Samsung Galaxy S5 ad (iPhone battery 001)

Samsung’s marketing department is no stranger to Apple-bashing and its most recent advertisement for the Galaxy S5 flagship proves the point.

Titled ‘Wall Huggers’, it depicts iPhone users in a series of everyday situations with a recurring theme being them chained to a wall socket. “There they are,” the voiceover opens the 60-second commercial.

“Clustered around power outlets, recycling bins and bathrooms, tethered to the wall.” The ad is embedded for your viewing pleasure right after the break…

The ad goes to the extreme suggesting that the iPhone’s battery life deprives its users of the “freedom to enjoy even the most basic things” such as “grabbing a drink” or “sharing a laugh with your co-workers” or “sitting with someone you know.”

It then cuts to a scene depicting a young couple – their iPhones tethered to a wall socket – as a guy expresses hope that the next iPhone will have a better battery.

The commercial sings praises to a Samsung-developed power-saving software feature called Ultra Power Saving Mode and the handset’s removable battery, both positioned as Samsung’s competitive advantages versus the iPhone.

Here it is.

From the commercial’s description on YouTube.

That moment when your phone conveniently chooses the most inconvenient time to run low on juice. Switch your Galaxy S 5 to Ultra Power Saving Mode or swap in a fresh spare battery and say goodbye to the wall huggers for good.

Samsung isn’t the first to attack the iPhone’s battery life.

Back in March, BlackBerry’s then freshly-minted CEO John Chen likened iPhone users to wall huggers because the handset’s battery would run down before the end of the end of the day, forcing them to search for power outlets.

The commercial will be aired in the United States, where Samsung is trailing Apple.

Be that as it may, the iPhone’s battery life certainly is a legitimate concern – that’s why iOS 8 includes technologies that help extend battery life.

For instance, there’s a feature which makes it easier to detect battery-hog apps. Extending battery life is also among the key themes of Google’s upcoming Android L refresh.

The Google software has a feature called Project Volta which automatically kills apps, shuts off Wi-Fi or dims the display when the device hits 15-percent battery, for an additional 90 minutes of battery life.

According to a barrage of tests conducted by ArsTechnica, Project Volta in Android L Preview gave their daily-driver Nexus 5 two extra hours of runtime.

Would you say that the iPhone’s battery life is sub-optimal?


And what’s more important to you regarding Apple’s upcoming iPhone 6, screen size or battery life?

  • Ammer I. Elabbas

    Not convincing and yet sit ad. Every time Samsung make an ad. They prove to people how outdated they are, they don’t know how many options people have with their iPhones to keep them last for at least 3 days like using power banks or battery cases and so many options just around the corner, I am using galaxy s5 and used galaxy s4 and note 2 and note 3 battery spare might be an option but I ended up carrying 4 batteries for me to use the phone with it all features just for one day, and honestly “battery saving feature?” Dim light, 3G off, 4g off, moving background off, seriously??? I bought the phone to enjoy all it’s features not to turn it off, besides how much is the original battery?? 50$ And u need at least 3 batteries while the power bank costs only 40$ that can give u 4 full charges, I keep in my car all the time. Why android phones needs battery saving feature? Cuz they know android OS needs at least 6000mAh battery to last just 12 hours from the time u wake up until u go to bed. Believe me I am a phones addict and been using different brands and models, most of the phones has this problem, but I found the best solution already.

  • iRaj

    Proved that Samsung phones have not been used as like as iPhone.

  • Xee

    Everyone has also forgotten to mention that an iPhone charges in a fraction of a time that a S4/S5 etc does.

    So when android users do charge they are stuck hugging the wall for longer!

  • Kurt Wijckmans

    My battery lasts for 6 hours, even when mobile internet is shut off. Tried to restore, tried fresh installation… Nothing helps. And Apple says there is nothing wrong with my battery on my 7 months old iPhone5S… That sucks! But still love the phone!

  • Çağatay

    In same day, one Turkish person injured from Samsung Galaxy S3 because battery is exploded.

  • Antonakis Kipouros Nikopolidis

    I had a non scientific experience a couple days ago, while at work some random girl asked me to charge her S4 next to my I5, hers took twice as long. Not knowing anything about her phone, OS, battery, tweaks it felt like a big deal… I maybe a wall hugger but I get a big enough boost in 10-15 minutes.

  • Rodney Coleman

    Samsung is redic

    Takes forever to charge

    No one wants interchangeable batteries..

    Blah blah blah

    Iphone rocks over droid anyday

  • Shadowelite123

    It’s funny how all these Samsung people talk about how bad the iPhone battery is when one, they most Kilroy have never owned an iPhone and two, they are the ones that carry around a FEW EXTRA batteries for their phones. Respect to the ones who don’t go along with the bandwagon because they have actually looked at the facts and have real experience

  • Craig Wayman

    Samsung Galaxy devices should have better battery life, and screen resolution. They are freaking redonkulously HUGE!!!! It’s like holding a tablet up to your face while talking. Not to mention i don’t know one single person that owns a galaxy that actually puts it in their pocket. It is always on a desk, or table, etc. I like to slide my iPhone 5 in my pocket and know that it is with me and i didn’t leave it anywhere. But hey….. Whatever floats your boat Samsung. It’s hard to find an Android device with kick ass specs under 5 inches anymore. You think someone would figure it out. Plus i am not a fan of the Android OS mainly due to the fact that you cant restore with fresh firmware without rooting it. I like how you can plug in an i device into iTunes, click restore and it will backup your device, wipe it, throw a freshly downloaded stock firmware on it without bloatware and you have practically a new device software wise. Thats’ why if i was going to get an Android it’d be a Nexus but hey… now they are 5 inches so F it.

  • Ernie Marin

    Well of course a cheap piece of recycled plastic uses less battery

  • Koen V

    Hilarious how unprofessional Samsung is, it matches their plastic phones. Samsung claiming they have the best battery life is like Apple saying they have the biggest screens.

  • Christopher

    I am currently in an Airport…
    Take a look at the chargers, a Samsung, a HTC? And another phone that isn’t an iPhone… Interesting…

    • Christopher

      The hall…

  • Rolf

    It is really a lot of fun to read these comments. Even more funny then the commercial.