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Apple has just released a brand new iTunes 11.3 update which enables iTunes Extras for HD movies on Mac computers. Moreover, iTunes 11.3 finally brings back iTunes Extras to the $99 Apple TV media-streaming box after Apple killed support for this useful content-enhancing feature back in 2010.

As if that wasn’t enough, the company confirmed that these interactive menus with featurettes, behind-the-scenes videos, director’s commentary and other interactive assets will be coming to iOS 8 in Fall…

iTunes 11.3 release notes:

iTunes 11.3 includes all-new iTunes Extras for HD movies. iTunes Extras can include behind-the-scenes videos, short films, high-resolution image galleries, director’s commentaries, scenes and more.

These immersive interactive features are like DVD extras and are automatically downloaded when you buy a movie on iTunes which has iTunes Extras.

And now, for the first time iTunes Extras can be enjoyed on Apple TV with Software Update 6.2 and will be available on iOS 8 this Fall. Actually, the original Apple TV supported iTunes Extras, but Apple then inexplicably removed support for the feature following a major Apple TV hardware refresh back in 2010.

The Apple TV Software Update 6.2 rolled out less than two weeks ago.

Apple notes that iTunes Extras will be automatically added to your previously purchased HD movies as they become available, and at no addditional charge.

You can download the most recent stable version of iTunes through the iTunes download page. Alternatively, choose Software Update... from the Mac menu.

  • Simon Moorhouse

    About time!!

  • Capirexz

    I still don’t get it.

  • QP

    so Apple TV supports .mkv now? subtitles as well?

    • James Gunaca

      Just use Handbrake to convert it to MP4. Conversion shouldn’t take long if the MKV uses the .h264 codec.

      I do that then add it to iTunes for all my movies. If the subtitle SRT is in the same folder as the mp4, Apple TV will recognize it has subtitles. If that doesn’t work, use Subler for Mac to add the srt to the mp4.

      • I hate converting things just to get them to play nicely with my iOS devices. On iOS I just use VLC.

      • James Gunaca

        I’m not a huge fan either, but iFlicks does the job quite nicely as well.

    • Jack Wong

      If you have an iPhone/iPad, just spend few bucks to get an app then airplay to the Apple TV, I have been doing this for years.

      Even easier with a Mac computer.

    • disqusted

      Apple TV will support MKV when the US supports terrorism (inbound, I mean… not our home brew variety). As long as the US is terrorizing its own citizens and *other* countries, it’s not “terrorism”… or “teh’rr” depending on if you’re referencing the concept for hillbilly Republican ex presidents who can lead a country of almost half a billion people, but can’t manage to just try “teh’rr” and “newk’ylr” a syllable at a time until we can handle actual words.

      Domestic terrorism is not the same thing. It’s not terrorism and right raping, it’s “protecting the freedoms of American citizens”… by infringing upon them and removing them one legislative rider at a time… and then relying on media propaganda to convince the original leaders of the county (that’d be “the people”) that guns are bad, we’re better off banning them. Wait, wasn’t that part of our constitutional rights at some point? ” Yeah, it was, until everyone started believing that by banning guns we would end violence and keep them out of the hands of criminals, murders and mentally deranged people with a taste for vengeance and mayhem… Turns out, crime rates increased because the only people who could get a gun were the exact same people as before the ban; a notable exception being peaceful, law abiding citizens. Buuut everyone was convinced that guns were the problem, not *people*, so they pushed for it. They also spearheaded the legislation to redefine “freedom of speech” under the slightly to moderately more restrictive “freedom of approved speech not meeting any of the exclusion criterium defined under reference article ID107S § 2L8-4U”

  • Tony

    If they want to replace dvd’s and bluray’s they should offer more options on the apple tv to fill those gaps. Sure an app store would be nice and it won’t shock me if the next device contains this but ATV3 has enough power to run apps now if given the opportunity.

  • It’s like a child play to sync iPhone with iTunes for me

    • I hate syncing too. For me iTunes is a place to perform restores when necessary and manage my collection of Music and Apps…

  • disqusted

    So this version has been released to add support for a feature that a previous version was released to remove support for, which a previous version to the first previous version was released to add support for… Is that about right? Yep. Sounds like Apple, alright.

    Look, four letters for Apple TV cause I’m getting sick of their proprietary AirPlay sh*t (yeah, Apple being proprietary really blindsided me I suppose)… DLNA. Support it, so I can stop using my much more cumbersome PS3 every time I want to stream content over PnP/DLNA from my NAS or media server to remux or transcode formats that the PS3 won’t play like MKV containers. It’s 2014. You have about 3 options for containers: MP4/M4V, MKV or WMV. Is it too much to ask for the PS3 to add support for decoding a simple MKV container file over the past like… 10 years it’s been out? It has the same AVC/H264 video stream and same audio, maybe subtitles and chapters added.

    I also am delighted that my $80 pair of SONY Bluetooth headphones cannot pair with my SONY PS3 so that I can wear headphones late at night. It’s not even proprietary at that point! It’s just your own hardware doesn’t work together! Irritating. Same with Apple TV- got Bluetooth chip in there cause I see the specs… Why can’t I pair headphones to it either? They shockingly work with my iPhones and iPod Touch to stream A2DP and allow AVRC profile- what’s the problem with the Apple TV that’s like 6 years newer and 2 major iOS versions ahead of the old 1920’s iPod touch that pairs with said headphones fine? Is it THAT difficult to make things like support all TWO major video formats that have been out for the last decade… or support basic Bluetooth 2.1 profiles, again, at the point where even that is about obsolete. I just can’t wrap my head around why such basic, uncomplicated things are so complex and complicated on those two devices… which to more great shock, will not work together in any way shape or form. It has reached terminal retardation.

    Or just please someone jailbreak the gen 3 Apple TV already. It’s been out for years. Why no jailbreak? Is it so flexible and open to so many possibilities that it doesn’t warrant being JB? It won’t even read files from my NAS because it’s not iTunes. Despite having iTunes media server support— oh wait, Apple removed the ability to serve video content for some reason. So now it’s our iTunes software (no content servers!) or hit the road. I paid for iTunes Match which eradicated the audio availability/access issues, but videos still require that I keep my desktop on and running iTunes 24/7 just in case I want to view a video. Then I’ve gotta use the remote app to control iTunes on my computer to load video from my NAS to the computer, then AirPlay stream it from PC to Apple TV… And god forbid it’s not in MP4/M4V format. You might as well give up or transcode hundreds to thousands of videos from to a lossy format TO a lossy format, making them look like I’m viewing TI-82: The Movie (in futuristic 2-bit color and 16×24 resolution ULTRA ULTRA HIGH DEF (if it’s not lucky enough to be directly remuxed into a different container— but who wants to even DEAL with all that endless BS just to make the porridge juuuust right for Apple’s delicate palette: it only has a taste for Apples. The rest, it will regurgitate and make you regret being born. Sooo can you tell it frustrates me to just wanting to literally brick my Apple TV? With a cinder block? Fkn POS companies and their half assed proprietary garbage. Which might be ok if their own products worked with each other, at least…!? Too much to ask. Always pulling teeth to not waste half your life getting things to work with whatever device you happen to want to use. A huge KMA and FTW to Apple and Sony, at minimum.

  • Kathy Goodwin Oleksy

    I updated today and now my ipod isn’t syncing my news music.

    • FlameBait

      Same here. A lot of people with older iPods are dead in the water. Way to go, Apple. Screw ’em… I’ll turn everything to mp3 files and load ’em onto my Android phone. Apple can suck it.

  • Floyd Devine

    You now can’t download iTunes extras unless you upgrade to OS 10.9.3. If you are using any other OS on a macbook or desktop you won’t get the iTunes extras. Totally bogus on apple’s part to strand millions of users who don’t want the buggy upgrade to the OS.

  • Can anyone confirm if iTunes 11.3 is jailbreak safe?