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Technology has really pushed its way into our lives these past few years, moving beyond smartphones to fitness, and even sleep-tracking accessories. FitBit’s Flex, Jawbone’s UP and several other wearables are able to record and analyze your sleep patterns.

But the new ‘Sense,’ from Hello promises to do much more than that. In addition to tracking your sleep behavior, that glowing ball you see in the photo above has the ability to monitor things like noise and temperature, and can even play ambient sounds…


The Sense package is made up of the Sense itself, the Sleep Pill and mobile software. The Sense is sphere-like, and meant to be placed on your nightstand for monitoring, the Pill is a sensor that clips invisibly to your pillow, and the apps bring it all together.

With its combination of sleep-tracking and environment monitoring, the Sense can tell you if you sleep better at 72 degrees than you do at 75 degrees, or how often the garbage man wakes you up. It can even play white and pink noise if you’re feeling restless.

The system is rounded out with Sense’s Smart Alarm, which it says can stop you from feeling groggy in the morning. The Sleep Pill tells Sense when you begin to naturally stir, a signal that you’re ready to wake up, and if it’s close to your alarm time, it’ll wake you.

Of course, there are similar products that offer some of these features, but nothing that offers all of them in one beautiful package like this. If you’re interested, head on over to Sense’s Kickstarter page, where it’s already blown way past its $100,000 goal.

  • mwpitt52

    People are getting obsessed with sleep tracking. What are you going to do tell the garbage man to come back when you not sleeping?

    • Chetan

      LOL it should be able to message him.. New found need 😛

  • Dan

    For 99$ I’ll just buy some rhum and fall asleep the old fashioned way.

    Seriously though, all these gimicky sleep tracking products , imo it makes people more paranoid and prone to have difficulty falling asleep.

  • Tony Trenkle Jr.

    Wonder if it can be used as a golden snitch for Quidditch…lol

  • Straw hat

    Lol this reminds me of that product you reviewed about a year ago called Mutator. I searched a bit on that and lol i heard the person scammed them, everybody in the comment was flipping out lool.