iOS 7 (App Store teaser)

Mid-week is typically a waiting period as Apple preps to unleash of plethora of new apps, games and updates during Thursday.

As is our wont, we’ve dutifully consulted Twitter, RSS feeds, App Store, developers and other sources in search of new submissions and software deals we think you should definitely know about.

It’s our pleasure to keep you in the loop in terms of updates to important third-party apps and games.

We also get to provide you with at-a-glance overviews of new features and enhancements brought out by each individual app update. This is App Recap, iDownloadBlog’s popular daily column that celebrates the apps you can’t live without…

New Apps & Games

destiny 1Destiny Companion 1.0 [iPhone, Free] — Bungee’s iOS companion app for their upcoming console game Destiny offers a second-screen experience allowing you to inspect your Guardian, analyze player stats and compare your Grimoire score. Keep in touch with your friends in the Bungie Community via forums, groups or private messaging and track them down on the PlayStation Network or Xbox Live. Cody has more on Destiny Companion.

DreamSphere 1.1.634 for iOS (app icon, small)DreamSphere 1.1.634 [iPhone, Free] — A new kind of journaling app from DreamsCloud that lets you see where people are dreaming around the world and what they’re dreaming about in specific regions, all in real-time. Tap the dots on the globe representing other users around the world, wake up gradually using a Smart Alarm feature and quickly sketch out your dream by talking into the app, rate your dream on a scale of negative five to five, pick out keywords, make specific dreams public or private and more.

macrocosm-review-Macrocosm 1.0 [Universal, $0.99] [Review] — This beautifully relaxing game is based in space where you play as a blob of dark matter with your objectives being simple: get bigger, don’t get killed by spaceships and free other dark matter. The spaceships are forces of evil that are trying to collect all of the dark matter for themselves, so your objective becomes to find these black dots of dark matter and free them from the forces. Visuals are gorgeous: you’ll love the game’s stunning space theme and backdrops.

Overcast 1.0 for iPhone (app icon, small)Overcast 1.0 [iPhone, Free] — Podcast app for iPhone by Instapaper creator Marco Arment. Featuring accessible and clutter-free design and advanced features via $4.99 In-App Purchase, Overcast taps a quality audio engine for its Smart Speed feature that speeds up slow-talkers, without distorting their voice beyond recognition. Voice Boost normalizes speech volume and Smarter Playlists marry regular smart filters to per-podcast priorities to automatically organize your podcasts. More here.

Discounts & Promos

PixelmatorPixelmator [$29.99 → $15.99] — Among the best Photoshop alternatives for the Mac, Pixelmator has gone nearly half price for a limited time. The app can import layered Photoshop files, has a gorgeous dark user interface and features a whole bunch of advanced effects, presets, brushes, tools and other nice-to-haves that let you perform demanding touch-ups. This graphics editing app gains new features on a regular basis and supports latest OS X features and iCloud, making it a good citizen on the Mac.

AcePlayer [$2.99 → Free] — If you have a personal library of videos encoded in formats not supported in iOS such as DIVX, MKV and AVI, AcePlayer will encode them on-the-fly and stream from a Mac directly to your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad. With built-in downloader and FTP/Samba client, AcePlayer can stream movies stored on remote or network-attached storage and more.

Plex [$4.99 → $1.99] — The iPhone and iPad client that works in tandem with the desktop Plex Media Center hasn’t seen much action in terms of discounts so this is a nice opportunity to grab it deeply discounted, for a limited time. And if you own a Roku, Plex’s Roku app is also on sale for $1.99.


Airbnb 4.0 for iOS (app icon is small)Airbnb 4.0 — The popular service for people to rent out lodging. This version doesn’t change the way booking trips, managing your listings, and other features work. The big news is a thorough revamp of the app, actually part of a larger rebranding effort by London-based DesignStudio. The app’s appearance is now flattened and focused on huge images and revamped Discover pages. The new logo, based on a symbol of belonging, is quite controversial: it looks like a lot of things, as described here.

Google-Chrome-logo-mediumChrome 36 — Google’s desktop browser for the Mac, Windows and Linux has received an update adding better rich notifications, an updated Incognito / Guest NTP design, a new Browser crash recovery bubble, Chrome App Launcher for Linux and a bunch of stability and performance improvements. The update also includes 26 security fixes. Your changelog is at the official Chrome Releases blog.

FitbitFitbit 2.3.2 — An improved barcode scanner gives you better feedback when there’s trouble scanning or finding items and fixes a bug where the barcode scan button could disappear when using the US database. The app has added back Anytime meal options and the ability to use decimal places when creating custom foods. A new Evening Snack option is nice, too. You’ll enjoy improved responsiveness on the Food screen and faster fullscreen interactive graphs.

Jawbone Up 3.2 for iOS (app icon, small)Jawbone Up 3.2 — Companion app to Jawbone’s Up wearables now does weight management while introducing a new Food score and a revamped food experience. Set goals for weight and calorie intake. Track your progress with easy tools for logging food, weight and calorie balance. Streamlined logging process with new tools like a dedicated water logger, restaurant menus, common pairings and frequent meals. More here.

Opera Coast 3.0 for iOS (app icon, small)Opera Coast 3.10 — Elegant web browser for the iPhone and iPad by Opera Software launched in April. Now with improved iCloud syncing between iPhone and iPad of your most recently visited sites, the last-visited page of a site and secure syncing of passwords using iCloud keychain syncing. On the iPad, search now has the functionality and looks of iPhone search. You can now share pages and images with Airdrop and there are performance improvements for the iPhone 3GS/4 and bug fixes.

Capo 3.1.1 [Mac, $14.99] — Learn to play songs by slowing them down. This Apple Design Award Winner has fixed various crashes and visual glitches on OS X 10.8 systems and corrected blurry song info text on Retina displays. When choosing a tuning from the popup menu, you can now hover your mouse on a tuning to see the notes in the tuning. Also, using the Intensity keyboard shortcuts now updates the sliders as expected. Capo’s iOS companion has been revamped last week so check out Lory’s hands-on if you love music and want to get your licks down from your favorite songs.

Bike Baron 3.5 [Universal, $0.99] — 10 new user featured levels and a new Gebetto button in the main menu to access even more featured user levels.

Carousel 1.2 [iPhone, Free] — Photo gallery app by Dropbox released in April. This version introduces improved sending of photos via Messages, Mail, Twitter and Facebook. Automatic backup of your iOS Camera Roll is now optional and you can finally delete photos by tapping and holding a photo in your photo grid.

Cut the Rope 2.4 [iPhone, $2.99] [iPad, $4.99] [Video] — This “Pillow Box” update adds a new hints option and a lamp to illuminate the stars and wake On Nom up because he’s fallen asleep after a long day crunching candy.

Facebook Messenger 8.0 [Universal, Free] — Text size now automatically adjusts to the size indicated in your iOS Settings while other improvements make the app faster and more reliable.

Google Wallet 2.0.15311.10326 [iPhone, Free] — Major update to Google’s Wallet service brings about support for gift cards, money requests, the ability to send money with your debit card for free and more. Cody has more.

IFTTT 2.2 [Universal, Free] — Powerful automation service that put the Internet to work for you via powerful connections built around if this then that statements. This version squashes bugs and introduces new Channels for apps and services such as Yo, Manything, Saga and the Aros A/C.

In Fear I Trust 1.1 [Universal, $2.99] [Review] — The game so scary you will leave the lights on has received a “Rust & Iron” episodic update adding more questions, new revelations and unspeakable horrors. In addition, the game syncs your progress across devices via iCloud and includes various performance and graphical improvements for low-end devices.

Musi 5.0 [iPhone, Free] [Review] — Music lets you play YouTube music in the background. This update removes account functionality within the app so it now functions more like a simple tool for listening to music. They’ve also added skipping detection so skipping should be fixed faster than ever.

SoundHound 6.1 [Universal, Free] [SoundHound∞, $6.99] — Song release date has been added to the song page and you’ll notice a cleaner page design as you dive into the details.

Twitter 6.9.1 [Universal, Free] — This update includes small changes to the user interface and Direct Messages.

Vine 2.1.2 [iPhone, Free] — Only bug fixes and performance improvements here.

Yahoo Mail 3.1.3 [Universal, Free] — Bug fixes and performance improvements.

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