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Episode 38: Jeff ditches minimalism, Cody starts coding, and Sebastien ponders the idea of getting a new iMac. We also discuss Apple and IBM’s new partnership, Starbucks ambitious mobile payment plans, and the best email apps for iPad.

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  • Anthony Gilera

    I think one of the reasons why iTunes pass exists is the two kinds of Apple Gift cards. There is the “Apple Store” gift card and the “iTunes/AppStore” gift card.

    I once received an Apple Store gift card and decided that I wanted to use it on splurging in the AppStore. Sadly you cannot use an Apple Store card in the AppStore.

    I tried buying the same amount of iTunes/AppStore credit, but there is a regulation against buying a gift card with a gift card. Also trying to return the card is close impossible since you are the recipient or already have scratched the card.

    Hopefully through iTunes pass, you can buy iTunes credits instead of having an Apple Store card gather dust.