Ultratext 1

I’m not big on messaging. I don’t do Snapchat. I don’t do Whatsapp. I barely use Twitter DMs. However, I’m a pretty big iMessage user, the messaging platform introduced by Apple along iOS 5 in 2011.

iMessage is great because it allows you to communicate with any iOS user in a very simple way. There is no app to download, no account to create, and no password to remember. Oh, and yes, it works on iPhone, iPad, and Mac too.

While trawling the App Store earlier today, I found Ultratext, a fun app that lets you send GIF messages to your contacts, giving iMessage a little more spice and colors…

The app is pretty straightforward. Type a short message and for each word, choose a font color and a background color. If you feel like it, you can even snap a picture to add in there. When you’re done, the app will quickly create a small animated GIF, which you can then send via iMessage, or to a variety of other services such as Instagram, Whatsapp, Facebook, etc…

Ultratext 2

If you send the GIF to an iMessage user, he will be able to see it exactly as seen below.


Ultratext certainly won’t revolutionize the way we communicate, but at the very least, it’s going to make it a little more fun and colorful.

If you think this is an app you could use, you can download it for free in the App Store.

  • Where did you get the contact icon to appear in the top right?

    • BiteSMS

      • Elias

        I love how you guys respond to comments/questions 🙂

      • I try to reply to the ones I see. I’m sure I’m missing tons though.

      • andy

        Hey Sebastien, I’m wondering if you have a spare time designing a IDOWNLOADBLOG app for us and the community to use as socializing, interactinig among with others and commenting bellowing the articles. If you have a spare significant time, would be kind if you can design a IDOWNLOADBLOG app in the “appstore” I would thank you so much and may pay for the app!!
        thanks for your sincerity.

      • One day. One day.

      • andy

        Awesome ! 😀
        just update me once you publish out your own Idownloadblog, in my opinion since Idownloadblog probably has over 1,000 fans. I reckon the app should be around 1-2 dollars marked price, but maybe since for its first time being around 0.99 would be great.
        You probably could develop the own Idownloadblog to be one of the best technology site there is, so far personally for me, Idownloadblog is probably on so far the top 1st best sources, based on most articles, popular hackers and all, realization. Idownloadblog 10/10.
        I would love to thank all you workers, developers for consuming your great time to write up, code, publish articles, gets peoples interest and news!.

      • Andy

        Not to sound negative, but what advantages would an iDB app provide? You can read the articles, and there would probably be a section for podcasts, maybe even wallpapers, perhaps even push notifications for certain topics you like. But what makes you think it would be worth $1 when all other big players offer such apps free? (ModMyi and Engadget for example)

      • andy

        Well look i don’t know, I don’t know if it should be $1 but maybe less but in the near future once the app becomes its best. Maybe i’m wrong deciding the app marketing price.

  • Cie’th

    I barely know anyone that uses iMessage or text message anymore. Everyone uses whatsapp.

    • It must be a generational thing. None of my friends, as far as I know use Whatsapp. To be fair though, most of them are in their 30s and have iPhones. Like me, I doubt they care about adding another app if iMessage works just fine for them. But again, it’s probably a generational thing (read: I’m old, you’re young 🙂

      • Victor

        I use iMessages and I’m 16 everything else is a waste of time.

      • Marcus

        Yeah same here. I’m 16 as well so I primarily talk to people that are 15-18 and we all just use iMessage/SMS or Facebook Messenger.

      • Ali

        I use both. My cousin(s) overseas have Samsung so it helps in that case.

      • just ignore that ignorant dude , lol
        being able to text across my mac / iPhone / iPad hanged on the fridge are marvellous !

      • Avery Massenburg

        I think Whatsapp is a regional thing. Some areas whatsapp is very popular for some reason. Then here in the states texting and Facebook seems to be the popular messenger with others like Kik being popular when talking to people you don’t wanna give your number out to.

      • Andrew Roth

        I’m 14 but I hate Snapchat, Kik, WhatsApp, etc. :p

      • Cie’th

        Lol. I find it funny how raging mad a lot of people are over a light comment I made. Some of these replies are down right hilarious. I made a comment about myself and it litterally blew up like an atomic bomb on here

      • Jeffrey Feuerstein

        I don’t think you read the comments right. Nobody is ‘raging mad’. Everybody is just saying what’s going on in their countries. You’re obviously overreacting.

        EDIT: Just read that Sebastién deleted some comments so it may be possible that there were some ‘raging mad’ comments.

      • Ron Rainz

        @seb481:disqus I’m not sure if its so much a generational thing, as it is a cultural/regional thing. I’m 30+ myself, and I still use Whatsapp as well as iMessage. In the Middle East (where I currently reside) Whatsapp use is very frequent since Whatsapp was one of the first platforms to introduce free cross-platform texting via the users data plan. In that sense, Whatsapp was the first iMessage, and created the market for such a service. Most if not all of my friends, family and colleagues here use Whatsapp on a more frequent basis than iMessage.

        However, the majority of my friends, family and colleagues who reside in the US and Canada had never heard about Whatsapp until I had recommended it to them a few years back, and some of them still didn’t take to using it until news of its acquisition by Facebook surfaced a while back, and brought it to somewhat mainstream attention. So you see, I believe that it’s not so much a matter of age, as it is a matter of cultural trends.

        I’m not sure exactly how old you are, my friend – but I’m turning 32 this year, and while I still feel somewhat old in certain areas (can’t party as hard as I used to… ;)), It only serves to help me remember words my late grandfather told me, when I was a young boy who wanted to become a grown up: “Don’t be in a hurry to call yourself old, because one day you truly will be. And at that point, you’ll want to remember that you’re only as old as you believe you are”.

        Cheers mate, and keep up the good work.

      • You are completely right. My comment was referring more to the US than the rest of the world. Whatsapp is indeed popular across all ages in other areas of the world, especially Europe and Asia. Thanks for clarifying this up.

      • Jeffrey Feuerstein

        I am 17 and only use Whatsapp too but I found out that every country has another way of texting. People in my country, The Netherlands, young and old use Whatsapp, same as Germany, Belgium, Spain (France?) and a lot of other countries I’m sure. A lot of other countries like The Czech Republic and other eastern-European countries all use only Viber. In America, almost nobody uses Whatsapp/Viber as much as they use iMessage/SMS/BiteSMS. So yeah, I think it doesn’t depend on your age, but on the country you live in:).

    • Brian 

      Dumbest comment ever. “Everyone” does not use Whatsapp. Most people will actually text you (or iMessage) instead of downloading a 3rd party app and create a log in and then add you just to talk to you.

      • Cie’th

        Calm down. When I said everyone I meant in relation to myself as in people that I know. Dumbest comment ever? Maybe you should get out more.

      • therealjjohnson

        Seeing as he started his first sentence talking about himself, im pretty sure the “everyone” was in relation to those he talks to. Not everyone on planet earth lol.

    • lol whatsapp ? you are pathetic! anyone with a tiny bit sense of aesthetic appreciation wouldn’t stand with whatsAPP / we chat .. such abominations for an hour !
      i find it fascinating that people like you are ok with it and are able to look at those so-called messaging app days after days ! you know that whatsapp are only popular in india / thailand 3rd world country right ?

      anything .. path / talk by path / twitter’s Dm/ ping tune music messenger / iMessage anything are better than whatsAPP .. jeez…

      • Litchy

        Sorry but thats simply not true. I live in germany and everyone I know uses WhatsApp. Heck even my mom uses whatsApp to text with friends. We don’t use it because its better than iMessage… we use it because its cross platform and everybody already has it^^

      • Umut Bilgiç

        Stop being an ignorant lil fanboy and try looking at some demographics. A huge percentage of europe used whatsapp. In states, at least in Boston, people I talk to use whatsapp. Sms and imessage is still very popular but that does not mean whatsapp is limited to india..

        By the way. Grow up a little. Just saying “Whatsapp sucks and imessage is the best..jeez..” shows how ignorant you are. Try talking about some facts to build up constructive discussion rather than trolling.

      • guess i am feeding the troll since i am replying to an ignorant fool like YOU , and when did i said anything about iMessage is the best ?

        LOL i bet u are another god damn Fandroid trying to label someone else as an apple sheep as long as they mentioned apple’s asset

        I just want to illustrate I am no fan boy and can actually choose tech devices / apps based on what fits best for MY life. and path / ping tune messenger / iMessage / sound wave / are clearly superior on UI / UX comparing to WHATSAPP .. dude . learn to read

      • therealjjohnson

        How do you start off a comment stating someone is pathetic…and then go on to make pathetic brash generalizations yourself. There’s a lot of irony in that.

      • Yea yea yea keep deflecting ! Classic !

    • Ishaan Malhotra

      Whatsapp is not very popular in all countries. In india everybody uses whatsapp. But i use imessages for all my relatives in the US.

  • Tim Farris

    Remote Messages its better than bite sms

    • WonkieInc

      …you can use both

  • JulianZH


  • Suzy Bae

    this maybe a dumb question but can i send ultratext messages to non-iphone users?

    • Suzy Bae

      i mean will the GIF show properly?

      • R4

        Yeah it will, but you’re gonna get charged for it (it’s like 50p per gif for me). So just use the “create a link” option and sent a link instead.

      • I believe that if the recipient’s device supports animated GIF (that would be pretty much every smartphone out there), then yes, he would see it properly.

  • Shisno

    Technically you need an Apple ID in order to use iMessage if you don’t have a phone number on your phone. 🙂

  • R4

    Oh my god this is the best app ever!


    Good app to support iMessages well perfect for my iMessage contacts….

  • O_O

    Whoa? What happened here? A whole bunch of comments have disappeared?

    • There were a bunch of offensive comments so, yes, I deleted them all.

  • locomambo

    We need this to be a tweak for the iphone. I like it

  • Kilroy672

    I thought this a free app? When I go to launch this it goes through some samples pages then gives me the option to unlock it for .99 cents. So did I miss something in how to use this for a daily use?