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Pundits and fans are in agreement that a bigger screen will be the #1 selling point of Apple’s forthcoming iPhone 6 refresh. With two models in tow, one with a 4.7-inch screen and the other using a phablet-class 5.5-inch display, the iconic smartphone will for the first time go comfortably past four inches.

So, who’s willing to trade a bigger screen for a much-improved battery that could keep you going for 24 hours or more, on a single charge? For the sake of completeness, One survey identified a longer-lasting battery as the top feature request by early iPhone 5 adopters ahead of the handset’s September 2012 launch…

This notion is driven home rather effectively by Samsung’s new Galaxy S5 commercial which likens iPhone users to wall huggers. The 60-second spot argues that the Apple handset has a sub-par battery which tethers folks to the wall and therefore deprives them of the life’s precious moments.

But first, the poll – cast your vote below.

Just a few quick observations.

Although a bigger screen needs a larger enclosure that in turn can house a bigger, longer-lasting battery, a larger form-factor does not necessarily guarantee energy advances.

For starters, phablets are usually outfitted with faster processors with additional cores needed to power apps and graphics on a larger canvas. The problem is, as powerful as these chips can be, most of them are power hogs – that’s why playing resource-intensive games drains your iPhone’s battery fast.

More importantly, a bigger screen needs a larger total backlight which in turn puts a strain on the battery.

Now, most rumors point to Apple’s A8 processor being still dual-core and apparently focused on better power efficiency.

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Of course, you could have both – a bigger screen and a longer-lasting battery – usually if a device is chubbier.

That won’t be the case with the iPhone 6 – the handset is said to be between 6 and 7mm thick, leading some Chinese sources to speculate that Apple’s obsession with thinness will yield only marginal battery improvements.

As in, a 2,500mAh battery – more powerful than the 1,570mAh package inside the iPhone 5s/5c, but paling in comparison with high-end Android handsets that sport a 3,000mAh or stronger batteries.

At any rate, yours truly is willing to bet that a stronger battery in the iPhone 6 will offset the increases in power requirements stemming from the phone’s bigger screen and increased pixel count.

A noted analyst claimed in a note this morning that a 5.5-inch iPhone 6 will be delayed until 2015 due to production woes.

The report matches up with stories earlier by Taiwanese media which asserted that Apple’s battery cell suppliers like LG Chemical and Samsung couldn’t produce iPhone 6 battery components measuring 2mm or less, as per Apple’s spec sheet.

Before signing off, a sketchy report by British tabloid The Daily Mail calls for a secret partnership between Apple and a UK-based firm called Intelligent Energy. Specifically, Apple is ostensibly looking to use Intelligent Energy’s  fuel cell technology to permit future iPhones and iPads to run on a single charge for days, or even weeks.

I’m interested to hear your take on the Bigger Screen vs. Stronger Battery dilemma. Which one would you be willing to trade for the other, and why?

Hit us in comments below.

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  • GambitGamer

    This is going to be pretty biased since we are on a website with mostly Apple related news. Actually, idk what the point of this is.

  • if the screen is bigger that’s mean the phone is bigger and maybe a bigger battery and with the new A8 i think it will be better with the battery usage
    so in the bigger screen its the winning case

  • yep

    I already have both 🙂 Galaxy Note 3 has big screen and incredible battery life. Lets see if Apple can keep up.

  • regkilla


  • jack

    hey “why do we have to choose” kids, the author is asking what is the most important… read the words

  • Andrew Roth

    What good is a display that doesn’t light up because your battery is dead?

  • chris125

    Why can’t we have both? Oh that’s right because apple only cares about thinness of the device

  • Joseph A. Ahmad

    What about implementing a 4.7″ IGZO screen from Sharp which will then drain much less battery thereby improving battery life? I’m just saying.

    • Keith

      I been thinking about this for a long time. I think it’s coming to the iPhone. The iPadshows it’s coming!!!!

  • serge tauber

    What about a n ipad( mini retina with a phone module. The size increase would be minuscule . The iPhone 5S now does virtually everything that the ipad does and it would save carrying 2 devices.

  • Eliot A Anderson

    Aesthetics and performance.

  • whatsa2

    Neither its a silly argument….
    I get 2 days on a 6″ display average use and 6 days standby.
    maybe you need to look elsewhere?
    I doubt the iphone will be any better… weight and size take precedence over
    something as functional as battery size. If you must then get one with a swappable battery or the Qi charge plate/battery.

    Apple could have fixed this on any of the iphones but fashion comes first.
    – not good or bad just what it is…

  • Joe


  • sandro khokhiashvili

    take a look at jiayu g4s 4.7 inch gorilla glass 2 2 hd screen.3000mah battery. 8 core 1.7ghz processor .2gb ram 16 GB ROM. 13mp camera and 3mp front. android KitKat unlocked only 200$

  • mashud alam

    they r good in making battery’s than y cant’ they make batterys for other products,instead of making cheap plastic samsung phone if they have sominthing diffrent somthine unique ideas and anything new than showoff.
    nstead of making cheap adds,

  • Xee

    Screen, because I can charge most of time on the go (home, office and car etc.).

  • Ahmad Al-Qaed

    I’d choose the iPhone 6 definitely because of a very good reason, called common sense, if you’d like having a bigger screen size that’s fine, but even if putting bigger batteries (3,000mA) wouldn’t make a difference because it would be the same battery life, because the bigger size means having more work to do, iPhone 5S could essily last longer than the S5 because it has less work to do managing the screen, that’s why if the new iPhone 6 would have a (2,500mA) battery capacity then it would last much longer than all of the new Samsung Galaxy smartphones, S5 or Note 4(maybe)

  • Ahmad Al-Qaed

    We don’t need bigger phones, until what point we would be making bigger screen sizes, until they stop fitting in our pockets or until we cannot hold them in one hand

  • Nagesh Kumar Mishra

    I want a phone with better battery life, even if screen is big that will be better too!!!

  • Sohail Wahab

    What I got from the samsung battery ad is that a lot of people use iPhones even though it has no long lasting battery

  • Byron C Mayes

    I don’t get the thing for big screens, unless it’s a compensating mechanism for something. I like that I’m able to use my phone with one hand (and even that, since the iPhone 5 stretch, hasn’t been as comfortable as previous). I don’t need a phone that takes two hands. I may as well get a laptop and Skype if that’s my option.

  • Jason Dennery

    They should come with each other.

    The better poll question would be:

    Which would you rather have, a thin phone, or one with adequate battery life?

  • aw81

    Interesting, as i type the poll is 2333 to 637 in favour of battery life
    Looking at comments on articles about larger screen iPhones i expected more people to want the larger screen.
    Im really not sure why people want a bigger screen, I honestly don’t see the benefits outweighing the downsides.

  • Your Mother

    Samsung has one of many solutions to longer battery life–like turning off unnecessary things. with just 10% battery I can switch to Ultra Power saving and get 3 days use.

    the only people who really cry about battery life are girls (and guys) who keep their phones glued to their faces all day long.

  • Razick Rilshad

    Bigger screen