iPhone 5 models are pictured on display at an Apple Store in Pasadena, California

On Tuesday, Apple launched a new service in Japan called ‘iTunes Pass.’ The service allows customers to purchase iTunes Store credit from an Apple retail store using Passbook, eliminating the need for physical gift cards and redemption codes.

At the time of launch, it was unclear if Apple intended to roll out iTunes Pass to other countries, or if it was merely just testing the waters for a bigger project. After 24 hours, that question was answered tonight when the service popped up in the US…

Apple has updated the iTunes Gift page on its website to show that iTunes Pass is now available in the US. The company’s Australian site has too been refreshed to show the service has launched, and users in Canada, Germany, and the UK are also seeing it.

iTunes Pass mini site

Customers looking to take advantage of the new service can add an iTunes Pass from within the Passbook app. They’ll then present the Pass at their local Apple retail store, request an amount, and the money will be instantly transferred to their account.

While there isn’t anything groundbreaking about iTunes Pass, it seemingly sets the stage for Apple’s mobile payment system. It’s believed that the company has already begun discussions with retailers to allow customers to make purchases with iPhones.

  • Iz Real Hell


  • NaSty

    So you can request any amount to be put onto the iTunes account? It doesn’t have to be 10, 15, 25 credit?

  • Jason Baroni

    This will be cutting edge technology when it arrives to Brazil. Not gonna happen for a while.

    • Capirexz


  • Ricky

    “Apple Retail Store” does it include authorized apple retail store? Or just apple store?

  • James Gunaca

    That is some terrible translation going on in the image you’ve got there.

    At least Apple has since updated it with this:

    iTunes Pass NEW

    Now you can add money directly to your iTunes or App Store account with iTunes Pass. To get iTunes Pass, go to the iTunes Store on your iOS device, scroll down, and tap the Redeem button. Then go in to any Apple Retail Store3 and let a Specialist know you want to add credit to your account. Open iTunes Pass in Passbook, and have the Specialist scan it and accept your payment. Your balance will be updated and can be used immediately.