Mophie Space Pack (teaser 004)

As Samsung’s latest ‘Wall Huggers’ Galaxy ad suggests – you, sir, are constantly on the lookout for power outlets and tethered to the wall because there’s no way you could replace that sealed battery with a spare one. If that ad hit a nerve, why not consider a battery pack for your device?

Accessory maker Mophie has just what you need.

Not only does its Space Pack iPhone 5/5s case double your iPhone’s runtime with a built-in 1700mAh battery, the 16 or 32 gigabytes of on-board flash chips increase your iPhone’s own built-in storage. Today, Mophie added a new variant to the lineup featuring a whopping 64 gigabytes. The best bit: it’s available for pre-order now…

The 64 gig case will set you back $249.95. Mophie estimates 64 gigabytes is enough to hold 32,000 photos, 28 hours of video and 18,000 songs.

If you own a 64GB iPhone 5/5s, the 64 gig case will basically double your iPhone’s storage to a whopping 128 gigabytes.

Mophie Space Pack (teaser 002)

Catch 22: the Space Pack’s on-board flash chips don’t seamlessly integrate with the iPhone’s built-in memory – you can access movies, photos, music, documents and other file types on it only through a companion iOS app.

Don’t worry, sensitive documents and your nude shots can be protected with a 4-digit passcode.

AirDrop, Apple’s device-to-device sharing mechanism, is supported so you can share files with other AirDrop-friendly devices. The app does Airplay, too, allowing you to send your media to an AirPlay-compatible TV, monitor or speaker.

You can pre-order the 64GB Space Pack in black only for $249.95 over at the Mophie webstore. As a reminder, the 16/32GB edition costs $149.95/$179.95. The 16GB model comes in black or white while its 32GB counterpart comes in red only.

  • chris125

    Its a shame these take so long to launch. Wish they were available at launch

    • Andy

      I really don’t see the point in buying one especially since it won’t work with iPhone 6. Maybe if this was released around the time iPhone 5 came out, then it might have been worth considering.

      • Dimitrov Ivan

        It’s still worth if you have a 5S, i don’t think will switch phone every year. I think even iphone 5 owner will not switch because the 5 is still fluent on iOS 8

  • Tony

    Wow that’s an insane price for what you get. People actually pay that?

  • Peke Went

    For $50 more you can get a 64GB iPod Touch…

    • A’s Network

      And for the same price, you can get the iPod touch 64GB refurbished with $11 left over. Too much for a case tbh but others might disagree.

      • Julian Gigola


  • Matt

    I’ve been contemplating whether I should get this case or not…
    So to those of you who have it – how does it make the experience of using the phone feel? Does the case make it feel too tall/thick?

    • PoleGirl

      I have 2. I play with my photo/video apps non-stop, so I use up at least one each day. I was worried about the bulk at first, but quickly learned to love it because it puts the camera buttons more in line with my thumb, and I get a better one handed grip on the phone. But my hubby thinks it feels to bulky. He likes his with the simple case…or no case. Hope that helps. Oh, and I only have the charger version, not the extended memory one.

      • Matt

        Thank you for the indormation. I might go and check one out at BestBuy (if they have them there out on the display)

  • Cameron Nelms

    Yeah if they could NOT be $249, that’d be great.

    • Matt

      I would get the 32GB version which still is $199

  • Juan Flores

    Well at least we all know where Chris will keep his nudes xD

  • unkown man


    • Dani Hayes

      Which case?? I want something like this but without the price tag of Mophie.

      • unkown man


      • Bob

        Is your caps locks key broken? Or are you just slow?

  • mlee19841

    Sucks u can’t add apps to this or have it intergrate better. U need a separate app to play music and so on

  • JayDee917

    Pointless at the point. New iPhones arrive in just over 2 months. I would have bought this if available near launch. But WTF is up with the 32GB only being available in red?! These are also pretty overpriced, especially the 64GB version. I’d pay $100 for the 16GB, $129 for the 32GB and maybe $170 for the 64GB. Too little, too late however.

    • therealjjohnson

      I thought this too. But realized there are going to be millions of iPhone 5 and 5s still out there. Still enough people out there to make some profit.

  • Shingo

    sorry to say that mophie is so stupid to thing there are stupid people will actually buy it…….128GB for $150 i will buy 100 of them lower than that is just rip off

  • BaltimoreJack

    Everyone saying “but..but..what about iPhone 6???”…you do realize that the 5S is a fantastic piece of tech and that many of it’s owners will be just fine with a 4” phone and don’t want anything larger, right? I’m sure the 6 will be great, but the 5S will be far from obsolete. With ios8, it’ll be even better. So Mophie releasing this case when it does is totally fine.

  • Looks great, too bad it has the typical ripoff iAccessory price tag. A 64GB MicroSD card ($20) and a normal battery case ($60) accomplishes the same and more for Android devices…

  • Dan

    Waaayyy to expensive. I have better things to buy with 249,99, like a Wii U =D

  • n0ahcruz3

    Hahaha 249$. A smart consumer(not a die hard fanboy) would just buy a phone with swappable battery and expandable memory. Buy a spare battery and sd card.

  • R4

    Will I be able to download apps and games onto its storage?

  • bheit1

    What’s really a shame is, you’re quoting scum bags like Samsung.

  • asdlb4

    How about just waiting for an iPhone 6 with 128GB and better battery life?