Marco Arment’s new podcasting app, Overcast, is undoubtedly a fantastic listening tool. However, if you have been using another podcast app, it may be difficult finding and importing your favorites into Overcast, such as iDB’s Let’s Talk Jailbreak and Let’s Talk iOS. Have no fear, dear reader, as upon finishing this post, you will be hearing the fantastic podcasts (including Jeff’s silky smooth voice) in Overcast.

Let’s Talk iOS

Adding Let’s Talk iOS to your feed in Overcast is quite simple, actually. Upon launching Overcast, tap on the “+” icon at the top right corner. This will take you to the feed additions and suggestions screen.

In reality, there are two ways to add Let’s Talk iOS to your podcast lists, but the simplest way is tap “Search Directory” at the top of the screen and type in “Let’s Talk iOS.”


After tapping the show title, the app will display some more info on the podcast and offer a subscribe button. Simply choosing this option will add Let’s Talk iOS to your feed and begin downloading the latest episode.


Let’s Talk Jailbreak

While Let’s Talk iOS is pretty easy to subscribe to, its cousin Let’s Talk Jailbreak is a little more difficult. Because Let’s Talk Jailbreak is not on iTunes, it won’t display in Overcast quite like other podcasts. However, we at iDB know you need your weekly jailbreak fix, so here is a little work around to listen to the podcast.

First, you’re going to want to copy this link, which is the podcast’s RSS feed. When opening Overcast, click the “+” (similar to the first step in Let’s Talk iOS) and click “Add URL” at the top right. The app should auto-fill the URL into the box, but if not, simply paste it in and hit “Done” on your keyboard.

Note: If you are using a jailbroken device with a third-party keyboard, you may need to switch over to the stock keyboard. I use Fleksy with the Fleksy Enabler tweak and I encountered this problem.

Upon hitting done, you will now begin downloading the first episode of Let’s Talk Jailbreak!

Of course, if you haven’t downloaded Overcast, pick it up in the App Store for free.

  • sharp44MAG .

    How did you get that keyboard? Is it a jailbreak tweak?

    • sharp44MAG .

      Never mind I did not read the post all the way.

  • Eni

    I just restored and re jailbreak again and i’m stuck with that safari in controle center, and it’s interactive, when i click it it opens safari lol. what should i do to get rid of it?

    • Eni

      • This normally only happens when Safari is playing HTML 5 audio streams and should go away…

      • Eni

        It’s all day there

      • Have you tried playing some music? That should clear it…

      • Eni

        Ill try and i let you know. anyway i have another problem, i want to do a fresh ios without restorind from a backup, but in that way i lose all my purchases, and i have to purchase everything from the beginning. Is there another way?

      • Restore the device and setup as a new device. You won’t lost any purchases at all (any purchased via the AppStore or iTunes anyway). If you want to backup and restore specific things then I suggest purchasing the app Pkgbackup from Cydia…

      • Eni

        I did that yesterday but when i got to the appstore and tryed to download an app that i purchased before (mc5) i didnt say dounload but buy :/

      • As long as you’re signed into the account that purchased it tap buy and sign in and Apple should catch their mistake and tell you something along the lines of “You’ve already purchased this, tap ok to download it at no extra cost”

      • Eni

        Ill try to restore again, thanks man, you are helping alot

      • Eni

        i did it thanks, it just wanted to add my correct country. a fresh restore with only the sms 😀

  • Smeltn

    I love Overcast but 1 podcast I listen to 2 times daily has caused me to keep Downcast for now, because I can’t add it to overcast. The Wall Street Journal Tech Podcast. For some reason when I try to add it to Overcast manually like Lets Talk Jailbreak, Overcast says invalid link..

    Anyone know a fix?