dark room

This is a heads up for all of you gamers looking to try out something new this weekend. Developer Amirali Rajan has discounted his chart-topping RPG title ‘A Dark Room‘ down to $0 for a limited time, as he prepares to launch its upcoming prequel.

For those who haven’t played the game before, it’s a little tough to explain. There’s just a single screenshot of it in the App Store, and almost no backstory. It’s text-based, with some RPG elements—it’s one of those things you have to see for yourself…

This is usually where we offer an overview of a game’s storyline, and some of its features, but again Rajan provides none of that. Upon launching ‘A Dark Room,’ players are thrust into action with no instructions. ‘awake. head throbbing. vision blurry.’

From here you begin making choices of what your character’s next action will be. Each decision impacts what happens next in the story, and you are given more options the deeper you go. There are no graphics. At all. It has a very early-PC feel to it.

Here’s a video walkthrough, but I don’t recommend watching it before trying the game:

Even if you’re not a fan of this type of game, I recommend checking it out. With a 4.5 star rating, on nearly 14,000 reviews, there has to be something to it. Plus it’s normally $4. If you’re interested, you can find A Dark Room in the App Store for free.

Thanks Ares!

  • Framboogle

    I don’t need it… but since it’s free I’ll download it anyways

  • Even if you’re not a fan of this type of game

    Even if I’m not a fan free, is free (except with in-app-purchases) and free is always good (except with in-app-purchases)…

  • Ian Leon

    what would i do without you guys

  • David Gitman

    well its free :DD

  • Eni

    out of topic: I am having problems with pangu jailbreak. i just restored my phone and not having intentions to jailbreak until #Evand3rs release a tool. i had many problems with pangu, even if i had just 5 tweaks installed my phone was going crazy, loud speaker problems, i had to reboot my phone for them to work properly. ear speaker problems also. lockscreen problems etc. but the most terryfying was cydia crashing. i restored and rejailbroke again, the same thing hapened again. does anyone else had those problems too?

    • arvindb02

      Are you restoring from back up? And what device?

      • Eni

        No, did not restored from backup. iPhone 5s

  • Christian Mejía

    This game was confusing from the first second I started playing

  • Anthony

    Can’t turn down free stuff lol

  • Dimitrios Pandioras

    Thanks for the heads up iDB! Looks like an interesting app.

  • asdlb4

    Well, that was a waste of 5 minutes…