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Episode 39: Sebastien laments about his ongoing Wi-Fi troubles, Jeff gushes over the greatness that is his new 4K Dell monitor, and Cody talks about his latest deals. The trio talk about three apps that they’d recommend to new iOS users, plus they discuss all of the latest iOS news.

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  • Prathik Nair

    What happened to the intros

    • Muhammad !

      Yeah! They started talking about “Internet Problems” from the beggening with no Intro

  • Jayy

    I know this isn’t the right post to ask this question but, are there any alternatives to GridLock 2.0 because that tweak causes my phone to go into safemode when i try and move an app on my springboard. Thank you in advanced!

  • Merman123

    Isn’t brisk the name of a beverage, Cody ? 😛

  • Rupinder S

    It can be the iphone itself. I had a similar problem back when I had a 5, and it was an internal device problem which is very rare, and thats why i couldn’t find solutions online to it. Might as well just take it in and see.

    • After turning off wifi on my iPhone, I realized that (as far as i can tell) I don’t have wifi drops problems anymore which really make me believe it is the device itself that’s messing up my whole wifi network. I’ll probably take it to Apple before the one year warranty expires.