t-mobile wi-fi

Last month, T-Mobile confirmed that it will support iOS 8’s new Wi-Fi calling feature when the update officially launches this fall. And today, the feature went live for developers with T-Mobile iPhones in the just-released iOS 8 beta 3.

For those unfamiliar with Wi-Fi calling, it allows users to place phone calls [natively] from their device over a Wi-Fi network, instead of their cellular network. Benefits of the feature include better call quality and improved battery life…

Here’s a note from CMO Mike Sievert on why T-Mobile’s Wi-Fi calling offering:

Since we launched Wi-Fi Calling over seven years ago, our engineers have continued to deliver quality and user experience enhancements. As a result, our service is one of the most advanced natively-integrated Wi-Fi Calling products in the U.S. We have the deep technical knowledge and the close partnerships with device manufacturers to deliver the Wi-Fi call quality wireless consumers have come to expect from the Un-carrier. 

If you have a T-Mobile iPhone, and access to the latest iOS 8 beta, you can find the new feature in the Phone section of the Settings app. Just make sure the option is enabled, and that you’re connected to a Wi-Fi network, and place your call.

In addition to Wi-Fi calling, iOS 8 is bringing about a number of new features and improvements, including interactive notifications, widgets, and more. The update is currently in beta, and is expected to launch to the public in September.

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  • Zachary Sloane

    This. Is. Awesome. Might be JUST enough to make me switch to TMo

  • Shisno

    So I’m guessing you still need to have a carrier to use the service? Or could someone with an iphone without service like my mother using it for wifi capabilities, apps, and camera use it to do wifi calling similar to other apps?

    • Ralph Castro

      Yes, you have to.

    • Rowan09

      If someone has an iPhone or IOS device you can just use FaceTime Audio or video worldwide.

  • Buck

    Of more interest is how this may enable someone like FreedomPop to have iphone options now…

    Or even just allow tMo to go for even more of the low end with data + wifi calling plans (no cell minutes) – could appeal to younger folks BIG time.

  • Henry Hicks

    Does T-Mobile mean EE as well? Or is this a US only thing?

    • ✪ aidan harris ✪

      Likely US only. Afaik T-Mobile in the US is run differently to T-Mobile in the UK. They likely only share the same name and perhaps same networks when roaming?

  • How is this any different from FaceTime Audio?

    • Anthony Nguyen

      I think Facetime Audio is for iOS Device only, just like iMessage. Wifi Call would work for other devices like Android. I don’t know what I’m talking about so don’t believe what I’m saying.

    • Siannath

      Facetime Audio: Apple device to Apple device.

      WiFi Calling: WiFi Calling compatible device to any telephone in the world.

      • mlee19841

        Exactly. Using wifi to make calls.

      • Rowan09

        I believe it still uses your phone number so I don’t believe you can just call any number in the world.

      • Siannath

        Can’t you call any number from any country using your phone number? Weird.

      • Rowan09

        Meaning without get charged international rates. When I use FaceTime Audio or video it’s free internationally on wifi or with T-mobile free data and text service.

      • Yeah they’ll surely find a way to charge users for it. This has to be profitable for everyone. Else they would have never brought this into action.

      • Thanks mate.

  • Brandon Weldon

    i just downloaded IOS 8 Beta 3 on my iphone 5 and wifi calling is not on it.. looks like it might be a 5c and 5s only thing 🙁

  • Brandon Weldon

    Crock of shit.. Iphone 5 doesn’t get it..

    • Damian

      Jailbreak my friend will come to the rescue.

      • ✪ aidan harris ✪

        I doubt it. This will probably be locked down at a carrier / Apple level like visual voicemail…

    • Amit Kalra

      I’m pretty sure it works with the iPhone 5, it requires a T-Mobile Network.

      • Brandon Weldon

        I have a t-mobile iPhone 5 .. is not on the 4s or the 5

  • Saul

    I Wifi calling a T-Mobile exclusive?
    Also I’m assuming wifi calling will still count your minutes. So lets say you have a plan with 400 mins, it will still use your minutes since you can call any number.

    • Der Faust

      shouldn’t be a problem…..TMo is basically all-you-can-eat :)….

      unlimited talk/text/data……very good plans 🙂

    • Quang

      Unlimited everything (talk/text/data) on Tmobile US…so I dont care if it counts toward my minutes or not…it will just show 4345/Unlimited Minutes 🙂

      • Jonathan

        If you don’t mind me asking, how much does that plan cost for you monthly?

      • Quang

        $56 a month
        Including 1gb for my ipad

      • Jonathan

        Wow, good deal…
        I’m looking at the $30 option. Unlimited talk + text with 100 minutes a month. Hotspot included. Does that sound like a good deal? I’m not that real smart when it comes to cellular providers.

      • Quang

        what do you mean when you say “unlimited talk + text with 100 minutes a month?”
        Unlimited talk means unlimited minutes, doesnt it?

      • Jonathan

        Oops. I meant data.

        Unlimited data + text with 100 minutes of talk a month

        typo. 😛

  • Chris

    How would this be any better than HD voice over LTE/4G? Not to mention the bandwidth required to make the call or will that be uncapped data?

    • blu

      For me it would be great since I have crappy reception in my house. With this, I could be on wifi for calls at home and have great quality vs the choppy/disconnection service I have now.

  • Donovan

    “In the U.S.” *sigh*

  • Muhammad Siddiqui

    Will it be available on iPhone 4s? Someone please answer.

    • Quang

      cant get it on iPhone 5…do you think it will be available on iPhone 4S?!?

      • Muhammad Siddiqui

        I read some other blog which says it’s only for 5s/5c

  • mlee19841

    Sucks only tmobile can get this.

    • Bugs Bunnay

      yes sucks for you to only find out now

  • Bugs Bunnay

    finally the day when wifi calling is possible on ios even if its beta