Episode 67: Activator gets a massive update and brings a ton of new features to the table.

To celebrate, the crew talks about some of the ways that they use this jailbreak staple.

Other tweaks covered include Mikoto, Scrub Radio, and Smart Search.


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  • Chocolatewe

    I love it <3333333

  • Just a thought regarding live streaming but why not simply use YouTube? YouTube supports live streaming and has many apps to live stream and also has comments. Using YouTube would also allow you to put stuff on-screen such as links, images, etc…

  • Merman123

    I would love iDB forums. <3

  • Merman123

    Sorry for double post, but I think the tweak Jeff was taking about pertaining to allowing you to scrub iTunes Radio as a side feature was Auxo’s media controls :).

  • Alberto Espinal

    Auxo 2 does the itunes radio scrubing