galaxy tab s ad

The iPad is no stranger to getting bashed in TV commercials—both Amazon and Microsoft have attacked the tablet over price, display quality, and productivity capabilities. And today, Samsung joins the party with its new Galaxy Tab S ad.

The spot, which went up on the Samsung Mobile YouTube channel this afternoon, is titled: ‘Do more with Samsung GALAXY Tab S – Multitasking.’ And unsurprisingly, it pans the iPad for its inability to run multiple applications at once…

Samsung GALAXY Tab S helps you smoothly juggle between work, entertainment, and life. Manage your work and life seamlessly with the Multi Window function on the GALAXY Tab S.

Watch how everyone in the family is kept happy.

The ad starts out with a child crying as his dad turns off his cartoon to check out the game on his iPad Air. The Air is then replaced with a Tab S, which has the the ability to run 2 apps at once, allowing the two to watch what they want simultaneously.

Interestingly enough, it’s been discovered that Apple is working on a feature in iOS 8 that allows two apps to run side-by-side on full-sized iPads. The functionality is not publicly available in the current beta, though, and it’s unclear when/if it will be.

Last week, Samsung posted a commercial called ‘Wall Huggers,’ bashing the iPhone’s battery life.

Update: Samsung actually posted two iPad-bashing Tab S ads today. Here’s the second:

What do you think of the 2 spots?

  • Glorin

    NEVER GET THE JOB DONE should be the title of the ad.

  • Oh, boy, these ads gonna suck when Apple brings multitask to iOS!

    • Sachin

      And certainly gonna raise lots of eyebrows of Fandroids.

      • Of course they will. They seem to forget they didn’t invent multitasking and if Apple has anything to do with it won’t be the ones to perfect it either.

    • J. Rockwell

      so true my friend……so true

  • nonchalont

    Samsung is awesome! Samsung keeps apple on its toes. Samsung and Apple go hand-in-hand. They actually help out each other and the consumer. It’s a win/win for all.

    • Copying help nobody. The only thing copying helps is lawyers.

      • Quinten

        You don’t understand shit

      • Are you suggesting that copying helps someone other than lawyers?

    • BoardDWorld

      They aren’t anything more than a leach. Let them die and give other great companies more profits so they can afford to innovate.

  • Abdl

    I need Help guys!! I just unboxed my new and very first macbook pro 13″. I put it on and went ahead with the initial setup till i got to the desktop,then turned it off and plugged it for some hours after which it indicated “fully charged”, turned it on and unplugged but shows me 98% battery,if i plug back it says battery charged. I am somehow panicking!!

    • Peter Cao

      On a Mac this is perfectly normal. This prevents the battery from being over charged. Therefore giving you a battery that will last for several years. Typically mac batteries charge up to 94-99%. Unless it really needs it, your battery will typically never be at 100%.

      • Abdl

        Ok thanks. But i can remember seeing 100% on several of my friends” Macs 🙁

      • Manuel Molina

        It’s fine. Let your Mac die when it’s getting low on power. Let it go to 0 and shut off by itself. Leave it like that for 5 hours. Then plug it on. It should go on by itself. If it doesn’t, turn it on. From there, let it hit 100.

        I have 6 years with Apple experience and worked for computers in Apple and best buy for a year.

      • WTF?

        This is utter nonsense. Don’t believe anything this guy says.

      • Abdl

        Okay then what should i believe?

      • DogeCoin

        It’s probably just software, try a reboot to see if it fixes it.

      • Peter Cao



    That second as was stupid.

  • im2slick4u

    When will Apple make an add of someone on Samsung attempting to seamlessly sync there phones tablets and desktops and failing miserably whil iPad does it like nothing.

  • Rowan09

    Didn’t Samsung just make excuses for declining Tab sales and now this ad? Samsung is just amazing to me.

  • Brandon Miranda

    Samsung has always been part of the party.

  • Матт Реякіпѕ

    Samsung hasn’t caught on to the fact their ads aren’t hurting Apple only making them look bad. All Apple would need to do is make a commercial naming all the malware Android has and Samsung would be screwed. What would they respond with? “So our devices get more malware than Apple’s we at least have better specs and better battery even if games and apps don’t run as well on our smartphones as they do on Apple’s” Apple could also simply point out that even with these commercials people still buy more iPhones than Galaxy S phones and buy more iPads than Galaxy Tabs. So really all Samsung is doing is wasting money trying to convert people who will never leave for Android. It’s rather funny. Android is the poor man’s iDevice. Why would anyone in their right mind pay the same for more malware and for a plastic phone over a metal one?

    • Kash Gummaraju

      Android is a poorman’s iDevice? Please explain to me what Android phones you’ve heard of or used beyond Samsung? Samsung does not equal Android. An iPhone is for “dumb blondes” who need someone to tell the what to do every step of the way. You do realize that Apple ads are just as ineffective right? They don’t air on TV or even on the web enough to make a difference. Take a look at HTC’s lack of advertising and see their downfall from the number phone manufacturer to number 4-5. Getting malware on an Android device is similar to getting it on a PC. You get malware only by going to shady sites and downloading shady materal from shady sources. And I’m not sure if you know this, but you’re beloved and “godly” Apple also sells plastic phones, and you also should know that many people out there do prefer plastic to metal due to it’s durability and not looking messed up when dropped.

      • Rowan09

        While I like Android as well, calling an iPhone for dumb blondes is far off. My girlfriend, Aunt, etc who knows nothing about technology has an Android and have no problem using it. The problem with Android is usability, it has so many settings it’s hard to find simple options. Android is not complicated to use, it’s just not user friendly. I have both and prefer IOS due to the App Store.

      • felixtaf

        “An iPhone is for “dumb blondes” who need someone to tell the what to do every step of the way.”

        Lol, seriously? I dont agree with whatever he mentioned about Android or plastic built phones. But your point has the same hatred as his points. You can also counter with valid points!

      • Kash Gummaraju

        I only said that to “counter” his statement about Androids being a poorman’s iDevice. I don’t really mean that statement about dumb blondes though.

      • DogeCoin

        No, it’s androids fault it has shit software on it. The kernel is derived from one of the most virus resilient. If it used GNU it wouldn’t be shit.

  • Eli Montoya


  • iPodDroid

    Just like you guys lack originality….

  • justme

    There’s a code of multitasking on iOS8 so…

  • Dean Johnson

    Isn’t there a law for this? At least in the Netherlands there is. You’re not allowed to make a commercial that is disadvantageous or harmful to another company or product

    • They didn’t show the branding nor key aesthetics (e.g. the home button layout, or animations) of the competing tablet. They pretty much just showed a rectangle with a silver back, a black front with different size bezels, and curved corners; that’s obviously how the iPad Air looks, but ANY tablet could have those design features. So, I don’t see how this would be breaking that Netherlands law more than an Apple ad that shows what people do with the iPad…

  • Really like their factual commercials! They keep the competition going and competitors take note and react with even better products. Apple is no exception; from big screen phones, they’re making big indestructible screen phones. Lets see what Apple enhances in the multitasking and screen quality spaces…

    • Abdl

      So are you saying that Apple is a copycat?

      • Nope. I think that Apple takes the basic principles of existing technology and creates even better products based on their own engineering. This might not be the best example, but you can’t call someone a copycat when they take the idea of a computer mouse and create the magic mouse, for example. Now, Apple is taking the idea of multitasking on mobile devices and will certainly make it into a great looking and working feature on future iOS.

      • This is the belief I’ve always held too. It seems to me that Apple is in the business of perfection. Instead of copying others they like to take what others have done and then improve upon it until it is perfect or close enough to perfect.

      • They copy and improve on other people’s work just-as much as other people copy and improve on their work. That’s how competition builds up. So, yes, all companies that have competition are copycats, and that’s a good thing for consumers.

    • felixtaf


  • I actually like the second one. I would love to see Apple finally moving to better display tech in next gen devices.

  • ExcitedMuch

    Amazon japan confirms iphone 6 dimension on its site!!

  • Anupam Padmanabhan

    yeah right… samshit can never sell anything without help from apple.. apple never mentions samshit in their ads…

  • sosarozay300

    apple doesnt rush things which is why their products are better than their competitions. apple takes their time to perfect it before releasing it, something that samesung and other manufactures should start doing

    • eXoguti093

      Like the iWatch (which I’m sure it’ll be better than anything out now) and the fingerprint scanner on the phone, which were just rumors, even the heart rate sensor was just a rumor and here comes samsung adding an unnecessary heart rate sensor on the back of the phone, they did a good job with the fingerprint scanner but not as good, neither did HTC which brought it out first. That’s one thing I love, that they take their time to make something as good and functional as possible, and you see the competition making it first probably just based on rumors and in the end the rushed out version is never as good.

  • p_amXtr

    When was the last time Samsung did an ad that didn’t bash Apple? Seriously