Fleksy iOS 8 keyboard (image 002)

When iOS 8 launches this Fall, users will finally be able to install third-party keyboards, in line with Apple’s newly found openness and extensibility.

Popular Android keyboards like Swype, Fleksy and SwiftKey, as well as specialized soft-keyboards such as Adaptxt and Minuum, are all currently being ported to iOS 8 as we speak.

Fleksy already teased its upcoming iOS 8 keyboard and promised to be one of the first third-party keyboards on iOS 8. And now, the company has confirmed in a media release that the Fleksy keyboard should be available when iOS 8 launches this Fall…

According to Fleksy, its iOS 8 keyboard will initially support about forty different languages, with more to be added via future updates.

Speaking of which, Fleksy Keyboard for Android (pictured below) today introduced as much as seventeen new languages in beta, bringing its total tongue count up to 37.

Fleksy Android Keyboard Beta (image 001)

A few months ago, Fleksy released its standalone iPhone app as a showcase of how a third-party keyboard could enhance the typing experience. Furthermore, a few other apps have adopted the Fleksy keyboard using the official Fleksy API.

However, the API’s future remains unclear due to Apple’s decision to open up the iPhone’s keyboard to developers. With that in mind, we’re not expecting further development as Fleksy focuses its energies on providing an iOS 8-friendly keyboard available system-wide, in any application.

  • mlee19841

    Sidenote let’s hope theirs some truth to the 60 million iPhone 6’s getting released.

  • Tony Trenkle Jr.

    I’ll be downloading this and Swype I think. Cant see any use for Swiftkey since the ios 8 quick type is very simliar. And hoping Jormy gets his keyboard up and running for iOS 8. Although I hear there will be some complications with dictionaries and whatnot so each app would have its own dictionary of words and might cause memory issues. Either way, cant wait!

    • Ashton Nile

      SwiftKey supports swiping entire sentences. Does QuickType do that?

      • Tony Trenkle Jr.

        Really? I didnt think Swiftkey was a swiping keyboard. I thought it just suggested you things like the Quicktype does. I dont think the iOS app lets you do swiping. I havent used the Android one so that could be an android only thing.

      • Ashton Nile

        It will eventually, if it doesn’t already.

    • Jonathan

      I’ve been talking with Jormy. He stated a problem on Twitter:
      “My iOS 8 problem was that it loads a whole new custom keyboard per app, so nin, swype etc will load twice if you use two apps, or more :(”

      In other words, if you have 20 apps in the background, you’ll have 20 keyboards of the same keyboard running too, which will kill RAM, processor, etc.

      But, he submitted a bug to Apple, so if it’s fixed, he can move forward. Just yesterday he started considering adding word prediction like the iOS 8 keyboard.

      I also requested directly to Tim Cook yesterday (wow, what didn’t happen yesterday? lol) to allow devs to add a Apple’s Siri Dictation button. It’s kinda stupid that they can’t.

      Also, I believe SwiftKey will allow swiping between words. Since the 5.0 update for Android I think you have been able to. I think..

      • Tony Trenkle Jr.

        I know what Jormys been doing I follow him on Twitter. lol Well I usually kill all the apps in the background I’m not using so maybe it wont be so bad for me.

        I think the Siri dictation would have some privacy concerns so thats why they arent allowing it. But I dont know.

      • Jonathan

        I’m following him as well, and I’m the same way. xD I always close them as soon as I’m done with them.

  • iphone5s&sgs3

    Great I love fleksy! Btw there’s a mistake on the Israeli flag picture.

    • Hadi Alqadi

      Whats the mistake??

  • Dan

    no thanks, i’ll have swifkey by then

  • Gameboy213

    I could never get the hang of this keyboard. I really wanted to but couldn’t.

    I got NiN easier.