John Legere (Uncarrier 001)

“Leaving my office last week, I pulled alongside a bus covered with yet another ad for AT&T’s ‘Best-Ever Pricing’ for families,” writes T-Mobile USA’s outspoken CEO John Legere in a blog post Monday.

As is his wont, Legere couldn’t resist offering a scathing critique of AT&T’s family plan, calling it “funny” because “their deal is no deal at all” compared to the pricing of T-Mobile’s Simple Choice Family Plan.

Regardless, Legere went on to announce a new competitive offering which will be launching later this month to give a family of four a total of ten gigabytes of high-speed LTE data (2.5GB each) in exchange for a cool hundred bucks per month. By comparison, AT&T’s “Best-Ever Pricing” offers four lines for $160…

As a bonus, T-Mobile’s family plan comes with the usual Uncarrier perks such as unlimited talk, text, free international data and unlimited music streaming.

The CEO lays out the math:

AT&T’s “Best-Ever Pricing” four lines for $160 vs four lines for $100 with T-Mobile—with unlimited talk, text, and data plus up to 10 GB of LTE data on our data-strong network. Plus, their “Best-Ever” deal comes with a boatload of crap – domestic overages, international roaming fees, hidden device subsidy costs, and on and on.

The $60 difference between AT&T’s and T-Mobile’s family plan translates into a $1,440 savings over the course of a two-year contract.

They even put together a handy comparison chart, seen below.

T-Mobile (family plan comparison)

T-Mobile’s new family plan is set to launch on July 30, valid until 2016.

According to 9to5Mac, Apple Stores right before the launch of the iPhone 6 this Fall will let customers purchase iPhones through major U.S. carriers’ early upgrade programs, including AT&T Next, Verizon Edge and T-Mobile Jump.

Currently, customers who want to upgrade their phones more frequently by taking advantage of these early upgrade programs have to deal directly with their carrier.

Apple’s brick-and-mortar and online stores in the United States offer customers the choice between purchasing the device with a new two-year contract at subsidized pricing, or buying an iPhone unlocked at full price.

What do you think?

Is T-Mobile’s $100 for 10GB of LTE data shared by four people a good deal?

  • Al

    Smh… AT&T your turn..

    • Der Faust

      yep……t-mo is really shaking it up a bit 🙂

      • Jack Wong

        Now the Tmobile has remind me… just like the Nokia 8290, the first sim card phone in US.

        I am with at&t and that plan from the chart… I feel like I am getting a rip off…

  • Jason Sims

    No thanks I use 7gb each month and the wife uses about 2gb. Can’t do that on the tmobile plan.

    • Der Faust

      ?….the plan is for 10 gb?……7+2=9?…. that would leave you with 1 gb?…. not trying to be snooty but am i missing something?……not to mention t-mo doesn’t charge overage fees 🙂

      • De Yu

        the 10gb is shared among 4 lines with each line having 2.5gb. That’s why this deal is not a deal for Jason.

      • Der Faust

        ah….i need to learn to read 😛 :)… ty for clearing that up 🙂

      • Jason Sims

        Exactly I would be throttled like crazy! If it wasn’t limited to 2.5 per line I would jump on it.

      • It’s unlimited data, and it just falls back to 3G after 2.5.

      • Rowan09

        No one wants a LTE phone working on Edge, it doesn’t default to 3G. T-mobile still has an Edge network which they need to get rid off.

      • Jack Wong

        But… I read that for 2lines with Tmobile, it is just $80/month, same thing to the at&t, with 2 smartphones, it is $130/month.

        EDIT: nevermind, so tmobile limited 2.5GB per line?! I though the data is in the pool.

    • Solowalker

      What is it you use that much data for? If it’s for streaming music (other than iTunes Match) then you could. Streaming from Pandora, iTunes Radio, Spotify, Beats, and others don’t count against your data bucket now. For most people that 2.5 GB is suddenly more than enough for social media and texting, a fair number of photos, and the occasional YouTube video.

      • Jason Sims

        I’ve been on tmobiles data before when I’ve been throttled and it’s slower than edge for me. I use my data for streaming video Netflix and hbo

  • Rasesh Shah

    i am rocking everything unlimited for $55 a month on Rogers (one of the best in Canada) with an iPhone 5

  • Framboogle

    I love how T-Mobile is disrupting the system, which is forcing other carriers to change, which makes us happy.

    • Franck Kamayou

      They are not, they are just good at rewording things.

      • Please kindly elaborate on what the catch is in this initiative? As far as I can tell, this is a dream deal, especially for those that bring their own device.

      • Brian Stokes

        Fine print on the press release: “Offer ends 9/30/14. Pricing for 4 lines only 2.5 GB data per line/month until 1/2/16; then 1GB data per line.”

        It is not new pricing, just a temporary marketing gimmick.

      • Right, sneaky bastards, thanks for pointing that out

  • Der Faust

    now if t-mo’s network was anywhere near att’s then they might have something :)…. as a former t-mo customer, i discovered i didn’t have data almost anywhere except maybe while in-town. voice calls were very spotty(most conversations over 10 min would get dropped).. the data was so bad that i couldn’t use their service to geocache or use maps when i really need them…. so you may get a good “deal” from t-mo, but prepare for your battery to last even less…I’m not kidding… phone would be at 60% by 9am(because the phone was having to kick into overdrive to keep reception)…..back on att i make the whole day with 30%-40% battery left (way better signal too)…. some may have better performance with t-mo, but the majority of the people i speak to(i travel all over the country) have the same complaints that i did. t-mo is a great company with awesome ideas, but the network is just awful right now except maybe in major major cities.

    also be prepared for your phone to not work in more places… may pay more for att, but you get what you pay for 🙂

    • Der Faust

      i should add that your milage may vary :)….. good luck to ya 🙂

    • Jacob S

      I have same experience as you do with T-Mobile. But I am glad for T-Mobile as because of them we have att shared plan at affordable price with unlimited international text included (comparison chart above is not accurate).

  • Michael Romano

    Can you use this plan and still qualify for the EIP (equipment installment plan). I’ve been told mixed things by T-Mobile reps in the past. Previously I was told that the $100/month 4 line Simple Choice Plan required you to buy all phones up front. And you couldn’t pay them off over 2 years using the EIP. I thought that was just for the Simple Choice Plan’s without credit checks.

  • Efrain Franco

    I used up 32gigs this month alone on tmobile I love tmobile no problems yet I pay 120 for two lines

    • nsfw

      curious what you are watching to stream 32GB a month? Would be very hard to do with music.
      we watch some mlb on the weekend and stream music on the commute and don’t go over 4GB.

      • Efrain Franco

        I download movies and watch tv episodes and download comics apps netflix. Comes out to a lot actually.

  • Steven Honey

    i just switched over from AT&T’s grandfathered unlimited plan to T-Mobile’s truly unlimited plan and i love it. I haven’t had any problems with coverage “YET”. I don’t travel much. In Waco Texas. i know i will eventually have coverage problems because T-mobile’s coverage isn’t anywhere near AT&T, but with the help of customers like me switching and just dealing with those little hiccups for a while till t-mobile gets enough revenue in to upgrade and get to AT&T’s level…maybe it will wake up big companies like AT&T and then they will actually have to try to provide what the customers really want.

  • Hendo27

    I love that they threw sprint in the mix. I guess I never realized how horrible their plans are. I use At&t and dont see myself switching due to At&t having far superior coverage. That being said I LOVE to see T- Mobile coming out with deals like this. It should give others such as At&t incentive to come up with better plans.

  • Mike

    All AT&T folks…FYI…the current family plan you may be on…like I am…with the 10GB shared data…is not really a plan…but a limited discount. if you upgrade any divide on your plan you will lose the $25 credit you are currently getting per line. This is what happened to me last week when I upgraded my daughters eligible phone from an old iPhone 4 to a 5c. It was past the 2 year contract and the only way around losing this discount and to keep your existing price plan is to buy your device outright. I have upgraded all of my devices in our family for the past several years since the iPhone came out…always selecting to keep my existing plan and even have the documents which show that option. But…as you must take a new 2 year agreement…you lose the previous agreements discount…as it is just a DISCOUNT…as explained to me by AT&T over the phone when I had 2 hour argument with the folks who told me my only option was to return the device and go back to the iPhone 4 in order not to have my plan raised the $25. Just so you are all aware…its how they will push you to use “NEXT” the new plan they offer. I have no need to upgrade my children’s phone or even my phone every year…I usually do every other and get a new iPhone each time…but now…I have to go back to $40 per smart device…no thank AT&T…glad folks reviews of T-Mobile in my area have been very good from my reviews and people I know.

    • Mike

      It should be noted or starred next to AT&T’s plan that it is only $160 until you upgrade…unless you plan to stay on one device forever you will eventually be paying $260 for 4 devices and not $160.

  • Bugs Bunnay

    omg 160? and that’s a deal?? and overages apply??? holy cow

  • Tanner Covington

    Unfortunately, you only get the 10 gigs of lte for 16 months. Then it drops down to 4 gigs leaving 1 gig per line. It’s still definitely worth it for those 16 months though!!

  • At

    That’s a steal, I’ll wait for AT&T to do the same rather than switching. So far they have followed each price drop to match tmobile.

    • Blip dude

      Somehow I get the feeling that may actually follow the Music streaming deal. AT&T can do that, and I won’t longer debate whether to switch.

      • White Michael Jackson

        that would be awesome. they already have that subscription with beats music

  • Valinor

    Bragging mode on: I live in The Netherlands, got myself a great deal 1,5 years back.

    Vodafone: 500 minutes, unlimited calling to people who also have vodafone, unlimited messages, 11gb 4G unlimited data (speed decreases to 64kb/s when inuse more then 11gb, still no extra charges)
    All for 25 euros!!!!!! I’ll be keeping this contract for the rest of my life :p

  • gittlopctbi

    I appreciate T-Mobile for forcing all carriers to be competitive. But I did not like their coverage. I do not regret paying Verizon for the coverage I get.

  • Franck Kamayou

    $100 + about $20 per device… we go to about $180 per month… T-Mobile is very tricky in their marketing.

    • That’s if you go on a contract. If you bring your own device, you don’t pay that $20 fee…

      • Franck Kamayou

        But if you buy your own device, you are spending $650 instead of $200, and that’s a $400 difference, now, reinject that into 2 years monthly, we are back to $20 dollars a month.

      • Oh, that’s if you’re one those people who have a reason to be buying a new phone every year. I’m still using and enjoying my jailbroken iPhone 4s on iOS 6, and thus far, haven’t had enough reasons to consider any newer iPhone. In fact, I’m never ever going to buy another phone on contract, nor spend over $350 on an off-contract SmartPhone again after seeing the OnePlus One.

      • Franck Kamayou

        But then again, a $350 dollars phone off contract, will cost you $0 with a contract, so that’s $350 that you reinject over 2 years….

        also your iPhone 4S will break sooner or later… and finally when you are doing these type of analysis, you don’t look at just yourself but just the majority of what people do.

      • But then again, a $350 dollars phone off contract, will cost you $0 with a contract

        Uhm, do you even know of the significance of the OnePlus One? Long story short; it’s the Galaxy S5 priced right. Show me a Galaxy S5 or iPhone 5S available on contract for free without any stupidly outrageous monthly pricing.

        Regardless, point of this conversation was that T-Mobile’s offering is great savings for those who bring their own device.

        also your iPhone 4S will break sooner or later

        I’m counting on it; the loud speaker went off on me (http://bit ly/1k92vx5) during some call, due to some time-bomb Apple put in it. Contacted Apple and had some rep lie to me that I need to update to the latest (and slowest) OS to get it fixed…total capitalism. Got it fixed for $10…until it goes off on me again.

        and finally when you are doing these type of analysis, you don’t look at just yourself but just the majority of what people do.

        Right, ’cause the majority buy new phones every year, the majority get screwed up by this plan. Thankfully, I am not, nor are most of my friends/family, of the majority who see the need for a new phone each year and we would benefit a lot from such plan…

      • Franck Kamayou

        What I’m explaining is that most carriers subsidize phones by about $400 over the period of 2 years, assuming that customers will upgrade their devices approximately every 2 years. So if those carriers were selling the OnePlus one phone, it will be offered at $0 with a new contract. Those $400 fees are then recouped in the monthly service plan. T-Mobile just makes that fee now explicit. So bottom line is, AT&T is not much more expensive than T-Mobile, offers a vastly superior coverage and has a much larger customer base.
        OnePlus is a very small company for now so they can’t keep up with the demand that a carrier would have if they contracted with them. Even right now, they are still on an invite system, meaning “they need money from 1 phone to produce 3 more phones”

        Now say you don’t want to upgrade your phone every year or every 2 years and if you don’t want to be in the contract rhythm, AT&T still offers affordable prepaid plans via its prepaid companies that are GoPhone and AIO/new cricket. Even Straight talk and Net10 uses AT&T network, so you still have a good alternative there.

        So in conclusion while T-Mobile has some interesting points and features (Wi-Fi calling, Music streaming etc…) They are just fooling people by looking like they are cheaper but in fact they are not cheaper than AT&T if you buy a phone from them, and they are not cheaper than prepaid carriers if you bring your own phone.

        end of discussion for me.

      • and they are not cheaper than prepaid carriers if you bring your own phone.

        Do prepaid carriers offer the ulimited-everything (including Data) plans for those who bring their own phone? Do they offer international data at no extra charge?
        Bottom line is, hate them or not, T-Mobile is offering a great service that I would really love to have here in Canada at similar pricing. Adios.

  • Jason Masters

    If it’s prepaid then yes if it’s their so called no contract but really a contract then most likely no.

  • The 10GB plan is misleading, it’s really 2.5GB per line.

    Uhm, that’s stated in the plan details, and it’s 10GB of LTE data. If you go over that amount of data, you get throttled to 3G/2G data. That’s significantly better than paying stupidly outrageous fees here in Canada.

    The only major “catch” is you have to use T-Mobile’s network, which is so spotty they advertise WiFi calling as a feature.

    Based on user comments I come across here on iDB, the T-Mobile you’re talking of is not the T-Mobile of today. Some even say that they’re getting coverage with T-Mobile where they didn’t get with AT&T. IMO, the WiFI calling is a bonus on such great service…really wish they’d make their way to Canada.

    …especially when you realize roaming on T-Mobile is usually 2G not 3G.

    Really? When last did you use their service and what was your source of those maps?

    • Franck Kamayou

      You don’t get throttled, you just don’t get data at all.

      • Uhm, what’s your source of that information? Doesn’t match the claim of “unlimited data” on their plans, and I doubt they’ll be risking the great PR they’ve created, with their uncarrier initiative, on such little lie.

  • Understood. Thanks for the well detailed elaboration

  • hebron2000

    its good if its more than 1 year