Jawbone Up 3.2 for iOS (teaser 001)

Jawbone, the maker of the Up fitness band, wireless Bluetooth headsets and a host of other mobile accessories, today pushed a major update to its iPhone and iPad app.

The refreshed software brings new calorie and nutrition tracking tools, food and restaurant logging, as well as comprehensive weight management features to the popular fitness tracker.

Other enhancements include a new food score and a redesigned food experience with brand new tools such as a dedicated water logger, restaurant menus, common pairings and frequent meals…

Weight management allows you to keep track of what you’re eating both at home and on the go by setting your preferred goals for both weight and calorie intake. The app will then track your progress, weight and calorie balance using easy logging tools for food and water.

Your food library allows for a quick one-tap access to foods you eat frequently. It’s personalized and therefore getting smarter the more you use it.

A new Food Score then takes into account nutritional value of foods you eat to give you an overview of your eating habits. In addition to food logging, the app now lets you log menu items from nearby restaurants that offer nutrition details, powered by FourSquare.

And if your favorite eatery doesn’t offer nutrition details, you can contribute yourself to the menu database by entering nutrition details into the app.

“The UP Insight Engine provides intelligent guidance around your food choices, calorie consumption and weight goals, helping you understand how each of those is related to activity and sleep,” notes a media release.

Key highlights:

  • Weight management: Set goals for weight and calorie intake. Track your progress with easy tools for logging food, weight and calorie balance.
  • Redesigned food experience: Streamlined logging process with new tools like a dedicated water logger, restaurant menus, common pairings and frequent meals.
  • Food score: An easy metric that indicates the healthiness of a dish with one simple number.

Jawbone Up is a free download in the App Store.

iOS 6.0 or later is required.

  • UP Band is terrible. I went through 4 of them within a 9 month period because they all died on me. It got to the point where their Support didn’t even question it, they would just have something sent next day. Terrible product.

    • disqusted

      Original UP or UP24? The original models had all kinds of problems. Plus you had to sync with a cable and all kinds of crap; the new one uses low power Bluetooth. I’ve had an UP24 for like a year now or something like that and it has not given me any problems. Plus it integrates with IFTTT and Automatic, so… yeah. I have heard that they had a ton of problems that they even acknowledged. But at least they kept replacing them and quickly? They could’ve just been like some companies and dicked you over without even trying to resolve things. I dunno. Despite the issues I’ve heard, I haven’t had any at all… and they seem to have a respectable support and replacement reputation, so I feel the need to defend them just a little bit.