Wunderlist 3 (teaser 001)

Berlin, Germany-based 6Wunderkinder, the makers of the popular Wunderlist to-do, task and list management app, is getting ready to release a major new version. The wait for Wunderlist 3 is almost over, developers told me via email.

Filed as “our biggest update ever,” Wunderlist 3 brings fast real-time sync engine, top-to-bottom makeover with a beautiful new design and over 60 various improvements to put the fun back into note-taking, task management and list creation and curation…

From the blurb:

We love lists. They capture ideas, things to do and places to see. And when you share them, they influence the world around you. Wunderlist 3. Premiering Soon.

Wunderlist 3’s revamped interface feels like a whole new app. It’s obvious that the team has painstakingly optimized every single detail and left no stone unturned. As a result of user feedback, much of the app’s focus is on a more reliable and way faster syncing engine.

Other than that, developers took the time to improve performance and implement a lot easier way to curate and share your lists. “We’ve made over 60 new improvements to deliver a completely new Wunderlist experience that’s truly a delight to use,” explains a blog post.

As they’re making final preparations before launch, developers shared a nice introductory video, included below.

The app “is coming very soon” to your phone, tablet and desktop and we’ll be making sure to keep you in the loop and tell you all about Wunderlist 3 as soon as it hits the App Store/Mac App Store.

To get notified and be one of the first to experience Wunderlist 3, sign up here.

Wunderlist for OS X is free in the Mac App Store.

The universal Wunderlist for the iPhone and iPad was last updated in October 2013 and is available free of charge, too.

Wunderlist Pro subscriptions are available via In-App Purchases for those who can’t live without more sophisticated features such as access to Files and Assigning or comments to communicate with your teammates about to-dos.

  • Kilroy672

    Looks interesting. Anything out there now that does the same thing that would be very similar to this?

  • Jamessmooth

    I really liked this app, but quit using it because it felt so outdated. I may go back after the update. Using Clear now, which seems to be somewhat similar, but I just can’t get into it. Maybe I’m not using it to its full potential or something…

    • TeddyBearStand

      Same story for me, except i switched to Todoist

  • Xin Chan

    I don’t mind paying a few bucks. Cos I really hate paying subscriptions for such service which iCloud already has that.