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QuickFolders is an upcoming jailbreak tweak that will allow users to launch apps contained in folders using a single tap and hold gesture. The tweak, which should be hitting Cydia any day now, will also allow users to venture into nested folders, switch folder pages, and exit folders all in one motion.

We’ve gotten our hands on a preview build of QuickFolders and have put it through its paces. While it isn’t quite as stable as it’ll hopefully be when the tweak officially launches, the potential is undeniable. Have a look at our full video walkthrough after the break for more information.

After installing QuickFolders, you can head over to the stock Settings app to find the tweak’s preferences. There, you’ll see a kill-switch toggle, and an options panel containing additional settings.

The basic functionality of QuickFolders goes a little something like this: tap and hold on a folder, and continue holding as it opens. Navigate your finger over the app icon that you wish to launch, and then release. The app will launch—all within one single motion.QuickFolders can also open nested folders using the same methodology. It can even switch pages or exit folders in the same way.

QuickFolders 01

The preferences for QuickFolders allow you to adjust the time delay for actions like launching and closing folders. You can even assign actions for single-tapping, double-tapping, and swiping on folders. These actions consists of the ability to invoke wiggle mode, launch a specific app from within the folder, etc.

One of the big selling points for QuickFolders is the ability  to quickly deep dive into groups of nested folders. This works fairly well from my testing, and results in the ability to get deep into a nested folder structure in extremely quick fashion. Unfortunately—and I found this to be odd—QuickFolders requires a separate jailbreak tweak, such as FolderEnhancer, to add nested folder abilities to iOS.

QuickFolders 02

QuickFolders is a tweak that’s still being actively developed as we speak, although the developer insists that it should be available on Cydia at any time now. During my testing, I ran into several bugs and glitches—things typical of a 1.0 release or a beta release. I also found that the swiping gestures didn’t work reliably, if at all. I’m not sure how the initial Cydia release will fair, but you may want to keep your ear to the street in order to see how the tweak stacks up after its release.

You’ll be able to purchase QuickFolders for $0.99 once it hits Cydia. This is a tweak that has tons of potential; I’m just hoping that the bugs and glitches can be stamped out in short order.

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  • This looks pretty interesting.

  • Dan

    interesting idea, but imo I’d rather just click on my folders the old fashioned way. I wouldn’t pay .99 for this since I’d most likely not use it even if it was free

    • Adam

      same this isn’t saving me anytime just a lift of the finger

  • CS

    I don’t get the point of nested folders to begin with, but that’s just me. It does sound like it will have potential for others. Glitches are the #1 reason I won’t install a cydia package – that is a must to fix!

  • Hak

    The only folder I have is for games, so this isn’t very useful for me. The gestures to open apps in the folders are nice though. Any more than .99c I won’t recommend/buy.

  • How do you have folders inside a folder? Anyone?

    • Matthew Cleveland

      FolderEnhancer. Maybe watch the video or read the article next time?

      • I read it dipshit, Im talking about having the capability without installing any tweaks. There was a way to do that, but I can’t find it.

      • Framboogle

        No need to be rude

      • Matthew Cleveland

        You should have stated that in your original comment then.

      • disqusted

        Lol! I love unexpected reactive hostility. That amused me incredibly… because I’m a simpleton, likely.

  • JayDee917

    My first thought when I read the title was that you would tap+hold down a folder and it would launch a favorite app within that folder. Maybe someone should create that app. Maybe even double tap a folder for your second favorite app. Not sure if this is possible through activator or not, but it seems like it would be more useful than this.

    • It looks like this does have an option to do that. Double tap and the first app in the folder will open.

    • disqusted

      With the newest version of Activator you can make a trigger for swiping U/D/L/R on an icon and then chose your action… which could be a favorite app but it wouldn’t be context sensitive to the contents of that folder. I could just be overlooking ways though because Activator can do anything, especially with the latest release and all the new added features.