iPhone 6 back part (Evasi0nJailbreak 001)

We’re supposedly less than two months away from Apple’s assumed iPhone 6 launch in September so little wonder that genuine-looking components continue leaking out of dorm rooms and factories left and right in China.

In collaboration with Evasi0nJailbreak.com and FreeAppLife, jailbreak tutorial writer Tanner Marsh claims to have received an alleged back housing part, in gold, of a 4.7-inch iPhone 6 from one of Apple’s suppliers in China and he has a video up to prove it.

Of course, we’ve thus far seen our fair share of various components though this particular leak seemingly corroborates that a pre-production version of the handset may indeed rock the somewhat controversial antenna breaks at the top and the bottom. Jump past the fold to give it a quick watch and join us in comments…

The footage offers a comparison between the current gold-colored iPhone 5s design and this purported pre-production back assembly enclosure believed to belong to a 4.7-inch iPhone 6 variant.

As this isn’t a final production part, it lacks Apple’s polish and shininess so that’s why you don’t see the “iPhone” text or the Apple logo on the back.

iPhone 6 back part (Evasi0nJailbreak 002)

Notice the curious design details such as the relocated power/sleep button, a redesigned volume rocker and speaker grille, a round-shaped flash cutout and more.

Key takeaways: there’s (again) that cut-out for an Apple logo inlay (will it glow?) and we (again) get exposed to those unsightly antenna breaks on the back.

Here it is.

Standard caveats apply: we can’t vouch for the veracity of this footage nor can we confirm the legitimacy of the parts shown in the video. Again, not much to be gleaned from the footage in terms of new facts.

Stay tuned as Marsh is planning on releasing another video that will highlight additional aspects of the device, including detailed measurements, an analysis of the cutout for the Apple logo, a closer look at the flash module and more.

Lux iPhone 6 (image 001)

If you’re tired of waiting for the handset, how about an iPhone 6 covered in platinum and diamonds?

Pictured above and below, you can now preorder a 4.7-inch Lux 128GB iPhone 6 by Brikk in as much as fourteen different styles, starting at $4,495.

Lux iPhone 6 (image 002)

Prices go all the way up to a whopping $8,795 for a version with 24K yellow gold with diamonds. It’d be cool to own one of these beauties, but I have a mortgage to pay.

iPhone 6 back part images via Evasi0nJailbrak.com.

  • Jayy

    I’m getting the all black, its time for an upgrade i’m still rocking the iPhone 4.

    I know this isn’t the right post to ask this question but, are there any alternatives to GridLock 2.0 because that tweak causes my phone to go into safemode when I try and move an app on my springboard. Thank you in advanced!

    • Nex

      It could be that your iPhone 4 couldn’t handle it. If I recall, it started out with iOS 4.0 and went all the way to iOS 7.1.2. (IMO I think Apple shouldn’t have made the 4 compatible with iOS 7) If it is on iOS 7 then it is very laggy, and with a jailbreak, even worse. It could be, again, that GL 2.0 is too much for the 4 making it to crash. You should definitely get the 6 after 4 years with the 4.

      • Jayy

        Yeah I’m jailbroken under iOS 7. And it’s actually not laggy at all. Gridlock is the only tweak I’m having issues with, everything else runs fine!

        And yes I’ll be getting the 6, this iPhone 4 isn’t doing it for me anymore and it’s only 8gb

      • Nex

        Yeah good choice

      • Dan

        Gridlock 2 puts me in safemode as well, running 7.1.1 on iPhone 5S

      • Jayy

        Oh okay, well I guess that’s good to know it’s not just because I’m running it on a iPhone 4

      • Dan

        Nah just hasn’t been updated. Cydia states it as incompatible

      • leart

        I had a ip4 8gb first in 2012, its not exactly 4 years old, the first 8gb come out with iphone 4s
        I currently own a 4 8gb but is the 2012 version on 6.1.3 and is very fast but im getting the 6 the same due to bigger screen

      • Actually the very first iPhone was 4, 8, or 16GB

      • leart

        Your so wrong…..
        I wrote that i “HAD” the first iphone 4 with 8gb of memory. Is the apple strategy, when a new model come out, the old one is still aviable but in lower memory so users are pushed to the new expensive model. You know something about iPhones or just posting random comments

      • I misunderstood what you were saying, I thought you were saying the first 8GB iPhone was the 4S. But on the picture it even shows the 3GS having 8GB, furthermore the first iPhone(2G) also had 8GB capacity

      • nonchalont

        Yeah def upgrading from my i4. It’s just a 3GS (tad faster with retina). For people that have i4, does your messages app crash if u have it open and receive a text? Mine does that.

      • Jayy

        Mine doesn’t crash on messages!

      • leart

        Nah it has double processorramgraphic and retina display

      • Tikimaker

        HomescreenDesigner may work for you. It is a bit different than Gridlock but you can achieve the same screen design and more.

      • Jayy

        Thank you, I’ll try it out!

  • Daniel Ted Millan

    why couldnt they make the top and bottom of the bands white like the 5s?

  • BoardDWorld

    This is a cheap chinese iPhone 6 knock off part. Just look on Alibaba dot com. Search iPhone 6 screen, click through the results while scrolling down page to view the fitment instructions. You can see all the internals of the copy iPhone 6. & they look just like the leaked parts incl batteries and cables etc. In actual fact all the casings are likely just knock offs. I haven’t seen a single convincing iPhone 6 back panel to date.

    • My thoughts exactly. No disrespect to the guy that made the video and no disrespect to the website either but do they seriously think they’d get the inside scoop on the iPhone 6 before other websites such as 9to5Mac, MacRumors, etc…

    • If you look at all the parts that have been leaked like the charging dock power and volume buttons and even the board they all line up with the inside of this housing. The outside may not be final but there are a lot of detail in this case that cheap Chinese knock off phones wont even bother with. The cut out apple being at the top of the list. Keep in mind we have seen this case months ago and the newly released logic board photos one of the boards line up hole for hole. You may not want it to be real but the facts are all there…

  • Matt

    The hideous antenna breaks.
    It’s like Ive has run out of ideas.

    • If the antenna breaks are actually going to be like that it’s only due to necessity. I don’t think Ive has a choice. Chances are he has numerous beautiful designs only for engineering to turn them down and say “No way, we can’t have this otherwise we’ll have another antennagate on our hands”.

      • Matt

        Well, they could have put glass on the top and the bottom just like the 5s and made the thing look great instead of tacky looking white stripes.

    • sosarozay300

      well if this is real, he has to have the antenna bands for reception / maybe apple is trying to win the race for the most metal on a phone againsts HTC

    • Maxim∑

      If the engineering team tells Ive we no longer need this much plastic for radio transparency then why would Apple keep an unnecessary amount of plastic on the phone? Its either those thin bands or one black circle on the back like the iPods.

      People called the Gold iPhone hideous and I remember everyone said the two bands on the iPhone 5 looked bad. Then it came out..

  • R4

    I bet all these leaks are just of an alpha version of the device used for testing. Apple can do a better job than that when it comes to designing.

    • Really a better job? Just because you don’t like it doesn’t mean its not good looking. Hours went in to design and if this is final they prefer it looks better then what you had in mind lol.

      • R4

        I didn’t say it was bad, but a lot of people (on reddit) didn’t like this design.

      • Then you shouldn’t say they could do better. You have no idea what goes into the final design of things. If this is final, to Apple its no less than perfect.

      • A’s Network

        You must be a fanboy.

      • I said perfect to Apple not to me. They think very highly about everything they do. I am not really a big fan of this design but I’m not gonna say they could do better because they may in fact love it.

      • A’s Network

        They might like it but some users might not, and all R4 is doing is saying the opinion of those users who might not like it, so you should not have a problem with that.

      • No he said clearly they could do better. Based on his opinion it looks awful.

      • A’s Network

        And his opinion matters to you because?

      • Because they posted it.

      • A’s Network

        Just because he posted it doesn’t mean you attack him. Think before you post and put down someone.

      • I didnt attack them at all. Just stated they shouldn’t say they could do better.

      • A’s Network

        You kinda did by the way you were talking. So please, just stop.

      • I really did not but thanks for showing how much I hurt your feelings I apologize for that, and to R4 if you felt as though i attacked you with my words.

  • I just want to see the space gray model I’m sick of seeing the Gold and White backs. I’m curious of the final antenna design though, we haven’t seen a authentic looking photo of the thinner lines yet..

    • JayDee917

      It could be possible the antenna lines are going to be as thick as these. It’s hideous, but it’s starting to look likely this is the final design.

      • I’m starting to think the same. I didn’t like it much at first but it has grown on me a little. Honestly as long as it has iOS 8 and has a bigger screen I’m not gonna care much how it looks because I’ll most likely have a case on it in the end.

  • john diaz

    That apple cut out logo will probably feature a colorful LED light. Hopefully

    • No it will be like the Apple logo on the iPad Air and iPad Mini 2(Retina Display. You can see in some photos it has the metal inserted already, it was not clear plastic. If you can look at the First iPad mini and compare to the second generation the logo is a separate metallic piece.

  • Thiago Vaccaro

    I really, really, really, really, REALLY hate this antenna thing in these units. Hope Apple doesn’t put it on the final deal.

  • dedegarrido

    I think that the apple cut out logo will be the place where they are going to place the NFC; because it wouldn’t work on a metal surface, so they needed to cut it out.

  • 정연승

    I just don’t understand….. If that housing is real, why would Apple throw away what they innovated, the dual flash, in the next model?

    • If you closely you can see the the diameter of circle is longer than that of the iPhone 5 thus making it easier to fit the two LED’s for ‘TrueTone Flash to be inside.

  • A’s Network

    The iPhone 5 looked a lot more luxurious… I wish they would still have that 2 toned glass design but it looks unlikely.

    • True the chrome rings around the camera and the LED Flash looked awesome on the 5 right, not sure why the 5S did away with them. It is a bit of a step backward if you asked me. Hopefully these new phones get them back. Hopefully the square in the home button as well. Classic!

  • whatsa2

    Its quite possibly the most hideous iphone to date…
    what were they thinking? Ooh let make the edges look like a suppository.
    Its quite possibly the most sterile non-descript design I have ever seen.

    dont get me wrong 4&5 were nice and well thought out.

  • hellion

    maybe ive thinks he’s a pinstriping artist?

  • Hyr3m

    Sooooo….. can I puke yet ?

  • AirJonn

    I’ll become fanboy if Apple actually shows this super ugly thing in the presentation as the new iPhone and be like “Oh no wait its not, look at those antennas!! Hah you didnt thought..? Here comes the real deal…” This just cant be it…