        I’m just curious, do you say “Winblows” in real life? Windows is still the main OS used by several people at home and work. Of course, you may very well live and work in an environment that only use Macs. But if you look out the window (no pun intended), chances are most of the people out on the street probably use Windows.

        Also if you dislike Windows so much, why do you feel the need to mention it? One can assume that if a game is available on OS X, it’s also available on Windows anyway.

      • No I don’t say Winblows in real life. I was just poking fun at the OS (childish I know). Kind of relevant if you look at the recent market share for Windows 8 though, it actually decreased! Plus China won’t even let the OS be used on government computers so clearly they think it really blows…

      • Andy

        That’s true; most people are still running Windows 7, hopefully Windows 9 next year won’t be the disaster that was 8/8.1. But China not running an OS made by an American company (Microsoft) has nothing to do with the Windows OS itself though. Heck, a lot of countries are hesitant to use telecommunications equipment from Chinese firm, Huawei.

  • Lol

    Maybe we can play GTA V and The last of Us on the iPhone 9.

    • Andy

      The Last of Us is a Sony exclusive. That’s like saying Microsoft’s Halo will come out for iPhone.

  • Core

    Hell yes. I knew IGN was gonna come with this eventually. I got TWD 1
    TWD 2
    All for free.

  • Eni

    Can someone give me a code pls?

    • Max Disturbing

      here you go ♥ 🙂 =


      • Eni

        lol thank you

      • Max Disturbing

        lol Np enjoy hehe ^^

  • Andy

    Free codes for everyone (please comment which code you’ve redeemed):

    • GabonMx

      Thanks man, i use this EEN44TM4EN6J

    • Julio M.

      Thanks man! I redeemed the 8th code

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    • felixtaf

      YTW9EHXYNM99. Thanks @disqus_KJIPZ3FZZn:disqus. You saved me some time!

    • Virain

      Thanx Buddy…..i used 1st one

    • Virain

      Thanx buddy can u please post some more codes ?

  • jack

    can anyone give me a code please.. loved TWD1…

    • sam


  • Adriano Henrique

    Can someone give me a code?

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  • romeodesigns

    It still shows 4.99 in Canada also. BS

  • Virain

    can someone give me a code ?

    • D3juan1

      Still need a code?

    • D3juan1


      • Virain Garg

        Thanx buddy

  • Virain Garg

    Here are some codes…

  • Amulek Tagpuno

    is it not available in the philippines ? .. its still 4.99 .. not free … how do i make it free?

    • Virain

      U must have US apple id or any other in which this promo is available,if its showing 4.99 then it means this promo is not available there.

    • D3juan1

      You have to open the App Store then scroll all the way to the bottom and you’ll see “redeem” press that and then enter the code and there you go

  • Noe padilla

    Code pls