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It appears that folks using Facebook’s Messenger service will soon have to download the standalone app, or look at other messaging options. Over the next few days, the social network is going to disable messaging from its main iPhone and Android apps.

The move is an attempt to push users over to Facebook Messenger, which the company says will have several benefits. For one it will enable it to streamline the mobile chat experience, and two, Facebook says users respond faster when using Messenger…

TechCrunch has a statement from Facebook:

“In the next few days, we’re continuing to notify more people that if they want to send and receive Facebook messages, they’ll need to download the Messenger app. As we’ve said, our goal is to focus development efforts on making Messenger the best mobile messaging experience possible and avoid the confusion of having separate Facebook mobile messaging experiences. Messenger is used by more than 200 million people every month, and we’ll keep working to make it an even more engaging way to connect with people.” 

Up until now, Facebook users could send and receive messages to other users from both the main Facebook app and Facebook Messenger. Now all you will see are notifications in the main app, which you can tap on to send you to the standalone Messenger app.

Facebook Messenger for iPad

Facebook has already done this in certain parts of Europe, and it says it’s seen positive results thus far. And while it might make sense for the company from an operations standpoint, it’ll be interesting to see what its notoriously-outspoken-userbase thinks.

If you haven’t already downloaded them, you can find the main Facebook app in the App Store for free, and the Facebook Messenger app here for free. Messenger was recently updated with iPad support, instant video, Big Likes, and other improvements.

  • wonderboydave

    good. already doing this. im using paper, will they disable that too on that app?

    • Melvco

      good question

    • Paper doesn’t handle direct messages. You can send messages, but you can’t access your list of conversations or even reply to a message.

      • ARX8

        Not true. Paper can send and receive messages and can also display the messages list. Tapping a convo opens chatheads. It has all the abilities messenger has

      • I thought that was the case. Just thought I was missing something.

  • Peter Cao

    Finally. I’ve always been annoyed getting double notifications from both the stand-alone app and messenger. Does this apply with Facebook Paper?

  • workin

    Hehe FAILbook

    • R4

      Tumblr hasn’t really changed much since it started (apart from the layout and theme). And it only has a few adverts. Dunno what you’re on about.

      • workin

        Figure it out yet. Simple

  • Adan

    FB says it’s ‘seen positive results’. I bet, in mobile ad revenue! There is no convenience to having two separate apps do what one could. Greedy bastards.

    • nazcorp

      I completely agree. This is just bologna fed to us by a company who wants to make more money. I see no point in all those stickers (which they want to sell…), or a point to having to use two apps. I knew it would eventually happen – but I’m extremely ticked off about it. There’s no need to make FB messaging more than it is: glorified email. I use it all the time and not a single moment have I wanted something more out of it. Btw, remember when they took out landscape support? They’ve been preparing for this all along.

  • RuddyN

    I’m not a big fan of this, at all. Why force people to download yet another app in order to send/receive messages? I enjoy using 1 app for browsing newsfeeds and messaging. Makes no sense that I have to open another app, from the same network, in order to message friends. I’d rather just have it all on one app. This will be annoying.

    • Thomas Flores

      I completely agree. i to enjoy just using the one app. i though use paper which i believe to be a much better app and allows me just to use the one app. i hope this change does not come to the paper app. for if it does then i will not be using the messaging app that Facebook is forcing people to use and i will just use iMessage which is also private between two users. Heck since I’m a bite sms user i won’t have to worry about leaving one app to go to another anyways using iMessage

    • nazcorp

      I wonder if Paper is going to replace FB app. Maybe that’s why they created the separate app to begin with. But I would rather have another 100MB of app to include messaging than two icons on my home screen…

    • Personally, in the grand scheme of things, I don’t think opening a new app for messaging is a huge deal. I do agree, however, that it doesn’t exactly make sense. In this day and age, the game is more or less convenience, one-stop-shops, etc. This is quite the opposite.

      But we all know, at the end of the day, FB is a business, and at some point, there has to be some direction for profit or they wouldn’t waste the resources on a secondary app that’s largely unnecessary.

      • Jayy

        When you only have a 8gb iPhone its a big deal when you have to delete 3,4 songs just to download 1 lol but that’s just my personal problem!

  • erkage

    Luckily you can bypass it: tap on install, which redirects you to the appstore, but if you switch back to fb app immediately you can use the built in messaging 🙂

    • Adan

      Hey, great find!

    • leart

      Or just use a previous version

      • onesimpleclik

        Good point. Just use an older version of the Facebook app lol

      • Adan

        My OCD wouldn’t be able to cope with the ever present badge on the appstore icon asking me to update 😉

      • leart

        I don’t really understand what you wrote but if you’re don’t like to see badges on appatore just go to notification centre and uncheck the badge

      • Adan

        And I am not sure why you say you don’t understand what I wrote… I know how to disable the badge, but I don’t want to lose its functionality, letting me know of useful updates.

      • leart

        that’s my choice, no badge, and the longest time I missed a update it was 1 week, no that big deal.. Anyway I still can’t get what you wrote but no problem

      • Adan

        Exactly. YOUR choice.

      • leart

        That’s what i said before

      • Adan

        I have moved on from this issue now, by installing a flex tweak. Problem gone.

      • Skoven

        Or you can use “app update manager” to keep specific apps on a specific version disabling updates for it. this also removes the badge fro the App Store, but only for that app.

      • Adan

        Thank you! That IS helpful 🙂

      • leart

        Nope my main iphone is not jailbroken

  • Matta Fakt

    Great move! I especially enjoy the feature that pesters you to enable all notifications before allowing you to do anything, every single time you use the app. Thanks for repeatedly pointing out that I’m not properly using the app to my liking!

  • Eikast

    Facebook messenger is a great app just for messages but I hate to switch apps when I’m already in the Facebook app. At least on android the bubble will pop out so I think that is what they should do if you have both apps installed, maybe with iOS 8 they could do something like that.

  • Chocolatewe

    Sorry guys but this is news from last month. Get with it..

  • Jonathan

    No. Just. No.
    I’m turning off automatic updates for Facebook.

  • leart

    I quit updating Facebook app from months, im using 6.5 version and is working fine.
    already hate the facebook app can’t imagine using two facebook apps

  • Kentwood

    How lame

  • Felipe Queiroz Drumond

    Great decision. Now everyone will chat using only one app: Whatsapp!

    • Dep

      Whatsapp lied and said Voice Calls were coming in Q2 but it didn’t happen.

  • s0me

    Most facebookers chat in the comments so that everybody is up to date anyway.

  • Christian Mejía

    Wow so angry…

  • Jade Starr™

    This is part if Facebook’s grander plan to move everybody on to the stand alone app and then begin the migration of what’s app into the Facebook message app…

  • ARX8

    I got this FEATURE months ago and I don’t like Facebook forcing messenger on us. They should at least let us message using chatheads while browsing newsfeed

    • thomas

      Facebook paper has chatheads you can use while browsing your feed

      • ARX8

        It’s not the same. On paper, I can’t browse a custom list I made to display the real recent-stories. The feed on Paper is just a bunch of feeds. Even facebook app doesn’t display the recent stories even if you select ‘most recent’

  • sosarozay300

    facebook 9.0 looks and works great :+)

  • thomas

    what the Facebook messenger app needs is a quick reply feature. Hopefully iOS 9 brings quick reply api to the iPhone

    • ARX8

      Or just an Auki or Hermes plugin.
      *iOS 8

  • mwpitt52

    I would not doubt if Facebook is monitoring your messages for advertisement feeds. I closed by account two years ago . Trust me your real friends still keep in contact.

  • jack


  • Adan

    The real and simple reason FailBook is doing this, MONEY. Confirmed by this BBC News article:

  • Truffol

    Facebook is serious when they said they wanted to dominate our smartphone screens with multiple apps…

  • Chetan

    Ohh but I happily deleted it yesterday 😛

  • Damian

    But why?

  • Skoven

    I actually like having FB messages in a separate app. I was however annoyed with this to start with…
    You CAN get the messages back into the Facebook app without having messages installed (Yes, you need to be jailbroken).
    Use Flex 2 (it is a bit pricey (3.99$), but worth it if you ask me – can be used for so many things), and find the Facebook Cloud ‘tweak’ called “No Messenger App Switch” and download/enable it. This will give you the ability to use messages in the FB app (you might have to remove the messages app first). This works on the newest version of the FB app (12.1).

    Also saw a newly released tweak called bluePill, that might be able to do the trick, but i haven’t tried it (1.99$).

  • Nate McKelvie

    I personally think this sucks! I have never even downloaded the messenger app because I don’t want another messaging app, but I occasionally want the ability to send a message to someone so that it’s not posted publicly! A few private messages to other fb users shouldn’t require the use of an entirely different app!!!