Tips app ios 8

Released earlier today, iOS 8 beta 4 came with a new stock application called Tips, which as its name suggests, is here to share tips about new features to iOS users. So far, the app offers 6 different tips but it does invite users to check back later as apparently it will be updated every week.

As iOS is becoming a more complex operating system, the addition of this app will definitely be welcome by users that are not necessarily tech savvy. While the average iDB reader probably already knows about these tips, most users don’t. This is a good way to ensure that all users are aware of what they can do with their device, brought in a very simple and elegant manner.

Below are the tips shared in this first edition:

Quickly respond to a notification

iOS 8 tip quickly respond

Notify when there’s a reply

iOS 8 tip notify me

Hey, Siri

iOS 8 tip hey siri

Send a spoken message

iOS 8 tip send spoken

Quickly manage your mail

iOS 8 tip manage email

Be in the shot

iOS 8 tip be in shot

While browsing the tips, you are able to “Like” them, which apparently doesn’t do anything. Tips can also be shared via Message, mail, Twitter, or Facebook.

Tips for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch can also be found on the web.

  • justme

    wow! iDB you’re so fast! 🙂

  • is this really needed???

    • abhi0n0nakul

      yes it is needed. not everyone is like us who know all about ios and keep hogging these sites..
      its for them.. and again better so that users know how to use their devices better in an intuitive way..

      • Would have been nicer if it was a shortcut to a panel in settings or something. So we that already know all about iOS could easily get rid of it.

      • abhi0n0nakul

        yeah true but the noob users arent gona open boring settings.. but tips app sure they will see it..
        for us we can hide it inside folders..
        not a concern.

      • Sokrates

        I remember the times when iOS needed no explanation.

      • siddique

        not needed ,
        people can search on google instead of tips app which can take space on hard GB and cant be deleted

      • You are right but there should be an option to hide that app for the veteran iOS devices owners…

    • justme

      Yes. for starters only. maybe many people will switch from Android

    • Leo J. Campos

      If a tip app is needed, then they’re not doing such a great job

      • Rowan09

        Not everyone understands technology. I know some people who still don’t understand where to find the software update option.

    • Jonathan


      Is your comment really needed?

      • Agru

        And here we have the author of the tips app.

      • Jonathan


      • Agru

        The only way I can explain your overreaction to his simple opinion is that you are the author of this app

      • appletimemac


      • Jonathan

        I’m pretty sure a teenager wouldn’t be writing this for Apple.
        *cough cough*

    • Quang

      yes, they are needed.
      Just an example with Mac OS X. My friends saw my dock is hiden and has zooming effect…they were like… thats so awesome, how do you do that?
      I was like…awwww it’s in the setting…it has been there for years already haha

  • A stock app you can’t get rid off without putting it into a folder of jailbreaking. Great! ~_~’

    • justme

      I know, would be great if you’ll have a choice to show in your home screen or just keep it only in a settings tab.

    • Jason Duong

      At least our iPhones aren’t cluttered with bloatware preloaded by our Carriers and such. 😉

      • Andy

        Yup. I’d rather have a Tips app that may be somewhat useful than carrier bloatware that no one ever uses.

      • Well, if we allow this Tips app, where will it end? *doom thinker*

  • abhi0n0nakul

    this is exactly why i trust my parents (or others who dont know much about tech) with iphones..
    i can never give an android to my mother..

  • Tony Trenkle Jr.

    My mom is gonna love this! lol

  • Jonathan

    Great! Now I won’t be called multiple timesa day to help solve a techy issue!

  • Guest

    Notification Center in iOS 8 beta 4 🙂

    • abhi0n0nakul

      is it more stable than beta 3…
      i found b3 to be least stable..

      • jonathanober

        b3 crashed for me all the time. I would download an app in the store, crash. I would be on the phone with someone, crash. I would just be moving the camera slider up to take a photo, crash. I am hoping this is better.

    • Eni

      Controle center*

      • Mohammad Ridwan

        Control* center

    • Cody

      I like your wallpaper. Mind sharing the name or link to download? 🙂

      • Jonathan

        Found it.

      • Cody

        Awesome. Thanks!

      • Jonathan

        You’re welcome. 🙂

    • Spycer0

      you’re polish lol, (me too)

      • Martin Andreas Kruse


  • moksh trehan

    would be good for my dad 😛

  • justme

    hope they’ll add this “Tips app” an update for iPhone 4 maybe on iOS7.1.3 because my mom have one. 🙂

  • Fede777

    Wish it could be optional.

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    • Rowan09

      Get outta here!

    • mahe

      Okay, give me the BMW and then I’ll start…

  • Christophe

    ”As iOS is becoming a more complex operating system” sadly that’s the truth

  • Mr.DnQ

    New Design for Control center…

  • rockdude094

    There is nothing profound in ios 8. I think that I’ll keep my ios 7 jailbreak until ios 8 is exploited.

  • Andrew Roth

    So maybe all those apps that were found still there even though they weren’t announced were real… Maybe we will see Healthbook and iTunes Radio after all…

  • Yujin

    Oh no. Now grandma will start sending pictures and voice messages!!!

  • TechLove

    The menu button is at the bottom… Signal for a bigger iphone? 😮

  • Glorin

    OK.. .this is kinda useful… because I’m the one to remind my friends what they can also do… not only facebook and selfies.

  • leart

    It’s amazing that Apple still refuse to put a locations and 3G toggle on control centre 🙂

  • siddique

    do we really need the tips app? taking space on our GB hard