Icon Resizer 2

Icon Resizer is a new jailbreak tweak that does exactly what its name says—allows you to resize the iPhone’s Home screen app icons. We’ve downloaded it, tested it out, and would like to show you how it works in action.

Although you won’t find Icon Resizer on any of Cydia’s default repos as of this post, it is available for download via the developer’s GitHub repo, which we will, of course, share with you. Check past the jump for our full video analysis and other vital details of this interesting new jailbreak release.

Once you install Icon Resizer, head to the stock Settings app and find the tweak’s preferences. Inside the preferences you’ll find the standard kill switch, along with a section to select specific apps whose app icons you wish to resize.

Icon Resizer

The icon sizes range from 20—really small—to 120—over-the-top large. The normal icon size is 62, but you can choose to specify a default icon size for all app icons between the range of 20 and 70. Once you get past 70, the icons become quite unwieldy, which significantly degrades the user experience.

While Icon Resizer is worth a look considering it is free, other jailbreak tweaks, namely the just updated Springtomize 3, allow you to perform similar functions. Still, Icon Resizer has enough subtle differences to warrant taking it for a spin. If you’d like to do so, add the following repo to your list of Cydia sources: http://evilgoldfish.github.io/repo/

Would you consider using Icon Resizer?

  • Nicolas Baillie

    comme jsuis defonce cousin

  • Chris

    As per the article other tweaks such as Springtomize 3 already have similar functionality and this tweak is no exception to that, I feel as though having that much control over each icon is too much especially if you cant arrange them into a grid like display.

    Good to see different variations of it been implemented though.

    • Xee

      Could be useful for unusual grid icon formations – like a large icon list of most used down the side for easy access and then little icons on the other side etc.

      • Chris

        In that respect yes but my comment was regardless the lack of a grid built into the plugin which would have sealed the deal

  • blu

    I use Bigify. While it changes all icons at once, I don’t really see a need to do individual icon sizes since you can manipulate the location of them that much.

    • disqusted

      Does bigify also smalify? I don’t need my icons any bigger I’m not 100 years old until next week. They’re patronizing me, I feel it.

      • blu

        yes, it will make all icons bigger or smaller (it has an option do do the dock icons too, or they can stay the same).
        I have 5 icon wide on my spring board and making them a little smaller makes it look better IMO.

      • matt

        does it work on ios 8?

      • blu

        No idea, not on iOS 8 yet.

  • Devon Bunkley

    Won’t work on my ipad mini. Any suggestions?

  • Shaq

    can’t find this tweak. anyone?

  • Alk1d

    it’s not working on my iphone 4 when i tap resize icons it crashes and redirect me to homescreen what to do to make it work ?

  • is it updated for iOS 8?

    • Arch Hughes

      Yes…I’m using Icon Resizer on the new 8.3 break.

  • scottdouglasjohnson

    crash-o-matic, I’ll keep looking

  • Arch Hughes

    Tried Icon Resizer. Seems to work. Has some “warts” with resetting the sizing and not clear what the “default” slider does versus the individual so you have to play with it to figure it out.

    I use Iconoclasm to set my phone to a 5×6 display (plus the dock). I was using Springtomize 3 (which is recommended in the video here) but which doesn’t work with 8.3 right now. And with its author no interning at Apple it might be awhile before it does work again.

    My largest remaining issue right now with working around the Springtomize-less 8.3 jailbreak world is that folder icons on the home screen still show “full size”, and though I can change their contents with Folder Enhancer, I can’t make the folder icons transparent or smaller and I can’t make the folder blurs go away. (All tweeks I’ve tried to clear those also don’t work in 8.3, at least so far.)