OS X Mavericks (Maps, Send to iOS teaser)

Continuing on with its efforts to refine its mapping software, Apple has apparently begun calling businesses looking to verify user-reported address corrections. In a recent Reddit post, a business owner said he had been contacted by someone with Apple Maps.

Reddit user swb1192 said he received an interesting phone call from a 408 number (a Cupertino, California area code) this week. The person said that they were with Apple’s Maps team, and that a user had reported his business address as incorrect, which it was…

Here’s the full Reddit post:

A 408 number called me from Apple Maps and let me know that a user reported my business address as incorrect. They still had my old address that was listed on Yelp so I gave them the new one. I asked when I should expect it to be updated on Apple Maps and the lady said, “We don’t have an exact timeline for updates but it should be within the next week.”

It appears that Apple pulled from Yelp awhile ago but it doesn’t actually sync the addresses and other information.

Still couldn’t believe that they called me to fix up the listing – how awesome.

Apple has really ramped up its efforts to correct Maps errors in recent months. In April, it was reported that the company was testing a push notification system to alert users when their issue had been fixed, and it’s believed it’s now posting daily updates at 3am EST.

Maps has come a long way since Apple introduced it in 2012, as many of the early-criticized issues—incorrect/missing GPS data— have been fixed. The app is now available on both iOS and MacCarPlay, and is expected to make the leap to the rumored iWatch this fall.

  • Is there any source to this business owners claims or is it just his word? Excuse my skeptisism but I find it hard to believe that Apple is actually calling business owners just because a user has reported an address as wrong. If they are doing this though then they’ve probably got a large backlog to work through…

    • Brian 

      This is very much true. Just as Google will call verified businesses for certain map changes, Apple has been doing the same for quite some time now. I for one can testify to this.

  • Juan Genao

    Why not have verified apple users be able to call and earn maybe itunes store credits ?

    • TeddyBearStand

      Or why not pay people to do that job 🙂

  • Rowan09

    Using yelp, foursquare, etc will be very useful to Apple maps. I was in Turks and Caicos where Apple Maps doesn’t have directions yet and Google maps is just awful. I purchase an Open Street Map navigation app and it used foursquare and trip advisor for POIs and it made the app amazing.

  • Jacob S

    Their map itself is outdated 2+yrs. Google and other major navigation companies already updated their map with latest available data and Apple still has the old map. I wish they sticked with Google than its own failure!

    • Rowan09

      In NY it’s pretty updated, new businesses are on the map and even in Google maps it sometimes have outdated businesses that closes. If the businesses don’t contact Google or Apple it will still be on the map. You can use Google maps on an IOS device if you want and Apple maps is not that bad anymore. It works better than Google maps with finding the faster route for the same location and it also looks better. Google maps overall is still better but mapping takes time.

  • Brian 

    Why is this barely being reported? This has been happening since months ago, not just recently. I can confirm it has happened to me.

  • Jean Pierre

    Confirmed as a business owner, I just got off the phone with them as they were confirming my location!