OneThumb is a unique new jailbreak tweak that works with Spotify, Pandora, and iTunes Radio. It allows you to use a universal Activator gesture to input thumbs up or thumbs down ratings across all eligible apps.

Instead of having different manners and methods for curating radio stations, OneThumb brings it all under one umbrella. We’ve tested it out, and we can vouch that the tweak works exactly as it is described. Take a look at our video inside for all of the details.

After installing OneThumb, you’ll need to go into its preferences and establish Activator gestures for both the thumbs up and thumbs down actions. Once you do, you can start using it immediately with iTunes Radio, or download one of the other two supported apps, Pandora or Spotify.

Using OneThumb is a simple exercise in executing whatever Activator gesture you assigned to the actions. I used a tap-and-hold on the right side of the status bar to input a thumbs up, and a double-tap on the right side of the status bar to input a thumbs down. If you are wondering if OneThumb works from the Lock screen—yes, since it’s Activator it will work from anywhere on your device as mentioned in the video.

OneThumb worked perfectly in all three of the supported apps mentioned in the tweak’s description on Cydia. If you try to use it with an unsupported app, you’ll receive a notification indicating as much. There’s an option to suppress the unsupported notifications in the tweak’s preferences as well.

If you’re a radio listener who cares about curating stations, then OneThumb is a tweak that solves a real problem. It unifies the experience of curating music into a simple workflow.

OneThumb is free on Cydia’s BigBoss repo. Sound off with your thoughts on the tweak below.

  • I’m really liking this idea. Now I just wish the tweak would add thumbs up/down buttons on the Lock screen player rather than depend on an Activator gesture.

    • Andrew Ziemke

      If you assign a short hold of the volume up and down buttons, you don’t even have to wake up the lock screen to register a thumbs up or down.

    • Tweak idea: A3Tweaks Polus but for the lockscreen, you choose the glyph, assign an activator gesture and choose the location on the lockscreen…

  • Mike Colacone Saal

    I was thinking it was going to thumb up or down a song on all 3 stations if you did it for one when I saw the title. Still nice though

  • Great video it’s just a shame that copyright law is so screwed up you’re not allowed to have the music playing in those apps in the video playing in the background…

  • Nesly Lacroix

    Does not work with Spotify version 0.93. Has anyone try it with Spotify?