Hashbang productions, the team that brought my idea of TypeStatus to reality, has teased an incoming new version of its popular jailbreak tweak called TypeStatus Plus.

Why the Plus? For starters, it works with more than just iMessage. It works with WhatsApp, Facebook, Skype, and Kik. It also features Notification Center integration and Lock screen integration.

How about customizable status bar notifications? That’s there too. What about Pebble watch support? Yep, you’ll find that in TypeStatus Plus as well…


Needless to say, TypeStatus Plus looks to be very worthy of its “plus” designation. It appears to be a well thought-out and feature packed upgrade over the original TypeStatus.

TypeStatus Plus is currently in a closed beta period, and unfortunately, the team isn’t taking on any additional beta testers. But don’t fret, because from the looks of things, the project seems to be shaping up for a public release in the very near future.

As a side note, the free version of TypeStatus will be receiving some updates as well. Version 1.3 is currently in the works, and contains large portions of rewritten code.

What do you think about these surprise revelations? Are you excited about the idea of having such a major TypeStatus upgrade? Sound off down below in the comments, and stay-tuned for our hands on walkthrough.

[Hashbang Productions]

  • Elias

    Looks nice

  • Straw hat

    Ohh that’s good!! I really liked the idea of this tweak now that it supports Kik ill be using it.

  • looking nice and also good name TypeStatus Plus..

  • Brian 

    Pebble support? Sold!

  • Diego Milano

    Very nice. Good job Hashbang peeps! Finally support for other apps as well!

  • disqus_mYqL0qdTor

    Maintaining iOS 6 support?

    • Evan Drenner

      Why would you still be on iOS 6?

      • Some people stay on it for the design or because iOS 7 doesn’t support their device (iPhone 3GS and iPod touch 4th generation were cheap and still popular before iOS 7).

    • First release may not support iOS 6, depending on how much must be changed to accommodate both versions (and since I don’t have a test device on iOS 6). If it doesn’t, a later release will.

  • Guest

    / / Why would you still be on ios 6?

  • Dodgy Debjit

    Never worked for me, hopefully they do better this time