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In his new research note issued to clients Monday, KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo cautions that Apple’s 5.5-inch iPhone 6 could be delayed until after October and possibly until 2015, over yield issues with its in-cell touch panel and metal casing.

According to the analyst, panels this large exhibit issues where the edge of the panel may become insensitive to touch. Also, under Apple’s new manufacturing process for the iPhone 6 metal casing, “color unevenness is an issue,” wrote Kuo…

Kuo wrote:

Production bottlenecks on 4.7-inch iPhone 6 center on the yield rate of in-cell touch panel and metal casing. As in-cell touch panel becomes larger in size, the edge of the panel may become insensitive to touch. Meanwhile, under new manufacturing process for the iPhone 6 metal casing, color unevenness is an issue.

In addition, an excerpt from Kuo’s note, obtained by MacRumors, adds this:

In addition, from a technical perspective, we don’t expect sapphire cover, used for the first time on the 5.5-inch model, will easily pass the drop test near term.

A pair of stress test videos of a claimed iPhone 6 sapphire screen cover suggest deploying the precious gemstone could yield a virtually unbreakable iPhone.

Duo to the reasons stated above, the analyst is “conservative” about the 5.5-inch handset launching by end-2014.

Even if the product is launched in 2014, it is likely to take place after mid-4Q14, which is later than the September-October of consensus, with shipments being lower than consensus of 15- 20 million units.

It’s been previously rumored that the device could get delayed over issues related to its large panel and ultra-thin batteries.

For instance, Taiwanese sources claimed Apple’s battery cell suppliers – which include LG Chemical and Samsung – were finding it difficult to match Apple’s exacting standards to produce components measuring 2mm or less.

Also, Reuters said said suppliers ran into difficulties with in-cell technology, pushing back production of 5.5-inch panels until several more months. However, Bloomberg recently learned both handsets had gone into production ahead of a September launch.

Kuo’s predictions when it comes to Apple have been rather accurate, though not so much in terms of the timing. It’s worth mentioning that the same analyst last week pushed back his estimated time of iWatch mass production from late-September to mid-to-late- November.

  • Mozaik

    I hope there would be good battery power in upcoming bigger iPhones.

  • Xee

    The black iPhone looks sexay!

    If Blomberg is correct that both have gone into production then the the other analyst has got his timing all wrong and these issues have already been sorted!

  • As usual you can just stop reading after “analyst claims”…

  • pauleebe

    I don’t think it was ever coming in 2014, but is a prototype (much like we were expecting the 5 the year we got the 4S). Since when does Apple release two brand new iPhone platforms in the same timeframe?

    Yes I know we have the iPad Air and iPad Mini, but Apple clearly seems to be going the route of the premium iPhone model (iPhone 6) and low cost (iPhone 5/6C)

  • Umut Bilgiç

    I think if there are issues with the 5.5 inch, I dont see apple delaying the launch. They will launch it with 4.7 inch or not launch it at all.

  • Dan

    late 2015 is good for me, I’ll be able to upgrade from my 5S 🙂

  • Mohammed

    I am sure he was the one to start the 5.5″ none sense .
    Then he noticed that there were no leaks for it.
    So he changed his mind,and said they faced production issues .
    So in the end:
    1-if they launch it in September ,he will say they fixed it in last moment
    2-if they don’t launch it ,so he is right .

  • James Gunaca

    It’s delayed.

    It’s on time!

    It’s delayed.

    It’s on time!

  • Steven Code

    :'( ….the struggle